Looking for a great experience at American Girl?


Then make a reservation with a Personal Shopper at the nearest American Girl Place store near you!

I am always looking for special experiences with our children, and this year takes the cake for our daughter!

Last month I booked both a reservation with a personal shopper and lunch for her birthday.

Many people don’t realize, but American Girl has an AMAZING service which is FREE, that includes complimentary coat check, gift wrapping, and the most knowledgable specialists ever!

As soon as you are greeted, your child is taken to which section they are interested in, and given information about the doll of their choice.

Afterwards he or she is taken back to the personal shopping room to go through their choices of wishes or purchases.

If you don’t see an item you are looking for, your personal shopper can look for it while you hang out in the lounge.

My favorite aspect of this experience was that they were NOT pushy and asked on us on the side what we were looking to do prior to shopping. ~LOVE this!

After your selection, head to the Hair Salon where your doll can get their hair styled like your child, or have their ears pierced within 15 minutes!

Lunch, tea or dinner is also a special treat at American Girl! When the doors open to the dining room, your hostess will offer your child a high chair for their doll. Don’t have a doll? Well American Girl has got you covered with a doll to borrow! ~Too cute!

From dolls to interactive stations, accessories, matching apparel, DVD’s, music and books, this store is a must!

Check out their website, www.americangirl.com prior to your visit, and enjoy my fab tips!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Want a great gift for the kids who have it all, or if you are stumped for a gift?


Then purchase gift cards!

Sometimes gift giving can be difficult for some, so gift cards are a fabulous alternative!

What I like is that after the holidays there are big sales on clothing, and you are able to get more for your money! ~LOVE this!

Another fab idea is that when your children have off from school a gift card works wonders! I love to plan fun days for our children and let them take their gift cards on our outings.

What is great about this is that if they see something they want to buy, they could use it to make a purchase. This makes things special, and I have found that the kids look forward to receiving gift cards!

If you are looking for an amazing gift for a family, then a membership to a museum is a fab idea! Or how about a movie gift certificate with a resturant gift card? Who doesn’t love dinner and a movie?

If you feel that gift cards are impersonal, then get something small to open, and add a gift card with it.

Take it from a Mom Who is a pro at gift giving!

Want to know my fave big gifts for the holidays or birthdays?


Then head to Pottery Barn Kids or shop online at, www.potterybarnkids.com!

This store has it all, from play kitchens to chairs, beanbags, tables, playhouses, to teepees & more!

Instead of getting many small gifts for the holidays or birthdays, items like these may be more expensive, but last longer! ~LOVE this!

For example all of the items listed above are good for almost 5-10 years! Our daughter who just turned six, still plays in her kitchen which she received when she was a year old! The large bean bag our son still uses to read and he is almost 10!

During the holidays some of these big ticket items are on sale, so it is a perfect time to purchase them.

Why not do a theme! For girls the dress up table is fun, and just add costume jewlery, hair accessories, & dress up clothes for a fab gift!

For boys the play table with storage is perfect to fill with cars, legos or trains!

How about the kitchen filled with play food, cash register & a shopping cart?

Tents or teepees filled with a sleeping bag, or toys to use as a play area or fort. What is better than that for an apartment right?

The themes are endless, and another idea is to either have family members chip in or to get some items, or a gift card for a future purchase.

Gifts that promote creative thinking, using your imagination, or that are useful is the best gifts one can give!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows great gift ideas! Enjoy!

Want to know what will be the new trend for parties?


Cupcake Push Pops!

Last month I blogged about these fab pops from Crumbs, & now you can make them yourself!

I LOVE things that are different, & these will be so popular at children’s parties, mark my words!

Push pops are fun, can be labeled with each guests name, or make a great favor.

Kid love these, & they are less messy for little one’s, & are easy to use. (Also they can be reused to make ice pops.)

Amazon.com, Michael’s craft store & www.wilton.com sell them directly.


Take it from a Mom Who Knows a thing or two about parties!

Want a great gift for children?


Then make a basket full if Crayola items!

When in doubt, get a gift that is crafty!

Between children who have it all, or when you are just stumped as to what to get a child… A basket filled with Crayola items is a true winner !

Whether it be a birthday or holiday, this gift basket is perfect for any age!

I usually go to Target or Michael’s, & pick a variety of items like paint, paper, marker sets, outdoor chalk, play dough, crayons, pastels, or other age appropriate items from Crayola.

Next fill a basket with primary color tissue paper, wrap in clear wrap, then adorn with a rainbow ribbon, & their you have a unique gift!

Happy shopping!

Take it from a Mom Who likes finding unique gifts!

Want fun, make your own gifts for kids ages 5+?


Then check out the Creative Roots section only Target!

I am always looking for unique gifts for children, & these truly are.

From balls, to boom boxes, to skateboards, Creative Roots has made personalized toys fun!

Love the price point, which is $15-$23, & it would make a fun party idea too!

So head to Target down the arts & crafts aisle, & I guarantee a smile on your child’s face!

Happy decorating!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows great gifts!

Want to know where to get great accessories for a color themed party!


Then head to the following:

For candy in bulk, go to…

For paper goods & decorations…
The Dollar Tree
Party City

Fun giveaways…

I LOVE themed parties, & have found the above helpful, as well as Pinterest, to find fun ideas too!

Happy planning!

Take it from a Mom Who throws great parties! 😉

Want the best selection of balloons I have ever seen?

Then check out the Balloon Saloon from New York City!

While in TriBeCa last week, I walked past their store and was mesmerized!

It is like the candy store of balloons that is.

From small to life size, they feature the largest balloons I have ever seen in my life!

Best of all, they deliver to many places! Even if you don’t live in the area, you can get some great ideas!

If you are visiting New York City, it is a must to visit, for kids & adults too!

Check out their website, www.balloonsaloon.com to view their masterpieces.

My favorite is their life sized leopard balloon. Who doesn’t like fun balloons?

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!