Looking for a fab Christmas tree this holiday?


Then cut one down a tree yourself or purchase a potted tree!

Today we took our children to a Christmas tree farm which was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday spirit!

From planning on what type of tree to working together as a team, it was a day to treasure!

Fresh cut trees last longer then precut trees, and are less expensive then some lot trees.

Another option is to purchase a potted tree which you could plant in your yard or local park.

Making memories is priceless, and just a few MomWhoKnows.Com tips… Bring a battery operated saw! Hand saws are more work and save your arms for decorating! Also a blanket for your roof, & a plastic bag to wrap the base to prevent sap sticking to your car!

Take it from a Mom who is going to decorate the tree tonight!

Want to do something memorable this Thanksgiving with all of your family or guests?


Then make a, Thankful Tree or Thankful Chandelier!

Thanksgiving is a memorable holiday, one of which has many, “teachable” moments for your children.

We all have many things to be thankful for, and what better way to show it!

Simply cut out a variety different shape leaves, and use a hole puncher or pencil to poke a small hole in each leaf.

Next use a pipe cleaner, ribbon, raffia or twine and tie a knot in the hole for it to hang.

Afterwards give everyone one or more leaves and a marker to write what he/she is thankful for. For the little ones, have them dictate their thoughts.

Next hang on a chandelier or take a few branches from outside for your family/guests to attached their leaves, & place in a vase.

What better way to share a special moment of greatness!

Take it from a Mom who is truly THANKFUL for all of my blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for fun, affordable, trendy clothing for your kids?


Then head to www.ruum.com!

From toddler to tweens, RUUM has a fun and trendy line which your kids will love!

From their holiday collection, to graphic tees, a colorful array of denim, fun accessories, like their new custom hats, hip outerwear and the list goes on!

All of their mall stores have fab sales from 40%-80% off! RUUM’s website will have an amazing sale Black Friday & Cyber Monday will have everything at 50%, so use the code THANKYOU, for online shopping only. ~LOVE this!

Check out their Textile Recycle program online, and receive 15% off for one item for 1 bag filled with unwearable textiles! ~Adore companies that give back to those in need!

Take it from a Mom who is stocking up for the holidays! Happy shopping!

Want a fun & memorable activity to keep the kids busy after dinner on Thanksgiving?


Then pick up a pre-made Gingerbread house, by Wilton, or a do-it-yourself Chanukah house by Manishewitz!

My sister in law each year sets up a fabulous table for the kids after dinner which they look forward to every year!

Decorating Gingerbread houses has become a tradition for the kids on Thanksgiving, and kicks off the holiday spirit!

Pre-made houses are easiest, found at local supermarkets, Target or Michael’s Craft Stores. Set up an area with a disposable table cloth, bowls of a variety of candies, icing, clear large basket bags (Michael’s Craft Store), ribbons to tie bags and a tag with every child’s name on it.

If you cant find a pre-made house, then assemble the houses the night before so they have enough time to dry, & won’t fall apart!

Keep the houses on display in your home and unwrap of Chanukah or Christmas for dessert! Enjoy!

Take it from a Mom who loves making the holiday’s fun!

Looking for soap that goes along way without harmful chemicals from baby to adult for your laundry?


Then head to www.soakwash.com!

A friend of mine in Canada send me a gift box with the most amazing scents of laundry soap and spray by Soak.

Finding products without harmful chemicals can be a difficult task, and Soak products are made without them.

A teaspoon goes along way, and this line is great for knits, baby clothes and so much more!

For information go to their site to preview products from laundry soak, to linen spray and hand lotion, you too will love SOAK!

From scentless to a variety of scents, you too will be hooked!

Take it from a Mom who loves them all!

Looking for a natural way to ease cold, flu symptoms, or boost your family’s immune system?


Then pick up Organic ginger, lemons & honey!

There is nothing better than curing or easing symptoms naturally first!

As soon as the weather begins to get colder, our family makes a fabulous tea!

This tea has amazing healing properties! Ginger helps vomiting nausea, morning or motion sickness. Honey has antimicrobial properties that kill some bacteria, and lemons are a great source of Vitamin C & boosts your immune system.

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea Recipe:

1.) Boil a large pot if water, then pour into mugs.

2.) Slice a lemon in quarters (2 slices per cup). Using a strainer over each cup, squeeze 2 lemon slices, then discard.

3.) Next with a knife peel ginger, and place a 1″ chunk into each cup.

4.) Afterwards squeeze 1 heaping spoon of honey, mix and let cool until warm.

Enjoy this fab natural home remedy to stay healthy this winter!

Take it from a Mom who is drinking hers right now!

Want your children to eat more vegetables?


Then puree them alone or mix with potatoes!

