Want to make bath time fun minus the battle?


Then head to Amazon.com for a few must haves of mine!

Bath time can either be a breeze for some, or a battle for others. Making it fun or enticing is the trick I have found.

From fun bath toys, to natural tub tints/crayons, & bath bubbles, Amazon.com as well as many other retailers carry an amazing variety to choose from!

Party In The Tub is a tub light which will be popular this year. Its multicolored lights will make any tub fab! (Go to partyinthetub.com or Bed Bath & Beyond for this essential tub accent.)

A few of my fab bath time tips…

*Take your child to the store to pick out a few fun bath toys, bubble bath, character towels or Pj’s.

*Try to have a routine with bath time by making it the same time every night.

*Set up the bathroom the night before or the day of, as well as have toiletries & PJ’s ready to go. This makes life easier, as well as the routine run more smoothly!

*From toddler +, give your child a heads up when they will be taking a bath. A kid friendly timer can help to give a child who wants a few more minutes a reminder. When the timer goes off, its’s bath time, which can take the pressure off of yourself.

Bath time should be a fun and calming experience for all. By trying new tub toys, fun shampoos, tub tints, & a few of my other suggestions, it can make your children run to the tub, versus the other way!

Take it from a Mom Who loves tubby time herself, along with a few drops of essential lavender oil! Enjoy!

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