Looking for a fab craft to do with the kiddies on a cloudy day this summer!


Then head to Michael’s, Walmart or Target!

Every summer I love doing fun crafts with the kids that they appreciate & enjoy making!

When children make/create something they are so proud of their accomplishments!

If you have a child who favors a particular article of clothing, by making one themselves you could get them to wear something else!

Also after a day outside in the heat, at the beach/pool, finding crafts are a great way to wind down and chill out!

“Momwhoknows Puffy Paint Clothing”


*Tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jeans, socks, white Keds or Vans sneakers


*1-2 3D-Puffy Paint Set


1.) Cover the entire table with newspaper or a plastic throwaway tablecloth.

2.) Stuff each clothing item with newspaper to prevent the paint bleeding through.

3.) Have each child design their items and lay flat to dry for 2 days.

Crafts such as these are fun for children as early as age 2-adult!


Take it from a Mom who loves sparking creativity in children!

Want a fun Valentine’s Day gift to make with the kiddies?


Then gather all your broken crayons!

There is nothing more exciting for children then to make a gift for someone.

This activity is so easy that a 2 year old could help!

Heart Crayons
*12 silicone hearts
*Broken crayons
*Parchment paper
*Cookie sheet
*Scented candle

1.) Preheat your oven to 375*, & line the cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2.) Have the children help peel all of the wrappers (discard then) from the crayons and set the crayons aside in a bowl.

* I light a scented candle in the kitchen to cover the strong scent when the crayons are cooking, & when they are removed from the oven.

3.) Next have the kids help break the crayons into small pieces and fill each heart liner halfway.

4.) Place each heart onto the parchment paper lined cookie sheet & bake in the center of the oven for 10 minutes.

5.) Afterwards let cool completely for 30 minutes, then pop out each heart crayon.

(Note, this activity can be done with any silicone muffin shape & makes great gifts!)

Take it from a Mom Who loves making each holiday fun for our kiddies! Enjoy!

Want a fun activity for the kids this summer?


Then head to the beach!

Every summer our children collect countless buckets of shells which they love to paint, both at the beach and at home.

In our beach bag I always have the following in a large Ziplock bag…

*Melissa & Doug beach bucket
*Crayola paint
*Crayola paintbrushes
*Crayola glitter glue pens
*Paper cups
*Paper napkins or folded paper towels
*Baby wipes (to clean hands or surfaces)
*Sharpie marker

Whether at the beach or at home I have the kids lay a few newspaper sheets for each child, then fill cups with water. Afterwards I write each child’s name on the backs of all of their shells to prevent any issues.

Crayola makes amazing sets of paint, glitter glue pens, as well as a variety pack of paint brushes which are perfect for a number of children to share.

I usually model for the kids creating my own shell, and dip my paintbrush in a cup of water in between colors, then dabbing it in a paper towel.

Activities that are hands on and promote creativity are the most memorable ones for children I feel.

Enjoy your paint fest, and turn a simple shell into a masterpiece with your kids!

Take it from a Mom Who cant wait to stroll with the kiddies for more shells this week, and have a shell exhibit for our family!

Do your kids love bubbles?


Then making bubble wands is a must this summer!

This craft is perfect to make at the beach, and one kids of all ages would love to do!

The materials you will need are as follows:

*1 package of colored pipe cleaners
*plastic plates
*Sharpie marker

1.) Write each child’s name on the plastic plates with a marker.

2.) Have each child pick out 2 pipe cleaners.

3.) Next have the children choose which shape they would like (circle, triangle, heart, star, square, oval, etc.), and bend into the desired shape.

4.) Afterwards, take the second pipe cleaner and bend it in half to make a wand. Then twist the wand around the base of the shape.

5.) Pour the bubbles into each plate and let the kids blow away!

Kids can use 4 pipe cleaners to make multi colors as well, and just twist two colors and follow the steps above.

We made these last weekend at the beach with children ages 3-10, and it was a hit!

Take it from a Mom Who loves making summer extra fun in a creative way!

Want a fun winter painting to do with your kids?


Then make a snow painting out of celery!

I love doing arts & crafts with our children, and painting with fruits and veggies is a blast!

In the winter, “Cabin Fever” or, “I’m bored!” are two things that can happen.

By giving your children fun things to do, I can promise you that will NOT happen!

To make snow celery paintings you will need the following:

*White & blue construction paper
*Blue paint
*White, blue or silver glitter
*Liquid glue
*Celery bottom
*Paper plate
*Cookie sheet

1.) Place one sheet of paper onto a cookie sheet. This prevents spills or glitter going onto the floor!

2.) Pour a small amount of blue paint onto the paper plate.

3.) Have your child dip the celery into the paint and stamp onto the paper & repeat.

4.) Afterwards have them sprinkle the glitter onto their paper and gently shake off.

5.) When each painting is dry, then have your child glue them into a blue piece of construction paper.

Hang them up to welcome winter!

Take it from a Mom Who took the, “B” out of bored!

Want a fab way to display your children’s masterpieces?


Then head to Amazon.com for, “Lil Davinci” frames!

