Want to start the new year tracking memories?


Then head to Amazon.com for journals for your children!

They have such a great variety of age appropriate selections, from lined books with space above for illustrations, to funky covers for girls & boys.

From as early as age three, journaling is a fab way to track memories of each year. Just have your child draw a picture then have them tell you the entry.

If your child is already writing, then have them write the date and write away! Whether it be about something fun or an accomplishment, tracking these milestones are priceless!

Don’t worry about correct spelling, punctuation or grammar, a journal should be used as a tool for expression. Let your child decide if they would like to write in daily or weekly, minus the battles.

Teaching your children these skills are a wonderful way to foster memory, writing, reading and more importantly, having a lifelong tool!

Take it from a Mom Who is starting her journals with her kids tomorrow!

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