Looking to make a difference on Earth Day with the kiddies?

Then plant tree seedlings!

Every Earth Day we as a family plant a seedling.  With the environment changing, if more people plant on Earth Day it can make a difference for sure!

Mellisa and Doug have the most adorable planting sets which come with everything, and can be found from them direct or at other retailers.

Some local parks/nature preserves give away free seddlings to plant, or head to your local nursery to purchase.

Make it a yearly tradition for your family and tag the tree with the year for great memories of making a difference on this Earth!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!  Happy Earth Day!

Looking to get your children running into the kitchen for breakfast?

Then try Momwhoknows Vanilla Bean French Toast!

Some mornings can be a struggle to get the kids down for breakfast until they smell something delicious lol!

With just a few ingredients put together the night before breakfast will be a breeze!

Momwhoknows Vanilla Bean French Toast


*3 Organic eggs

*1/2 cup of Organic milk

*6 slices of Organic bread of your choice

*Organic salted butter

*1 Organic Vanilla bean pod

*Vaniliasocker (found at Ikea or Amazon.com)

*Organic maple syrup and mixed berries optional


*Mixing bowl


*Measuring cup


*Frying pan




*Airtight container

*Paper towels


1.)  In a mixing bowl add the 3 eggs, milk, and zest some fresh vanilla bean. Wisk until well blended then put into an airtight container in the fridge.

2.)  In the morning heat the frying pan on medium heat then add a pat of butter and melt completely.

3.) Whisk the egg mixture then dip each slice of bread on both sides until covered with the egg mixture then place into the frying pan.

4.) Cook for about 2-3 minutes or check until golden brown.  Flip and do the same on the other side then place onto the serving platter.

5.) Run the pan under cool water then dry with a paper towel and repeat steps 2-4.

6.) Zest additional vanilla bean with the microplane and dust the platter with Vaniliasocker and serve.

*Mixed berries are a delicious addition on top or on the side. Syrup is optional because the Vaniliasocker is very sweet.

One of my Momwhoknows tips… make a double recipe, let cool then freeze in between parchment paper and place in a freezer Ziplock.

Enjoy!  Take it from a Mom Who Knows!




Looking for a few of my fab ideas when your child is sick?

There is nothing worse other than your child or children being sick! Over the past fourteen years our children have had their fair share of illnesses where I could be a doctor myself, lol!

A few staples I have in our home have made it easier then running out with a sick child to the pharmacy or market.

Above for colds, coughs and the flu Boogie saline Mist & Wipes make clearing your child’s nose easier with natural scents or unscented.

Teas are so comforting and soothing to open up nasal passages and calm down a cough. Whether lemon, ginger or mint tea just add some honey and drink warm or cold.

Vitamin C pops are tasty, but sliced kiwi have more Vitamin C than oranges, and is a great snack when your child has a cold.  Another tip of mine is to freeze orange slices which taste like ice pops too which is a fun way to keep your child hydrated!

Hydrating water, Lysol wipes & spray, bed trays filled with crayons and fun things for your child to do if they are resting or eating in bed (found at Michael’s), Pedailyte, disposable plates, cups, and utensils make less work if you are dealing with alot. Kleenex Antiviral tissues as well as tissues with lotion for stuffy noses are a plus!

Stomach virus’ can be so challeging but I have got you covered! The BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast) help soothe achy bellies. Salteen crackers with salt, single 100 Calorie Pretzels or Goldfish pretzels, Apple sauce pouches, are my go to snacks. Peppermint tea warm or cold can help calm down belly aches. EOS lip balm in mint flavor hydrates chapped lips which you can wipe a few layers off after an illness. Making a ziplock bag for your child filled with the above snacks that she/he can have will prevent you from running in and out of their room. Chuck hosptial pads (can be found at any medical supply store) & beach towels are a must!!! Just lay down the Chuck pads (which are disposable) or pool towels all over your child’s bedroom floor and make a trail to the bathroom with them.  Latex free disposal gloves are a staple when dealing with a sick child, and a small box of garbage bags for easy cleanup. Constantly washing your hands can make them dry and cracked, so this tip prevents that from happening.

When your child doesn’t feel like drinking ice pops and Jello premade cups are a great way to hydrate them!

A few other tips is to have a stack of pajamas and socks handy if you need to change their clothing.  For children with long hair tie back or up their hair to make it easier for you both!

When a child needs to be quarantined in their room to prevent illnesses from spreading, have a tote bag or zip lock bag filled with crayons/markers, coloring books, paint with water pads, mini lego sets, bead necklace kit, or small items that they have never seen before like from Target’s dollar section, lastly a portable DVD player with a few movies can make staying in their room a sure thing!

After any illness washing sheets, blankets and stuffed animals, also putting your child’s pillows in the dryer is sure to kill any germs. Wiping down surfaces with wipes and getting fresh air in their room is your best bet for illness not to spread to everyone else in your home.

Being a parent can be challenging at times, but it is those times that make us more knowledgable of how to handle situations.

We all have our own spin on what works for our family, but at the end of the day you know your child and always do what works for you.

I have learned that being prepared and having these staples in our home ready to go have made illnesses easier to handle!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!






Momwhoknows snow day or school closure fun!

Snow days or school closures can be predicted or unexpected, so why not make it fun!

Some of my, “must” tips….

The night before if the school sends a message regarding school being closed due to the weather, order take out!  This makes life easier to enjoy a day with your children without cooking!

I always freeze homeade soups, meatballs chicken cutlets, Nan bread for pizza, tomato sauce in jars for quick lunches which I do monthly. Just double a recipe when you are making a family favorite meal and freeze one!

