Looking to make a difference on Earth Day with the kiddies?

Then plant tree seedlings!

Every Earth Day we as a family plant a seedling.  With the environment changing, if more people plant on Earth Day it can make a difference for sure!

Mellisa and Doug have the most adorable planting sets which come with everything, and can be found from them direct or at other retailers.

Some local parks/nature preserves give away free seddlings to plant, or head to your local nursery to purchase.

Make it a yearly tradition for your family and tag the tree with the year for great memories of making a difference on this Earth!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!  Happy Earth Day!

Looking to get your children running into the kitchen for breakfast?

Then try Momwhoknows Vanilla Bean French Toast!

Some mornings can be a struggle to get the kids down for breakfast until they smell something delicious lol!

With just a few ingredients put together the night before breakfast will be a breeze!

Momwhoknows Vanilla Bean French Toast


*3 Organic eggs

*1/2 cup of Organic milk

*6 slices of Organic bread of your choice

*Organic salted butter

*1 Organic Vanilla bean pod

*Vaniliasocker (found at Ikea or Amazon.com)

*Organic maple syrup and mixed berries optional


*Mixing bowl


*Measuring cup


*Frying pan




*Airtight container

*Paper towels


1.)  In a mixing bowl add the 3 eggs, milk, and zest some fresh vanilla bean. Wisk until well blended then put into an airtight container in the fridge.

2.)  In the morning heat the frying pan on medium heat then add a pat of butter and melt completely.

3.) Whisk the egg mixture then dip each slice of bread on both sides until covered with the egg mixture then place into the frying pan.

4.) Cook for about 2-3 minutes or check until golden brown.  Flip and do the same on the other side then place onto the serving platter.

5.) Run the pan under cool water then dry with a paper towel and repeat steps 2-4.

6.) Zest additional vanilla bean with the microplane and dust the platter with Vaniliasocker and serve.

*Mixed berries are a delicious addition on top or on the side. Syrup is optional because the Vaniliasocker is very sweet.

One of my Momwhoknows tips… make a double recipe, let cool then freeze in between parchment paper and place in a freezer Ziplock.

Enjoy!  Take it from a Mom Who Knows!