Want to do something fun with your kids 2+?


Then head to your local art gallery!

As an art lover, I can honestly say that it is because my brother and I were exposed to art at an early age!

From museums, to historical landmarks, our parents made it a point to show us the world through art!

From as early as age 2, taking your children to galleries is amazing, and has many, “teachable” moments.

From pointing out shapes, colors, people, objects, etc., and asking them their interpretation of a piece of art, it is priceless!

Yesterday our children and my niece and nephew went to a famous gallery in Soho, in NYC. We looked at an installation in which each child had so much to say what it meant to them.

My eyes filled with tears watching them stare figuring out and making their own interpretations of what they were seeing.

Whether it be a gallery, exhibit or museum, take your children to experience something they will treasure for life!

Take it from a Mom Who loves seeing things through the eyes of her children!

Want to save your child’s artwork minus the guilt of saving everything?


Then check out www.artkiveapp.com!

There is nothing better that saving your child’s masterpieces, but they can add up over the years…

This app is amazing, for you can share it with family & friends, & make a book or items of their art too! ~LOVE this!

I have a portfolio for each of my children which is packed, & now we can make a book yearly of their work!

Check out their site which has been featured on the TODAY Show, as well as many others.

Enjoy recycling, & Happy Earth Day!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows a thing or two about downsizing! 😉

Want a fun arts & crafts project to do with your children!


Then do veggie stamped artwork!

There is nothing that a child likes more than to do arts & crafts!

My daughter is home for Spring Break this week, so I thought it would be fun to do a few projects together.

I did this when I taught, making flowers from stamping the end of a celery stalk on a canvas. ~Absolutely beautiful!

No matter what color combination, your children will love this project!

The materials needed are: newspaper, colored construction paper or a small canvas, paper plates, 1 bunch of celery,
washable paint, & straws.

1.) Cover a workspace with newspaper.

2.) Cut 1 bunch of celery in half. Save the stalks to use as a paintbrush for the flower stems.

3.) Next have your child choose the colors they want to make their flowers, then put a tablespoon size if each color onto the plate.

4.) Then place 1 piece of construction paper or the canvas on top of the newspaper.

5.) Afterwards have your child press the celery stalk into the paint, then press into the paper or canvas.

6.) On a separate plate, put 2 tablespoons of green paint. Using either the straw for older children, & the leaves for toddlers, have then dip it into the green paint to make stems under te flowers.

7.) To make more than one painting, use a new plate, to prevent to colors for mixing.

This project can be done with toddlers to adults, so have fun!

Happy painting!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES art!

Father’s Day gift ideas…

Three things I love are… custom-made Pop Art posters from www.allpopart.com, where you send them a picture, and they transform it into art!  I have one that I had framed, and am getting another 2 done, love it!

The second are custom made silver or gold cufflinks by Haley M. Go to www.haleym.com to view them.  She has the best quality photo cufflinks, I think, & she is offering 10% off on her website for Father’s Day!

Last are custom-made shirts in which you could choose from over 50 different fabrics, as well as personalize from Blank Label.  Go yo www.blanklabel.com to view this fabulous idea, love it!