Do your kids love bubbles?


Then making bubble wands is a must this summer!

This craft is perfect to make at the beach, and one kids of all ages would love to do!

The materials you will need are as follows:

*1 package of colored pipe cleaners
*plastic plates
*Sharpie marker

1.) Write each child’s name on the plastic plates with a marker.

2.) Have each child pick out 2 pipe cleaners.

3.) Next have the children choose which shape they would like (circle, triangle, heart, star, square, oval, etc.), and bend into the desired shape.

4.) Afterwards, take the second pipe cleaner and bend it in half to make a wand. Then twist the wand around the base of the shape.

5.) Pour the bubbles into each plate and let the kids blow away!

Kids can use 4 pipe cleaners to make multi colors as well, and just twist two colors and follow the steps above.

We made these last weekend at the beach with children ages 3-10, and it was a hit!

Take it from a Mom Who loves making summer extra fun in a creative way!

Want a fun show for your kids to perform this summer?


Then put on a talent show!

As a child my friends and I would put on shows in our backyard which were some of the fondest memories of summertime.

We were the original masterminds of, “America’s Got Talent”, lol! Who knew…

From singing to dancing, magic acts, comedians, hula hoops and more, your children and friends can have a blast!

Promoting creativity is a passion of mine as a parent in the world of electronics. Providing your children with fun activities where they can create is a life long lesson they will treasure!

Some fun ideas are for the kids to make posters, tickets, decorations, and programs for the show.

Items like a note book for planning the theme of the show, Ipad or CD player for music, Kids Bop CD’s, poster boards, tape, scissors, construction paper, markers & crayons for decorations.

Last weekend our children, my niece and nephew brought tears to our eyes with a dance show they performed for us.

It proved that creativity is alive unprovoked, and still apart of our family!

Take it from a Mom Who loves sharing fun things with you! Enjoy your show this summer!

Looking for a few fun games for ages 7+ for, “Game Night”?


Then check out!

I love fun and educational games for our children, and the Haywire Group has so many to choose from! Winner of a variety of game awards, this company has it all!

From Number Ninjas, to Zombie Run, games then incorporate math skills are a plus in our house!

Making math exciting is the best approach for children, and what better way to do it then through games!

Another fun outdoor game is my fave, Body Doodles like charades, but much better!

Players have to choose a card and draw on their opponent… too funny!

Body Doodles is perfect for outdoor use, or a great game to get your child into the shower! The non-toxic markers are made in the US, and can be washed off with soap and water! ~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who loves making things fun!

Want Eco-Savvy teethers minus the chemicals?


Then check out!

Omg! From wooden sunglasses, yachts, race cars, croissants, to chic handbags, these teethers are amazing!

Loving that they are Eco-friendly, made in the US, and made with Organic wood!

Today I gave a special little princess two to try and she loved them! They are great to keep in your diaper bag, and love them for a shower or baby gift addition for the savvy Momma to be!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows what babies like!

Looking for fab Eco friendly designer totes for summer for the beach, car or on the go?

    Then head to!

    Yet again the My Other Bag company never fails to surprise me!

    From totes, to beach bags and cosmetic cases, taking the ordinary canvus bag, to a fashion savy one! ~Love this!

    With fun prints and colors, My Other Bag’s trendy styles are replacing even every day bags!

    From shopping at the market to the beach, these bags are truly a conversation piece!

    I love My Other Bag totes as gifts or to use as gift bags for friends!

    Whenever I am carrying mine, people stop me to ask where I got it. Love that they are made in the US, and are made with high end materials.

    Take it from a Mom who loves making Eco friendly bags chic!

Want a fab fruit idea this summer?


Then pick up a seedless watermelon!

I love making fun recipes with fruit, and what better way than with shapes!

Mom Who Knows Frozen Fruit Pops

You will need:
*1 seedless Organic watermelon
*1 small cutting board
*1 sharp knife
*6-8 wooden popsicle sticks
*1 food container
*1 paper towel sheet
*cookie cutter shapes
*1 dish

1.) Wet a paper towel and place on the surface you will be working on. (This will prevent any cutting board from slipping!)

2.) Next rinse the watermelon and place on top of the cutting board.

3.) Slice the watermelon into 6-8 1 inch rounds and set aside.

4.) Have your child pick a cookie cutter and gently press into the watermelon round one at a time.

5.) Afterwards gently push 1 wooden popsicle stick into the bottom and place on a dish or platter, then freeze.

6.) While the pops are freezing, cut the remainder of the watermelon for a future snack in the fridge.

The pops freeze rather quickly in about 30-45 minutes, so after place in an airtight container and enjoy!

This cool sweet treat will be a fave amongst the entire family!

Great for hydration, and can be made with cantaloupe, honeydew or pineapple too!

Take it from a Mom Who loves fun and healthy treats for summer!

Happy 4th of July!

Nothing is more beautiful than to see the fireworks in person near the Statue of Liberty!

Looking at the bright colors and shapes pop in the New York skyline is truly breathtaking!

May you enjoy this special holiday, and teach your children the reason why we celebrate this blessed day! It is not just a day off, it has meaning if you are an American.


God Bless America, land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE!