Want a fun winter painting to do with your kids?


Then make a snow painting out of celery!

I love doing arts & crafts with our children, and painting with fruits and veggies is a blast!

In the winter, “Cabin Fever” or, “I’m bored!” are two things that can happen.

By giving your children fun things to do, I can promise you that will NOT happen!

To make snow celery paintings you will need the following:

*White & blue construction paper
*Blue paint
*White, blue or silver glitter
*Liquid glue
*Celery bottom
*Paper plate
*Cookie sheet

1.) Place one sheet of paper onto a cookie sheet. This prevents spills or glitter going onto the floor!

2.) Pour a small amount of blue paint onto the paper plate.

3.) Have your child dip the celery into the paint and stamp onto the paper & repeat.

4.) Afterwards have them sprinkle the glitter onto their paper and gently shake off.

5.) When each painting is dry, then have your child glue them into a blue piece of construction paper.

Hang them up to welcome winter!

Take it from a Mom Who took the, “B” out of bored!

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