Looking for a great experience at American Girl?


Then make a reservation with a Personal Shopper at the nearest American Girl Place store near you!

I am always looking for special experiences with our children, and this year takes the cake for our daughter!

Last month I booked both a reservation with a personal shopper and lunch for her birthday.

Many people don’t realize, but American Girl has an AMAZING service which is FREE, that includes complimentary coat check, gift wrapping, and the most knowledgable specialists ever!

As soon as you are greeted, your child is taken to which section they are interested in, and given information about the doll of their choice.

Afterwards he or she is taken back to the personal shopping room to go through their choices of wishes or purchases.

If you don’t see an item you are looking for, your personal shopper can look for it while you hang out in the lounge.

My favorite aspect of this experience was that they were NOT pushy and asked on us on the side what we were looking to do prior to shopping. ~LOVE this!

After your selection, head to the Hair Salon where your doll can get their hair styled like your child, or have their ears pierced within 15 minutes!

Lunch, tea or dinner is also a special treat at American Girl! When the doors open to the dining room, your hostess will offer your child a high chair for their doll. Don’t have a doll? Well American Girl has got you covered with a doll to borrow! ~Too cute!

From dolls to interactive stations, accessories, matching apparel, DVD’s, music and books, this store is a must!

Check out their website, www.americangirl.com prior to your visit, and enjoy my fab tips!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Want to know my best kept holiday gift secret?


Then start shopping now and hide the bags in a garment bag in your closet!

As soon as school begins, it is the perfect time to start your holiday shopping!

Now the shelves are stocked to the ceiling and the world is your oyster!

Before you know it December comes fast, then your choices are limited, and items are gone!

Sales are great, but sometimes by the time you wait, the lines as well as the gas and tolls, it pays to get them now.

Secondly I hide gifts in garment bags in our closets, so that surprises aren’t spoiled! ~LOVE this!

If you wrap as you purchase it is worth its weight in gold!

Enjoy my fab tip, and take it from a Mom who is starting holiday shopping this week!

Calling all Mommanista’s for a fun beauty event at Saks!

With the kiddies back to school, schedules, and after school activities under way, what better way to come together!

Saks and I partnered up for a fabulous beauty event this month. Bring friends and enjoy small nibbles, amazing give aways, as well as preview some spectacular products!

Hope to see you there, & please RSVP to the number on the invite!

Happy back to school ladies!


Want a few cute ideas to decorate for back to school?


Then head to the dollar store and the market!

Every year I love to decorate our kitchen for the first day of school.

A few cute ideas are to put a globe, ruler, pencil box, a box of crayons, abacus or blocks on the table.

Last night I took red and green pipe cleaners, and wrapped pencils around them and hung them on our chandler.

Then I took construction paper to use as place mats, bendable rulers, an apple and a book mark for table decorations decorations.

My final touch was a message with Crayola window markers on our mirror and kitchen windows which was a hit!

As I have said before, when you make school exciting, your kids will be excited too!

Take it from a former teacher and Mom who knows! Happy Back to School week!