Want to do something fun with your kids 2+?


Then head to your local art gallery!

As an art lover, I can honestly say that it is because my brother and I were exposed to art at an early age!

From museums, to historical landmarks, our parents made it a point to show us the world through art!

From as early as age 2, taking your children to galleries is amazing, and has many, “teachable” moments.

From pointing out shapes, colors, people, objects, etc., and asking them their interpretation of a piece of art, it is priceless!

Yesterday our children and my niece and nephew went to a famous gallery in Soho, in NYC. We looked at an installation in which each child had so much to say what it meant to them.

My eyes filled with tears watching them stare figuring out and making their own interpretations of what they were seeing.

Whether it be a gallery, exhibit or museum, take your children to experience something they will treasure for life!

Take it from a Mom Who loves seeing things through the eyes of her children!

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