There is nothing better than seeing your child’s face whenever you hang his/her artwork!

From toddler to teen, displaying their works of art promotes self esteem, pride, creativity, art appreciation & so much more!

The frames range in different sizes & prices, & my fave is their trio set!

They come in black, but I am going to spray paint mine in brushed gold, & lacquer them in clear (this will prevent peeling).

After which, take a trip to a local gallery or museum to show your children where their art could wind up someday!


Take it from a Mom Who LOVES displaying her children’s works of art!


Want to make birds a fab home?

Then pick up Melissa & Doug’s, “Build Your Own Bird House”!

This summer after visiting a bird sanctuary, our children have been so into bird watching.

Whether you live in the city, or the suburbs, adding a birdhouse to a tree near your home is the perfect place for one!

City dwellers can bring one to a local park or playground, so others can enjoy the wonderful world of birds too!

The kit that Melissa & Doug have need to be assembled with a screwdriver, so adult supervision is needed.

It comes with paint & a brush, but you will also need a long hammering nail for the perch, a Sharpie marker, & can of clear flat lacquer to weatherproof the birdhouse.

For little one ages 2+, a parent should assemble the house, then let the children paint it.

I put newspaper on the table, as well as let the kids use the box it came with to paint.

Afterwards hammer a nail underneath the hole opening as a perch, for the birds to enter their new abode, lol!

I had the kids write their name & the year underneath the house, before we lacquered them outside.

This activity is also fab as a birthday party activity (just assemble the houses), or as a party favor.~LOVE this!

Go to either www.melissaanddoug.com, or Amazon.com for information or to purchase.

Take it from a Mom Who Loves doing crafty things with my kiddies!


Want a fun way to paint with your children ages 2+ this summer?


Then paint with flowers!

Every season I LOVE painting with our children, & doing unique things with them.

Today I cut hydrangea, & lavender to let the kids use them as paint brushes.

This activity is fun, unique, & one in which your children will love!

You will need:
*Washable tempera paint (Crayola’s my fave)
*White construction paper
*1 Paper plate per child
*Glue Stick
*Melissa & Doug’s Picture Frame Pad
*1 Marker
*Newspaper or cookie sheet
*Cut flowers

1.) Either lay newspaper on a table, use a cookie sheet, or paint outdoors.

2.) Next pour a quarter size dollop of paint of every color onto a paper plate.

3.) Instruct your child to lightly dab the flower into the paint, then onto the white paper.

4.) After their painting is complete, write their name, or have them write their name on the bottom right side of their paper.

5.) When the paint has completely dried, trim the paper to fit inside the frame, then glue.

Happy painting in a new, & fun way!

Take it from a Mom Who hung up a few masterpieces in her home today!

Want a fun craft to do with your kids this summer?


Then make custom sneakers with your kids!

Yesterday we were at, “Studio Art” in Watermill, New York with my children, & their cousins, making fab crafts.

The girls decided to make custom sneakers, which were so easy, & fun to make!

Simply get solid white fabric sneakers, a variety of fabric dye in bottles, a water bottle, newspaper, smock, rubber gloves, razor blade, glitter glue, & duct tape.

1.) Place newspaper all over your work space.

2.) Next have your child put on a smock, & gloves to prevent staining.

3.) Place the pair of sneakers on top of the newspaper, & spray water all over them. (Remove the laces & put aside.)

4.) Have your child choose a few colors, then have them squeeze small dots all over. (The colors will bleed into one another, like tye dye.)

5.) Once they have covered the entire sneaker, let them dry completely for a few hours. Or an adult can dry them with a blow dryer, to speed up the process!

6.) Have your child wet the laces, & dye them the same way they did the sneakers, or choose one color.

7.) When the sneakers are completely dry, have your child paint the sneakers with fabric glitter, to give a different look.

8.) Next have an adult place the duct tape on the tip of the sneaker and shape with a razor blade.

9.) When the laces are completely dry, lace up the sneakers, put on & enjoy!

This craft is not only fun for girls, but boys too!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES creative crafts in the Summer, & whose kids do too!

Want a fun arts & crafts activity to do @ the beach, or @ home for ages 2+?


Then head to the beach & collect a bucket of shells to paint!

From age 2, to adult, there is nothing better than collecting a variety of shells, then painting them!

Whether you do this activity at the beach or at home, it is one in which your children will love!

Every summer I pack a large ziplock with paint brushes, a few paint pallets, & plastic cups for water for our children, & friends they meet on the beach.

Items needed: *Crayola tempera washable paint, or water cold pallet, *paint brushes, one cup of water per child, Sharpie marker, & a newspaper.

1.) Collect a variety of seashells on the beach, then wash them off, & let dry on a newspaper.

2.) Give each child a newspaper, paint set, paintbrush, & cup of water to rinse brushes.

3.) After all of the shells are painted, let them fully dry.

4.) With a Sharpie marker, initial or write each child’s name to prevent mix ups!

*For older children, purchase a canvas, or wooden picture frame at Michael’s Craft store, & hot glue the shells to make a memorable item!

Happy painting!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES creativity!