Looking for a few of my fab ideas when your child is sick?

There is nothing worse other than your child or children being sick! Over the past fourteen years our children have had their fair share of illnesses where I could be a doctor myself, lol!

A few staples I have in our home have made it easier then running out with a sick child to the pharmacy or market.

Above for colds, coughs and the flu Boogie saline Mist & Wipes make clearing your child’s nose easier with natural scents or unscented.

Teas are so comforting and soothing to open up nasal passages and calm down a cough. Whether lemon, ginger or mint tea just add some honey and drink warm or cold.

Vitamin C pops are tasty, but sliced kiwi have more Vitamin C than oranges, and is a great snack when your child has a cold.  Another tip of mine is to freeze orange slices which taste like ice pops too which is a fun way to keep your child hydrated!

Hydrating water, Lysol wipes & spray, bed trays filled with crayons and fun things for your child to do if they are resting or eating in bed (found at Michael’s), Pedailyte, disposable plates, cups, and utensils make less work if you are dealing with alot. Kleenex Antiviral tissues as well as tissues with lotion for stuffy noses are a plus!

Stomach virus’ can be so challeging but I have got you covered! The BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast) help soothe achy bellies. Salteen crackers with salt, single 100 Calorie Pretzels or Goldfish pretzels, Apple sauce pouches, are my go to snacks. Peppermint tea warm or cold can help calm down belly aches. EOS lip balm in mint flavor hydrates chapped lips which you can wipe a few layers off after an illness. Making a ziplock bag for your child filled with the above snacks that she/he can have will prevent you from running in and out of their room. Chuck hosptial pads (can be found at any medical supply store) & beach towels are a must!!! Just lay down the Chuck pads (which are disposable) or pool towels all over your child’s bedroom floor and make a trail to the bathroom with them.  Latex free disposal gloves are a staple when dealing with a sick child, and a small box of garbage bags for easy cleanup. Constantly washing your hands can make them dry and cracked, so this tip prevents that from happening.

When your child doesn’t feel like drinking ice pops and Jello premade cups are a great way to hydrate them!

A few other tips is to have a stack of pajamas and socks handy if you need to change their clothing.  For children with long hair tie back or up their hair to make it easier for you both!

When a child needs to be quarantined in their room to prevent illnesses from spreading, have a tote bag or zip lock bag filled with crayons/markers, coloring books, paint with water pads, mini lego sets, bead necklace kit, or small items that they have never seen before like from Target’s dollar section, lastly a portable DVD player with a few movies can make staying in their room a sure thing!

After any illness washing sheets, blankets and stuffed animals, also putting your child’s pillows in the dryer is sure to kill any germs. Wiping down surfaces with wipes and getting fresh air in their room is your best bet for illness not to spread to everyone else in your home.

Being a parent can be challenging at times, but it is those times that make us more knowledgable of how to handle situations.

We all have our own spin on what works for our family, but at the end of the day you know your child and always do what works for you.

I have learned that being prepared and having these staples in our home ready to go have made illnesses easier to handle!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!






Momwhoknows snow day or school closure fun!

Snow days or school closures can be predicted or unexpected, so why not make it fun!

Some of my, “must” tips….

The night before if the school sends a message regarding school being closed due to the weather, order take out!  This makes life easier to enjoy a day with your children without cooking!

I always freeze homeade soups, meatballs chicken cutlets, Nan bread for pizza, tomato sauce in jars for quick lunches which I do monthly. Just double a recipe when you are making a family favorite meal and freeze one!

Arts & Crafts are a staple on a day off! Keeping a few kits in the house are a great idea to keep your children busy and doing something fun!  Michael’s or your local craft store have a world of options.

Whether you like to bake or not cookies are always a great idea! Homeade or keeping a roll of cookie dough in the fridge or freezer makes one sweet day!

Want to see your children busy for an hour or two? Then build a fort! Use the couch, the dining room table, or a rope with sheets blankets for a simple creative hideout! Grab a few flashlights, toys, dolls, books and let the kids use their imagination screen free!

Hot chocolate or lemonade depending on your climate is always a plus on a cold or warm day. Having the staples on hand are a must!

Lasty a movie is a perfect way to decompress and enjoy the day off!  Homeade popcorn a cozy blanket are all you will need for some downtime!

When in doubt for ideas… Pinterest for food, crafts, recipies and fun!