Looking to get the entire family moving?


Then head to www.fitbit.com!

This Spring our entire family invested in Fitbit’s to have a health challenge!

At the end of each day we tally who has the most steps, miles and what activities we did for the day.

I am amazed how everyone is inspiring one another to get moving, which is so worth the investment!

Speaking for myself on the road to a better me, having such support pushes me each day toward my 10,000 step goal!

With the rise of obesity and health issues in this world, Fitbit’s are a great start to promoting exercise and getting your family moving!

There are many different varieties and features of Fitbit’s to meet your personal needs, as well as cool colors too!

Tracking sleep patterns, heart rate, steps, miles, etc. are an asset to seeing progress, & you too will be hooked!

Take it from a Mom who is halfway at her goal for the day, taking it one step at a time!


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