Looking for fun ride on toys for ages 1 & up?


Then check out the Plasma Bike for ages 1+, and the Plasma Car for ages 3+!

I love toys that promote learning or exercise skills, and these two certainly do just that!

What I love about the Plasma Bike is that it teaches toddlers balancing, which is a great skill. This will prepare them for bike riding, and some children who use balance bikes have an easier time learning to ride a bike!

PlaSmart Inc is well known for the Plasma Car which is a fab gift for ages 3+ and up to 225lbs, which even adults can use! Also it is great exercise for upper body muscles, for the car moves by turning the handles in a twisting motion.

Both the Plasma Bike & Plasma Car can be used indoors too, just not on rugs. It is lightweight, and is small enough to fit in the car.

Take it from a Mom Who loves watching her kids race down the street on their Plasma Cars and you will too!

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