Want to bring the snow indoors without melting for fun sensory play?


Then make sensory snow!  This activity can be done with children as young as 16 months with supervision.

With just two ingrediants and a few accessories, your toddler/child will have a fun afternoon!

Sensory play is so important, as well as is a great way for children who live in a warm climate to experience snow!

Below is a basic recipie with ingredients most people have in their own home.

Snow Recipe

*3 cups of baking soda

*1/2 cup of any white conditioner

*disposable foil turkey pan or large sterno pan one per child

*measuring cups, spoons, figurines, cars, twigs, snowman mini accessories (found at Michael’s or most craft stores)

*disposable table cloth


1.) Cover a workspace with the disposable table cloth.

2.) In the foil pan pour the baking soda into the pan.

3.) Next add the conditioner and mix with your hands until a snow like consistency. Note- Some children might enjoy mixing with a spatula versus their hands.

4.) Afterwards give your child a variety of things to use with their sensory snow like small figurines, cars, cups, spoons, mini snowman accessories, etc.

Note- I usually double the recipe for older children to have more snow to play with.

One of my friends in Florida took my recipe to the next level and let her daughter and friends use it for a snow ball fight outside! ~Love it!

Take it from a Mom who loves fun winter activities with the kiddies!



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