Want a fun & memorable activity to keep the kids busy after dinner on Thanksgiving?


Then pick up a pre-made Gingerbread house, by Wilton, or a do-it-yourself Chanukah house by Manishewitz!

My sister in law each year sets up a fabulous table for the kids after dinner which they look forward to every year!

Decorating Gingerbread houses has become a tradition for the kids on Thanksgiving, and kicks off the holiday spirit!

Pre-made houses are easiest, found at local supermarkets, Target or Michael’s Craft Stores. Set up an area with a disposable table cloth, bowls of a variety of candies, icing, clear large basket bags (Michael’s Craft Store), ribbons to tie bags and a tag with every child’s name on it.

If you cant find a pre-made house, then assemble the houses the night before so they have enough time to dry, & won’t fall apart!

Keep the houses on display in your home and unwrap of Chanukah or Christmas for dessert! Enjoy!

Take it from a Mom who loves making the holiday’s fun!

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