Want a fun way to ring in the New Year with the kiddies?


Then head to the store for the following…

*Photo props:
Either make out of construction paper and popsicle sticks, or purchase at your local party store

*Confetti Balloons clear or white baloons & confetti with streamers:
Fill balloons with confetti, blowup and tie with long streamers.

*New Years Kisses bowl:
Fill a bowl with kisses for the New Year

*Ring in the New Year Pops:
Fill a bowl with Ring Pops for midnight

*Milk & Cookies for midnight cheers:
Melt chocolate in the microwave, then rim glasses with melted chocolate & dip in sprinkles

*New Year’s Resolution Tree/Chandelier:
Cut out circles and tie sting around each round. Leave markers for everyone to write their resolutions, instant decoration!

*Party Snack hats:
Fill plastic party hats with snacks for the kids to give it a festive look

*New Years table:
Purchase a plastic table cloth and fill the table with snacks, fruit and veggie platter, finger foods, drinks, hats, dessert minis, horns & streamers.

Check out my Pinterest page Momwhoknows for other fab New Year’s Eve ideas!

Make New Year’s a self serve party & enjoy these fun tips for the kiddies!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait for 2015, & wishes you all a fab year!

Want to talk to Santa’s elves & track his every move?


Then have the kids call 800-726-8222 to speak to Santa’s elves!

Thanks to the goodnewsnetwork.org, they have made it possible for your children to have a quick conversation with a whimsical elf!

To track Santa, head to noradsanta.org to see live where in the world Santa is!

Tonight our children have been tracking Santa and spoke to Cranberry the Elf which was priceless!

Take it from a Mom who wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy holiday!

Want my fab tip for hats, gloves & scarfs that will make your morning a breeze?


Then pick up a fabric shoe organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Mornings can be crazy in our home heading out for school, as is in many households.

Whether your live in an apartment or home, getting winter accessories can be a challenge until now!

Simply hang this organizer behind the door of your choice, roll scarves, fold gloves then place in hats making sets! ~Best tip ever!

I did this for our family and it makes getting ready one step easier!

An important factor is that children can be more independent getting ready in the morning minus the battle!

Getting the kids involved as early as age two, sorting and matching which is a great task to work on.

Just leave coats, shoes & backpacks near the door to make your morning routine run more smoothly. ~Enjoy!

Take it from a Mom Who loves making things easier in the am!

Want to make keepsake ornaments with the kiddies this holiday season?


Then head to Michael’s or your local craft store for plastic Christmas balls, & a Sharpie paint marker!

Nothing is more memorable each year to go down memory lane when decorating our tree.

This year we made family Christmas ornaments with the kids, dated & signed our names with our ages & the year.

We filled ours with festive feathers, but they can be filled with bells, glitter, Legos, beads, stars & the list is endless!

This craft is fun for parties, holiday gatherings, and one in which your family will treasure!

Take it from a Mom Who will have the kiddies make this before dessert on Christmas night!