Want an Eco-Friendly way to make your own squeeze pouches?


Then head to www.resqueeze.com!

What an amazing product!

Resqueeze is Eco-friendly, BPA Free, can be frozen, & is dishwasher safe! ~LOVE this!

What better way to give your child homemade fresh fruit combinations like apple or pear sauce, puréed berries, melon, mangos, veggies, oatmeal, the possibilities and combos are endless!

In the world of process foods, it is nice to be able to make small changes for our families!

Resqueeze pouches come in sets of two, four & six, are easy to use & clean!

They are dishwasher safe on the top rack, & can be reused!

They have a twist cap and a ziplock bottom, which is easy to fill and seal closed.

This product is fab for babies & kids of all ages, especially for school!

Check out their website for more information!

Take it from a Mom Who is going to fill hers with homemade applesauce this weekend!

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