Our children eat an abundance of vegetables, but ones they are not to fond of, I make a puree first.

Steam or blanch the vegetable of choice then puree in a food processor/blender, with a tab of butter or Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, and sea salt to bring out the flavor.

Mom Who Knows Veggie Mashed Potatoes:

You will need: 2 tbs. Organic butter or Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, 2 Organic Yukon Gold potatoes, 1/3 cup of 2% Organic Milk, 1 cup of steamed/blanched veggies, sea salt to taste, small ziplock, food processor/blender.

1.) Cook 2 Organic Yukon Gold potatoes.

2.) Next scoop out the filling and place into a bowl.

3.) Add 2 tbs. of butter or olive oil, 1/3 cup of Organic 2% milk, 1 cup of the veggie of choice (beets, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash, or spinach), and sea salt to taste.

4.) Lightly pulse in a food processor/blender until smooth.

5.) Let cool slightly, then place in a small ziplock bag. Cut one corner of the bag, then make dollops of the veggie mash onto the dish.

Fun Tip: Make a few dollops to make balloons and use steamed string beans as the strings, along side the protein of choice.

Making food fun and colorful WILL get children to try new things!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Looking for a nut free 100 calorie snack for kids that is also educational?


Then head to dickandjanebakingco.com or Amazon.com!

In the world of allergies and trying to find healthy snacks it can be a difficult task.

Dick and Jane’s educational cookies which I have blogged about before, now have prepackaged cookie bags! ~LOVE these!

One fun idea is to scoop ice cream and freeze mini sandwiches for parties, or cream cheese and strawberry sandwiches for tea parties.

Happy snacking!

Take it from a Mom who loves finding fun snacks for kids!

Day 2 from Petite Parade 2014!


From sparkle to faux fur, to denim Ruum children’s line opened the day with a, “Wow Factor”!

Fun and trendy clothing & accessories for girls and boys gave off a fun vibe to the crowd!

Next Clark’s sandals and shoes for Spring were the center of attention!

Bright colors, leather, laces, patent leather to sparkles, this line is sure to make a statement!

Dillonger Clothing brought the house down for boys clothing!

Loved the versatile trendy, and hip designs which boys will sure seek! Sleeveless to cropped hoodies and joggers this line is a must for Spring!

Fruits, veggies, snacks and florals were the inspiration for Aria’s collection for Spring. Her fun line for girls has an Asian influence on each piece, which has a youthful vibe!

Charm’s line of shades of grey, melon and white, for girls and boys wowed the crowd with every piece that walked down the runway!

No one closes a show other than the one and only Bonnie Young!

Patent leather, floral prints and solids are what’s hot for Spring for this fab line!

From cropped jackets, straight hem lines, to pinch pleats, zippers and floral accents, Bonnie Young does it yet again!

The energy and unique design if each masterpiece she creates for girls and boys is truly a work if art! ~Love them all!

As the finale of models circled and left, camera flashes ended and the DJ played the last song, you couldn’t help leaving the show ready for Spring!

Thanks Petite Parade for another fab weekend of fashion!

Take it from a Mom who’s passion is FASHION!


Want the inside scoop of Day 1 at Children’s Fashion Week in NYC?


Lights, camera FASHION!

No one showcases children’s fashion other than Petite Parade!

Children’s Fashion Week was held in New York City last month at Bath House Studios for two days.

Day 1 opened with iconic Chloe of delicate fabric blouses, dresses, tops & bottoms gliding down the runway.

Next Alivia Simone wowed the crowd with their vivid florals and bold prints! From dresses, shorts and pants adorned with Swarovski Crystal accents, every piece outdid the rest!

Move over Project Runway, for Parsons The New School for Design students have taken design to a different level!

The top students showcased their designs for Spring which was fantastic!

Their pieces have an 80’s vibe with a contemporary and retro feel for boys & girls. From solids to neon colors, unique stitching and use of fabric, these future designers will have fabulous lines I predict!

Next Imoga’s trendy florals and solids rocked the runway! Mix and matching solids and florals, and adding fun accessories of bubble necklaces and large bags, Imoga covered it all!

Oil & Water’s raincoats took the runway by storm! From pastels to matte metallics and floral lining, these Audrey Hepburn inspired coats put the S in sunshine!

Made with impeccable fabric and stitching, Oil & Water’s coats are unlike any raincoat you have ever seen!

The finale included Anasai’s couture shoes for girls and boys. Leather solids, jeweled or with a bit of sparkle, every pair was truly eye catching!

Petite Parade goes above and beyond each year showcasing the most amazing designers and fashion in the children’s wear industry!

Take it from a Mom Who loves sharing fab fashion trends and designers for Spring 2015, thanks Petite Parade!