Arts & Crafts are a staple on a day off! Keeping a few kits in the house are a great idea to keep your children busy and doing something fun!  Michael’s or your local craft store have a world of options.

Whether you like to bake or not cookies are always a great idea! Homeade or keeping a roll of cookie dough in the fridge or freezer makes one sweet day!

Want to see your children busy for an hour or two? Then build a fort! Use the couch, the dining room table, or a rope with sheets blankets for a simple creative hideout! Grab a few flashlights, toys, dolls, books and let the kids use their imagination screen free!

Hot chocolate or lemonade depending on your climate is always a plus on a cold or warm day. Having the staples on hand are a must!

Lasty a movie is a perfect way to decompress and enjoy the day off!  Homeade popcorn a cozy blanket are all you will need for some downtime!

When in doubt for ideas… Pinterest for food, crafts, recipies and fun!



Want to bring the snow indoors without melting for fun sensory play?


Then make sensory snow!  This activity can be done with children as young as 16 months with supervision.

With just two ingrediants and a few accessories, your toddler/child will have a fun afternoon!

Sensory play is so important, as well as is a great way for children who live in a warm climate to experience snow!

Below is a basic recipie with ingredients most people have in their own home.

Snow Recipe

*3 cups of baking soda

*1/2 cup of any white conditioner

*disposable foil turkey pan or large sterno pan one per child

*measuring cups, spoons, figurines, cars, twigs, snowman mini accessories (found at Michael’s or most craft stores)

*disposable table cloth


1.) Cover a workspace with the disposable table cloth.

2.) In the foil pan pour the baking soda into the pan.

3.) Next add the conditioner and mix with your hands until a snow like consistency. Note- Some children might enjoy mixing with a spatula versus their hands.

4.) Afterwards give your child a variety of things to use with their sensory snow like small figurines, cars, cups, spoons, mini snowman accessories, etc.

Note- I usually double the recipe for older children to have more snow to play with.

One of my friends in Florida took my recipe to the next level and let her daughter and friends use it for a snow ball fight outside! ~Love it!

Take it from a Mom who loves fun winter activities with the kiddies!



Looking for a teachable moment over the holiday with your children?

Then do something for someone in need!

Every year our children choose something to do for others.  This year our son chose to, “Elf” a family who lost a loved one.  He thoughtfully wriote a letter, and each night for 24 nights has been leaving a small gift at their door.

Our daughter choose to take all of her gently used or new toys that she didn’t want and wrap them for homeless children.  We purchased gift basket bags and ribbon at Michael’s craft store to make them easy to give out.

She and three of her best friends worked for over four hours separating, packaging and wraping each gift to make it special.  It was one of the most memorable days we all will treasure!

Afterwards they packed our truck with NINE garbage bags to deliver and disperse the gifts.

The organization invited them to bring the gifts inside and visit their food pantry, clothing and toy room which was a teachable moment!

Doing something for others is one of life’s greatest gifts, as well as appreciating what you have is so important to teach your children.  It is that moment that is a priceless gift!


Looking for your children and family to use less electronics?

Then order a charging station and set a time limit!

In today’s world we are all guilty of using hand held devices including myself!

Children and teens are up all hours of the night causing many issues in school!  Tiredness, lack of focus, and some grades are affected as well!

I found that by powering off at a particular time truly works, and is life changing!

We keep a charging station in the kitchen which is a common space, as well as a great place to see all devices.

Set up a time in which all devices are checked in and powered off for the night at a charging station.  As I have mentioned to clients of mine, “You are the parent!”

This tip will do wonders for your family and you will not regret it!

Amazon has a variety of colors, how many docks you need, as well as seperate plugs for each Smart decive.

It is one of my top pick gifts for families! Enjoy!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!



Are you looking for a way to stop arguing with your child about chores, homework and more?

Then come up with a few reminders for your children!

As the morning, afternoon and evening routines can be challenging, I came up with a way to stop the insanity!

If your child can read then he/she can take care of their responsibilities and personal hygiene!  (It can be modified using pictures and words as well.)

Depending on your personal rituals you can hang up reminder signs for wherever they do their homework, in the bathroom, their bedroom, and even in the playroom!

Above are a few examples of an idea I worked with a family on and it helps!

Simply type up a list, print it and have it laminated at Staples or an office store.

Enjoy less nagging, screaming and watch your children learn to be more independent!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Summer of experiences!

My goal in life has been experiences!  We have one life to live and exposing your children to the world is priceless!

So far this summer we have…

*watched many different sunsets

*taught our children to cook something new

*made sea scape paintings on the beach

*volunteered to make sandwiches for a homeless shelter

*went to a local farm and made a variety of pies

*have taken our children to a Cold Play concert

*explored culture in NYC

*taken long walks and spoken about life and goals

*tried new things

*collected shells & beach glass

*watched the stars

*observed sea life

*had a weekly movie night

*making a summer photo movie

*went fishing

*made sea glass wooden photo frames & recipe boxes

*had a smores contest

*taught our children new things

*had a lunch/dinner picnics on the beach

*did fun things with family & friends

*helped someone in need

*had a lemonade stand donating half of the profits to a children’s charity

This is just to name a few, but the time you spend as a family is one in which you are creating everlasting memories!  From simply doing things at home, a local park or area, even taking a family day/weekend trip, seek something new!

If you are one who is lost for ideas, check on Pinterest for endless things to do!

Enjoy and happy summer!

Take it from a Mom who knows!