Want an easy way to make gingerbread cookies?


Then head to your local IKEA!

I am the first to make homemade cookies, but found a fab shortcut amongst the craziness!

IKEA has the most amazing pre-made dough in their freezer section which is a must!

Store the roll in the freezer, then defrost overnight in the fridge.

On a cookie tray set up a few toppings like candy eyes (found at Michael’s), M & M’s, redhots, Twizzler pull away licorice, & white icing then set aside.

Next line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper and follow the baking instructions. Sprinkle flour on each work space for each child. Cut one roll in half per child & have them roll out the dough with a rolling pin.

Using a variety of cookie cutters, have the kids cut out as many shapes as they can. Then re-roll the scraps & repeat until they used it all, and bake as per the directions.

After the cookies cool, set up for decorating & let the fun begin!

Let the cookies dry for a few hours, then store in an airtight container.

Another fab tip is to wrap each cookie individually, store in a freezer ziplock & freeze for up to three months. Just take out an hour before you want to eat them, & enjoy!

Cooking with your children is priceless, & starting holiday traditions is a must! Whether you make homemade or use pre-made dough, the end result is endless smiles!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES the Christmas season! Happy baking!

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