Want a great way to introduce the theatre to your children ages 4+?


Then head to a children’s Off Broadway, Children’s Theatre or local college play with your family!

Today I attended a play with my daughters class at a local Children’s theatre, which was amazing!

My daughter sat through the entire show engaged & mesmerized, as was I watching her!

A mother asked me what age our children were when we took them to a play.

Age four is a great age to introduce plays, & Off Broadway is a fab start!

Broadway plays are not only longer, the material & dialogue might be too much for some children to comprehend.

With the cost of shows being quite expensive, supporting local children’s theatre is a perfect start!

Either during intermission, or at the end of the show, it is important to ask your child questions about the show. It promotes comprehension of the material, as well as let’s them express their feelings.

Before you know it, you too will have a critic on your hands, as do I, lol!

Take it from a Mom Who loves taking her children to fab local shows, & you will too!

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