Looking for an all in one dinner for the kiddies?


Then make Mom Who Knows Chicken Pot Mini Pies!

I have perfected another kid approved recipe!

Head to the market for the following items:

*1 Organic rotisserie chicken
*1/2 cup sliced Organic celery
*1 cup cubed Organic carrots
*1/3 cup chopped Organic sweet onion
*1 cup of Organic fresh peas
*2 prepared pie crusts 9-inch
*1/3 cup of Organic salted butter
*2/3 cup of Organic 2% milk
*1/3 cup of Organic all-purpose flour
*1 3/4 cups of Organic Free Range Chicken Broth
1/4 tsp celery salt
1/4 tsp sea salt

1.) Preheat the oven to 425*F.

2.) In a small sauce pan combine celery, carrots, peas, and add water, then cover. Boil for 10 minutes, drain and set aside in a bowl.

3.) Peel skin off of chicken and discard. Cube chicken and set aside.

4.) In the same saucepan used to boil the veggies, melt the butter, & cook the onions until translucent and light brown on medium heat.

5.) Stir in celery salt, flour and sea salt into the onion mixture. Slowly stir in the milk and chicken broth on medium heat and simmer. Stir frequently until thick. Fold in veggies & chicken and set aside.

6.) Take 8 ramekins and place them on a parchment lined cookie sheet.

7.) Roll out dough & press ramekins to make 16 circles. (Each pie crust is different, so you might have to roll out the scraps to make 16.)

8.) Place one dough round on the bottom of each ramekin. Next pour the mixture evenly into each one. Cover with the remaining 8 circles of dough, and make an X with a sharp knife. This allows them to cook perfectly, letting the steam escape.

9.) Cook for 15 minutes on the bottom rack of the oven, then move up to the top rack for another 15 minutes, totaling 30 minutes. (Every oven cooks differently, so make sure that the crust is golden brown.)

10.) Let the mini pies cool for at least 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

**This recipe can also be made in a 9 inch pie pan prepared the same way, but cook for 35 minutes, versus 30!

Take it from a Mom Who is trying one new meal a week to expand our children’s palates!

Looking for fun ride on toys for ages 1 & up?


Then check out the Plasma Bike for ages 1+, and the Plasma Car for ages 3+!

I love toys that promote learning or exercise skills, and these two certainly do just that!

What I love about the Plasma Bike is that it teaches toddlers balancing, which is a great skill. This will prepare them for bike riding, and some children who use balance bikes have an easier time learning to ride a bike!

PlaSmart Inc is well known for the Plasma Car which is a fab gift for ages 3+ and up to 225lbs, which even adults can use! Also it is great exercise for upper body muscles, for the car moves by turning the handles in a twisting motion.

Both the Plasma Bike & Plasma Car can be used indoors too, just not on rugs. It is lightweight, and is small enough to fit in the car.

Take it from a Mom Who loves watching her kids race down the street on their Plasma Cars and you will too!

Want to know which colors will be trending this Spring?


Then check out the Pantone fashion color report colors for Spring 2014!

Every season colors are chosen by a panel in which designers get inspiration from to create their collections.

The following ten colors will be HOT for Spring…

*Cayenne (orange hue)
*Dazzling (bright blue hue)
*Sand (neutral hue)
*Hemlock (green hue)
*Placid Blue (light blue hue)
*Paloma (grey hue)
*Celosia (orange hue)
*Freesia (yellow hue)
*Violet Tulip (lavender hue)
*Radiant Orchid is the color of the season!

Vivid meets pastel this season! Enjoy!

Take it from a Mom Who adores Radiant Orchard, Celosia & Sand lipstick colors & Pantone colors for nails!


Looking for a stroller that will be an heirloom in the family?


Then you must check out the 2014 Inglesina Classica Pram!

With a preview from the opening show at the Sochi Olympics, I was truly impressed. From the classic handcrafted design of chrome
parts, to the bassinet, this Pram took my breath away!

The body is slender versus the original width, as well as the easy to fold & store system is perfect for storage. It comes in Marina (blue), Betulla (light grey & white), Pesca (pink & white), and Nappa (navy blue & white) colors, along with sturdy fabric.

The Inglesina Pram can be used from birth up to 36 months, and it is like a portable crib on the go! ~ LOVE this!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the importance of having your child nap in different places makes them more adaptable!

My favorite features are the 2 position backrest, perfect for nap time or for babies to enjoy their surroundings while sitting up. The signature Pram bouncing motion would put any baby to sleep, as well as calm them down, due to the natural motion as in utero.

The interior of the bassinet has a removable lining to block the sun, & is removable to detach for cleaning.

Also included is a detachable insulted diaper bag & changing pad, which is fab for city or suburban moms on the go!

The two must have accessories that are sold separately are the matching parasol umbrella, & plastic rain cover, perfect for storing underneath!

Having a Pram is not for all lifestyles, but those who have them, have them for future generations!

Take it from a Mom & younger brother were, “Pram worthy” in the 70’s, lol!

Want a few great ideas for St. Patrick’s Day?


Then check out my Pinterest page, “momwhoknows” for my top pins!

