Want the coolest backpack for toddlers to teens?


Then head to www.madpax.com!

These just have to be the coolest backpacks around!

Madpax makes backpacks in three sizes, Nibbler (for Preschoolers), Half Packs (for Elementary), & Fullpack (for Middle to High School).

They are lightweight, come in a variety of styles, & are truly unique! ~LOVE this!

My pic for girls is the, “Bubble” in pink, & for boys the, “Blok” in Navy!

Madpax backpacks range in price starting at $32, & go up to $60.

Some children’s boutiques sell them, as well as Chasing Fireflies, & Amazon.com online.

I saw the entire collection today in Southampton, NY at the children’s store, “Between”. ~Amazing selection!


Take it from a Mom Who wants one for herself!

Want a great tool for your child to work on writing uppercase, lowercase or cursive writing?

Then check out, “Kid O Magnatab’s”!

What a fun way to teach your child, or have them work on the strokes of each letter or number properly.

Nowadays most schools don’t focus too much time on handwriting, & I find that many children are in need help.

My children’s OT, loved the products so much, she ordered all 5 sets for her clients!

This tool comes in 0-9 Numbers, A-Z upper & lowercase letters, as well as A-Z upper & lowercase cursive sets.

It comes with a stylus, in which the child follows the numbers above to see which direction to go to. As they move in the direction, magnetic beads come up to the surface.

(Note the beads DO NOT come out of the Magnatab.)

Go to www.amazon.com for the best prices I have found!

Magnatabs are fun for the car, travel, home, resturant, & make a great gift too!

Enjoy another great learning tool!

Take it from a Mom Who Was a teacher! 😉


Want a great product for your child’s school bag?

Myndology note cards that is!

I found a gem of an item for my sons school bag to help him remember things, LOVE this!

It is a set of bright cards, fastened by a ring, & is small too (the size of a standard business card).

What is great, is that it can be fastened onto the zipper, & is a great learning tool for 1st grade, up to college.

Children need to learn how to be organized, as well as learn tips of remembering things, & this is a great product!

I purchased mine at Target, in the back to school section, but it can also be purchased online at www.mynology.com, where they have a better selection!

Enjoy this friendly reminder!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want to get your children excited about school?

Decorate your breakfast or dinner table!

Last night I set the table with and apple, special pencil, & a funny book to read to my children this morning.

Also with a wipe off marker I wrote, “Happy 1st Day of School Robert & Jolie” on the mirror and windows.

When my children walked downstairs, they were so excited, as was I. For the first day of school can be scary for some, & a breeze for others.

By acknowledging your child’s special moments, it makes them feel important.

Happy decorating, & have a great first week of school everyone!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows


Want to be able NOT to loose any of your child’s items this year?

With school only a few weeks away, it is a great time to order labels for your child’s personal items.  Whether it be their lunchbox, shoes, coats, hats, sports gear, backpacks the list is endless! But if items are labeled, it makes finding them a cinch!

I know I have looked through the lost and found which can be frustrating, as well as disappointing. One unforgettable situation, was when another child took my daughter’s favorite, “Twinkle Toes” sneakers by mistake, which was a complete nightmare! So I put an end to that tale with the click of a mouse!

Since children have many of the same items, labelling is the most efficient way for your child to find their things.  Also for the little ones, it is a great way for them to learn the letters in their first & last name too!

Another important factor is that many children today have food allergies, and by adding a label, it can save a life!

The companies that I love are the following:

www.mabelslables.com (Classic site, and carries Tween Label’s too!)

www.stuckonyou.com (Love their Back to School section!)

www.namebubbles.com (Check out their dishwasher safe label’s!)

www.lableyourstuff.com (Has great allergy label’s!)

Order yours today, and start labeling before school starts, one less thing to do!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows 🙂


Want to be ahead of the game for back to school ala stress-free?

Right now just about every store (my fave) Target, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, Costso, BJ’s, & most pharmacies are having amazing back to school sales this week!

As a former educator, I can honestly say that stores do this sale right before school begins, then the prices go up tremendously!

My motto is to stock up for the year with crayons, markers, glue, pencils, pens, index cards, Post-It’s, highlighters, construction paper, tape, contact paper, poster board, & writing paper!

Buy more than you need because the first week of school contact paper, selections of book-bags, lunch boxes, folders are gone, trust me! (Check put the stores return policy which is usually 60-90 days.)This way your child gets their pick of their favorite items! 😉

Happy shopping! Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Want to get your child writing this summer?

I found these amazing sets by Crayola called, “Wild Notes”. It comes with a pen that writes in rainbow ink! They make Post It’s, index cards, and a variety of notebooks, all found in Target.

I purchased a small notebook for my four year old, and the larger one for my eight year old son.

To keep Robert writing daily this summer, I found a fun way to get him writing his summer experiences, without pulling teeth! 🙂 As for my daughter Jolie, she draws a picture and then I write a sentence which she dictates to me.

Children usually do not like to write over the summer, so by using tools like this, decorating a notebook with stickers, or using fun pencils, it makes learning fun!

My favorite school bag for kids!

I saw this adorable school bag and lunch bags in a store called, “Madpax”.  Funny enough they are sold online, as well as in the Chasing Fireflies catalogue!

They come in full and half packs & have matching lunch bags too.  The colors are to die for… hot pink, lime green, orange, black, purple, turquoise, brown, & green.

Go to www.madpax.com to view!

More favs to come next week, where I will feature great back to school items!



Great pencils & pens for kids!

I discovered these great pencils & pens to make writing easier for children called, “Twist N’ Write”.  My son who had writing difficulty, is doing beautifully with them, and I like them as well!

They are made for smaller hands and take the pressure off your joints while writing.  These pencils come in four colors, and I purchased mine on Amazon, but they are sold right from their site.

There are so many writing tools out there on the market, but this makes the most sense to me (as a former educator), & they were recommended by his classroom teacher and a Occupational therapist.

Go to www.penagain.com and watch the YouTube clip which is very informative.

Love them!