Want to stop nail bitting for girls & boys naturally?


Then head to www.chewbeads.com!

Nail bitting can cause many issues, infections to nail beds, illness, and is a habit that most parents want to put an end to!

There are many products on the market, & polishes which taste horrible! Why have your child ingest chemicals or have their fingers wrapped and feel embarrassed right?

Chewbeads are BPA, Phthalates, Lead, Metal & Cadmium FREE, & are dishwasher safe! ~LOVE this!

This fab company features necklaces and bracelets for girls & boys, as well as for moms, & teething rings for babies.

My Goddaughter who is seven, has been biting her nails for a while, and her mother was besides herself! I had students years ago who had the same issue, and therapeutic rings to chew helped, then I had the idea to give her a Chewbeads necklace!

The plan was to have her wear the necklace and when she felt like bitting her nails, she was to chew on the beads. I promised her that we would get fun nail art if she didn’t bite her nails. In just a few weeks her nails have grown & her nail bitting is a thing of the past!

As a reward, we are heading to my fave, Valley Nails in NYC for a fun leopard manicure!

Some other great ideas are to take pictures before and after, choose a unique reward, or have a small celebration!

Take it from a Mom Who is so proud of her Goddaughter’s success thanks to Chewbeads, & it is worth a try!

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