I absolutely love finding fun ideas each year for our children, and Pinterest has it all!

From green milk, to adorable breakfast & lunch recipes, decorating and so much more, my pins will surely please your family this St. Patrick’s Day!

Take it from a Mom Who had a leprechaun visit tonight, leaving gold chocolate coins in empty cereal bowls for the morning!

Want the inside scoop of petite PARADE Kid’s Fashion Week?


Last weekend petite PARADE and VOGUE Bambini showcased petite PARADE Kid’s Fashion Week in NYC which was spectacular!

Dynamic duo, Tristin & Tyler were the MC’s for the show wearing trendy looks for this season.

petite PARADE’s show opened up with Amber Sabathia’s line CCandy Collection that screamed, “eye catching”!

From MLB Yankees logo tees from Outer Stuff Ltd. hoodies, sweats & jumpsuits, each logo popped out on the runway.

“Since August the line has caught on and is buzzing. CCandy offers a full line from infant to teen XL. My inspiration for this line is hyper colors, where I have taken the basic Yankees logo and hyped it.”, Amber stated.

Next IMOGA’s little divas walked the runway with fun faux fur sweaters pattern leggings, dresses in florals, lemon yellow, navy & pink combinations. Her day and night fall collection for girls is truly unique!

Mother daughter duo, designers of Alivia Simone luxury line took the runway by storm! With exquisite silk, faux leather combinations and savory satin with gold thread fabric, each look was so savvy and tres’ chic!

Mischka Aoki dresses took everyones breath away with layers of luxurious fabric, fur and Swarovski crystals. Her fashion is of a different level, truly couture!

The show closed with another of my favorites, Bonnie Young! It’s all about plaids and metallics for fall! Colors of ivory and mushroom with show stopping designs were adored by all!

The nibbles from Press Tea were delish, as well as the fresh juice from Green Mustache, applesauce by Go Squeeze and my fave cupcakes Baked by Melissa of course were devoured!

Milk Pop Shop had creative activities for the minis with Alex Brand materials with proceeds going to the New York Foundling.

Swag bags filled with fun items for the kiddies from CCandy Clothing & Outer Stuff Ltd., Babesta, Alex Toys, & LittleBU were adored by all the minis at the show!

Speaking of minis, Toddlewood was too cute for words with their Oscar inspired looks in the audience.

Thanks to petite PARADE and VOGUE Bambini for putting children’s fashion on map!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait until fall!

Want fab polish for your little diva that is non-toxic?


Then you must check out, www.iluvlittlebu.com!

From fab colors, to nail art and gift sets, Little Bu’s polish is perfect for little fingers!

Another fab idea is to have a nail polish party, & give each girl a bottle as a party favor. Or at a sleep over, have a spa night and do mani’s & pedi’s! ~Love this!

I love discovering fun, “Mommy-like” items that my daughter seeks, minus the harmful chemicals. It makes life easier to purchase products like this because it makes little ones feel like a, “big girl!” ~Thanks Little Bu!

Take it from a Mom Who loves this seasons colors, Rhea, Ava, Pryia, & Georgina!

Want fab bling for your electronic devices?


Then head to www.idecoz.com!

From your home button on your iPhone, iPad or computer, iDecoz has the trendiest bling around!

Loving their hashtag, metallic, Emoji, & comic inspired reusable stickers, & your kids will too!

Check out their fab website, to choose one sticker or a set! ~Love these for party favors too!

Take it from a Mom Who has a YOLO (You Only Live Once) sticker on her iPhone today!

Want my fab quick, “Kid Approved” Vegetable Soup recipe?


Then head to your local market for the following 10 ingredients!

*1 package of cubed Organic butternut squash

*1 small box of Organic spinach

*1 whole Organic onion peeled

*4 Organic carrots chopped

*1/4 cup of Organic chopped basil

*1 bag of frozen Organic sweet peas

*2 boxes of Organic free range chicken or vegetable broth

*1 Parmesan rind or 3×3 inch chunk of cheese

*1 cup of Pastina cooked

*2 tbs. of Organic extra virgin olive oil


1.) In a sauce pot heat olive oil on medium heat for 3 minutes.

2.) Add the whole onion surrounded by the butternut squash & carrots and cook until the bottom of the onion is golden brown for 3-5 minutes. Turn onion and brown the opposite side for an additional 3-5 min.

3.) Next add parmesan rind, and 2 boxes of chicken broth and let boil for 20 min.

4.) In a small pot cook Pastina or alphabet shaped pasta as directed, & set aside.

5.) Afterwards, add frozen peas and spinach and cook for an additional 5 minutes then remove from heat, & add the basil.

6.) In each bowl add 1/4 cup of cooked pasta, ladle soup, stir and serve!

This soup is quick & easy, packed with countless vitamins, & is truly delicious! By adding Pastina (star pasta) or alphabet pasta, it is more enticing for picky eaters! Also pureed for baby is a fab meal!

Some additions could be cooked mini meatballs (chicken, turkey, or beef), which I keep frozen for quick & healthy meals.

Take it from a Mom Who loves creating delicious recipes for the entire family! Enjoy!