Want to have the best makeover, & try before you buy?


Then head to the nearest Sephora store in your area!

There is nothing worse then purchasing makeup that is all wrong for your skin tone. Or how about having foundation that doesn’t match properly?

We have all been there, until now!

Yesterday I visited Sephora with one of my friends and had a lesson that was worth sharing!

They have two interactive machines, one for skincare & the other for foundation, with Pantone color technology.

Both systems take your information and find the just right products for you.~LOVE this!

Afterwards a skincare & makeup specialist work with you to provide information, as well as can make samples to take home & try.

What I like about this feature, is that you can see if the products are right for you without making an impulsive decision.

Sephora has a variety of amazing lines, as well as their own line of fab makeup.

From skincare, to makeup, nail polish, haircare, travel & body, this store has it all!

Check it out, and you too will be hooked!

Take from a Mom Who learned so much yesterday, and you will too!

Thank you Patricia, Miro & the staff at Sephora for a fab day!

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