Happy Halloween! Want to know what to do with some of your Halloween candy?


With overflowing bags or leftover candy, what do you do with all of it?

I composed a fab list of ideas to get rid of it!

*Bring bags of candy to your dentist! Some pediatric dentists give $1 per pound of candy! ~LOVE this!

*Donate some to a local homeless shelter.

*Put non-Halloween wrapped candy in a large Ziplock bag & save for a birthday piñata.

*Mail some to our troops overseas! Check out www.Treats4OurTroops.org, www.OperationGratitude.org, or www.OperationShoeBox.com!

*Take some to work!

*Donate some to a local senior citizen, or assisted living facility.

Halloween is a fun time of year, & why not share it with others!

Take it from a Mom Who separated it all tonight! Whew!

Want Mom Who Knows Minestrone Soup recipe that is sure to please?


Then head to the market for the following ingredients:

*1 20oz. container of cubed peeled Organic butternut quash
*2 cubed jumbo Organic carrots
*2 cubed Organic celery stalks
*1 Organic fennel bulb cubed
*1 large Organic whole sweet onion
*2 small or 1 large Organic zucchini cubed
*2 small or 1 large Organic yellow squash cubed
*1 20oz. container of Organic spinach
*1 28oz. can of Organic can of whole plum tomatoes drained & cubed
*4 15oz. cans, or 2 large cans of Organic Northern or any white beans drained & rinsed
*4 boxes of Organic Vegetable Broth
*1 piece of parmesan rind & grated cheese
*Shredded Organic mozzarella for the kids
*1/4 cup of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*8 Organic basil leaves shredded
*Sea salt
*Fresh rustic sliced bread


1.) In a large stock pot heat the olive oil, & place the onion in the center of the pot, & brown one side.

2.) Turn the onion, then add the butternut squash, carrots, fennel & celery, then cook for 5 minutes.

3.) Add vegetable broth, tomatoes, parmesan rind, cook on medium heat, & let it come to a boil.

4.) Add zucchini & yellow squash & cook until vegetables are tender for about 30-40 minutes.

5.) Discard onion & parmesan rind, then purée 6 ladles of soup & add it back to the pot.

6.) Next add the beans & spinach, & turn the heat off, let stand for 15 minutes, then add the basil.

7.) Afterwards add salt to taste, & serve with grated parmesan cheese, or shredded mozzarella for the kiddies, & warm crusty bread!

This soup is a double recipe because it is allot of prep work, & will be devoured!

Packed with every vitamin, calcium, protein, & is just plain delish!

Take it from a Mom Who froze half the pot in small containers for the cold winter ahead! Enjoy!

Want adorable handmade hair accessories for babies to tweens?


Then head to www.JolieandBelle.com!

From princess clips, to my fave crown headbands, Jolie and Belle have the most adorable handmade accessories on their site!

Accessories are a great way to dress up an outfit, as well as a fab way to brush your daughters hair!

When in doubt, pick out a clip or headband to distract them, then style away!

Hair accessories also make a great gift or party favor too!

Take it from a Mom Who loves her leopard ears headband from Jolie and Belle! ~”That’s mine, lol!”

Want fun nail polish & makeup for your girly girl, or Tween that are nontoxic?


Then check out Ally Kats!

I am always looking for safe products for our children, that are made without harmful chemicals.

Our daughter loves to role play, “Beauty Shop” with makeup, & finding such products were tough until finding Ally Kats!

They carry an assortment of products, from peel off nail polish, to lip gloss & dusting sparkly powder, which girls just adore! ~LOVE this!

My daughter wanted her own makeup to play with, & this line is perfect for dress up, as well as for a special occasions.

It is important to me that our daughter use her creativity in dramatic play, yet still look like a little girl!

Check out their products on their website, www.allykats.com for more information.

Take it from a Mom Whose daughter wants to do mommy’s makeup tomorrow! Lol…

Want an amazing grow-with-me chair from baby to adult?


Then check out the Trip Trapp chair by Stokke!

Nine years ago one of our friends gave our son one of these fab chairs for his birthday!

Today our six year old daughter, uses his chair, & I sometimes find myself sitting in it as well, lol!

Designed by a Scandinavian designer as far back as 1972, he was truly ahead of his time!

The design of Tripp Trapp chair was the idea of a chair that it could be used from baby to adult.

It could be easily adjusted as the child grows, as well as is practical for small or large living spaces.

This grow-with-me design has an adjustable seat to use as early as six months old, or when your child is able to sit up on their own.

Stokke sells an attachable, BPA free tray, which is easy to clean, & is dishwasher safe.

Also they have an amazing suction cup tray for the table, that has four elevated sides. Perfect to keep food on the table, versus on the floor!~LOVE this!

The other accessories include a must have fabric cushion, sliders to prevent scratching wood floors, or to maneuver on tile or rugs, & a harness.

The Tripp Trapp chair comes is a variety of colors, is two chairs in one as far as I am concerned, & is one of my faves!

In Europe, most families have chairs similar to this, for children eat with them at the table, versus off to the side, like our traditional high chairs.

They range in price from $179 to $199, not including the above accessories.

It may seem like a big expense, however it is worth every dime!

Stokke sells this item all over the world, & for more information check out their website at, www.stokke.com!

Take it from a Mom Who loves practical items for her children, enjoy!

Want to keep your children outside, or enjoy an outdoor play date?


Then pack up my fave essentials!

Whether you have your own backyard, or live near local park, being outdoors is crucial for your children’s development, promotes excersice & so much more!

Looking back when we were children, we would stay outdoors until the street lights went on. Those days seem non existent for our children, & that is why I do the following…

Whenever I can during the week, I set up a snack basket of prepackaged healthy snacks, a container of precut fruit, a pitcher of water & cups, hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues, & a first aid kit. Also I have a bag containing balls, bubbles, chalk, jump ropes, a blanket to sit on, & shovels for digging. ~You name it, I have it outside minus the bathroom, lol!

The kids also bring out their scooters, bicycles, & sports gear for their afternoon of fun!

Playing outdoors promise creativity, social skills, exercise, new friends, & we need it too, with a latte of course!

Take it from a Mom Who loves the great outdoors, & do our kids!

Want to know what fab things there are to do in New York City without the hassle?


Then download the, “Flyer App” from the Apple Store!

A friend of mine & his friends started this amazing app that is easy to use, has the most unbelievable places to go & things to see in NYC!

From museums, to music, performing arts, food & drink, date night ideas, comedy, classes & lectures, literature, benefits & charities, you could purchase tickets, or go right to that particular site all from their app! ~LOVE this!

With the fast pace New York lifestyle, to the generation of, “I want it now”, this app has done all of the footwork for you, which makes it truly unique.

Whether you are visiting NYC or are a New Yorker, you will find that the Flyer App has the ultimate things to do & see!

It is a, “MUST” download & can’t wait to see them branch out all over the US in the future!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait to plan her next outing in NYC using the Flyer App!

Want adorable good quality hair accessories & jewlery for baby & child?


Then head to www.rockahulakids.com!

What an adorable line of items they have!

Made in the UK, amazing design quality, & adorable products on their site, you will be hooked!

My fave is the, “Ditzy” rope necklaces for girls with matching hair clips! ~Love this!

Also they have small clips for toddlers with matching headbands for big sisters, which is too cute!

Take it from a Mom Who loves finding fab & unique finds!