Looking for a nut free 100 calorie snack for kids that is also educational?


Then head to dickandjanebakingco.com or Amazon.com!

In the world of allergies and trying to find healthy snacks it can be a difficult task.

Dick and Jane’s educational cookies which I have blogged about before, now have prepackaged cookie bags! ~LOVE these!

One fun idea is to scoop ice cream and freeze mini sandwiches for parties, or cream cheese and strawberry sandwiches for tea parties.

Happy snacking!

Take it from a Mom who loves finding fun snacks for kids!

Want to help children with food allergies this Halloween?


Then head to www.foodallergy.org and print out a flyer of a teal pumpkin, or paint your pumpkin teal green!

Food allergies are very serious, and many children in the US have them. 1 in every 13 children have at least one or more food allergies which is alarming!

This Halloween please join me and many others and have non food items for trick or treaters.

Items like stickers, pencils, plastic trinkets, are perfect items for kids!

Target, Michaels, Party City, & the Dollar Tree stores have a fabulous array to choose from if you are stumped.

Take it from a Mom Who is supporting FARE in having fun items for kids this Halloween!


Want another great 100% Nut Free, Whole Grain snack for your children that is educational?


Then head to Whole Foods for Dick & Jane’s, educational cookies!

Having a nut allergy is very difficult, as well as for parents who have issues sending snacks without nuts to school.

Dick & Jane cookies are made in a 100% nut free facility, are made with Whole Grains, are low in sugar, & are delish!

They come in three choices, English/Spanish, US Presidents, & States! ~Love this!

Currently they sell these in Whole Foods, but check out their website for more information at, www.dickandjanebakingco.com!

Our children love that they can bring in a treat for those students who have a nut allergy, & so do I!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves finding great alternatives!


Want to repel mosquitos this summer?


Then shop on Amazon.com for Simba mosquito bands & patches, Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Spray, or Superband mosquito repellant bands!

This year is said to be the worst for mosquitos, which is horrible, especially if your child gets bitten.

My daughter suffers terribly, in which she swells, is uncomfortable, & can lead to a sleepless night!

I have tried many products, & came across the repellents listed above which have been a hit!

Prior to leaving the house, I spray my children’s clothes before they put them on. Then I mist their arms & legs, & give them a wristband if we will be outside for a long period of time.

Amazon has a large section, of natural, DEET free repellants to choose from which I LOVE, & so will you!

Take it from a Mom Who is stocked up for Summer! Take that mosquitos!

Want to know about a fab line of Allergy alert items for school, home, daycare, play dates, camp & so much more?

Then go to www.AllerMates.com, or Whole Foods!

Today while shopping in Whole Foods, my daughter & I spotted a fab line of allergy alert bracelets!

She has a bee allergy, & is very knowledgable of her allergy. Yet if she had a reaction, she might not be able to alert someone which could be life threatening!

Families have different approaches to their child’s allergies, & in my opinion, what is the downside to making others aware too?

There are over 14 different bracelets, as well as multi-allergy bracelets, labels, bags & so much more!


Take it from a Mom Who has one up on allergy awareness!

Want a natural approach to seasonal allergies for your children?


Then head out & stock up on saline nasal spray, homeopathic eye drops, Boogie Wipes & netting!

As a mother of a child who suffers from allergies, I have tried everything!

The things that have worked for us are, natural preservative free saline by BabyGanics, Similasan Allergy Eye Relief drops, Boogie Wipes (made with saline, my fave), & netting for infants/toddlers (baby carriers, strollers & for Pack & Plays).

What an allergist has taught us, is that netting can prevent some allergies from little noses & eyes.

When you come in from the outdoors, change your child’s clothing, & wash his or her face, then use saline to clean out their nasal passages.

Boogie Wipes are the greatest invention for wiping & blowing noses! Made scented or unscented, these moist towelettes, are ones that kids love!

Depending on their age, if eye drops are needed, ask your pediatrician if you could use them.

It is important to do all of the above because your clothing, body & hair acts as a magnet for pollen, which can make symptoms worse.

Keep windows closed both at home & in the car, as well as make sure to change any air filters if you have a central air system.

My mantra is natural first, then if that doesn’t work, it is wise to talk to your doctor about other alternatives.

Happy Spring!

Take it from a Mom Who has a one up on allergies!

Want gluten free cookies that are peanut & Treenut free, as well as are milk & egg free?


Then have your grocer carry, “Dr. Lucy’s Cookies”, simply by asking the manager!

Finding alternatives for children with allergies can be difficult, especially if you have two children with different allergies.

Lucy’s Cookies are all peanut & tree nut free, milk & egg free too!

They come in a variety of flavors like maple bliss, chocolate chip, cinnamon, chocolate, oatmeal & sugar.

Lucy’s also makes brownies & snack & go bags which are great for travel, or to keep in your pocketbook, diaper bag or car.

Dr. Lucy developed these products because her child had severe food allergies, & wanted a great tasting dessert.

These cookies are delicious, crunchy & tasty!

Enjoy another allergy free option for your child!

Go to www.drlucys.com to order, view details about their products, or get more information.

Take it from a Mom Who found a great product for children with allergies!

Want the best allergy restaurant website guide?

Then go to www.allergyeats.com!

This site won the 2012 Reader’s Choice Award, and deservingly so!

Allergy Eats is FREE to join, has a section for restaurants throughout the US, is easy to use, has a Disney World section, as well as a FREE app for most phones too!

Having a food allergy is very serious, but it nice to be able to take your children out to a resturant.

Enjoy a night out!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows