Want a great collection of, good night books for your children?

Then check out, Our World of Books series!

They are written for ages 4-8, come in many topics, like the ocean, the farm, & my favorite, are their state books!

Whenever we vacation, I rather purchase a book, then a toy that will be soon forgotten.

Before our trip, I usually order a book on Amazon or Barns & Noble. When we get home, it is a perfect gift to read before bedtime!

Our World of Books, make great gifts too, for they are only, $9.99 per book!

I made a basket of these for a child who travels to many places in the US, & she still loves reading them at the age of 9!

Each book has a different author, & focuses on important landmarks in that particular state, or place.

I highly recommend these books, & your children will love them too!

My favorite is, “Good Night New York City”!

What is yours?

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want to get your child ready for Halloween?

Get a few holiday books!

I have a collection of seasonal books that I like to read the first of the month.

While my children are eating a snack or dinner, I read to them and they love it!

It doesn’t matter what age your children are, from an infant to tween, children love to hear stories.

I was in Pottery Barn Kids & loved the selection they had, as well as picked up a few in Barns and Noble & Target too!

They make great gifts, rather than candy! Love this ūüėČ

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want a great story about eating healthy, & making the right choices?

Freddy & Flossy Flutterby, by my dear friend Ann Douglas!

Her son was a friend of mine who was killed on 9/11. Freddy worked with my father in the World Trade Center on the 104th floor.

His mother Ann, use to tell him this very story as a little boy, & turned it into a heartfelt story.

What I love, is that the story tells of a young boy who has to make the right choices of eating healthy, as well as being nice to others.

This is something that we all instill in our children, & it is a great learning tool a well.

“Freddy & Flossy Flutterby”, can be purchased at Barns & Noble, as well as Amazon.com.

Today on 9/11 may we remember those who are lost, & keep peace in our hearts!


Great bookstore for kids!

As a prior teacher and mother I love books, as do my children!  A great way to entice them is to take them to the library first to get their Library Card (make sure you look online as to what identification you need to bring fyi :).)

In the trips to various book stores, a great one that I love is Scholastic  Store in NYC. Located  at 557 Broadway between Prince & Spring Streets (212) 343-6166, open daily at 11am.  They feature a plethora of books, learning materials, and much more!

I say make a half day out of it! ¬†Get there when it opens, then walk around Soho and enjoy the shops, and the great restaurants/cafe’s for a quick-lunch. ¬†Go to Zagat.com for restaurants in the area.



Want to create a great memory of your child’s birthday?

My first child I wrote down every breath, lol. For my second, I didn’t have time to do the same & still feel the guilt, & found a great product!

It is a book entitled, “Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal which sells for $9.97 on Amazon versus the $20 price in most stores.

What I love is that is a brief journal entry of each birthday, where you interview your child as well, as can add remembrances of the day.

Enjoy, and I filled in the last three years for my daughter in 1 night, lol!

Check it our & enjoy!


What are great parent guide books for a new parents to be?

There are two books I highly recommend which are, “Baby Bargins” by Denise & Alan Fields 2010 Edition, (as seen on Oprah) which rates every possible baby product you could ever imagine. ¬†It fits right in your bag, which is great for when the parents begin their registry adventure. ¬†It is a wonderful guide, and I think it is the best tool for new parents, for it can be so confusing having your first child! ¬†The internet has a world of information, but this book is so organized ¬†by categories, which is the best gift of all!

They also have, “Baby 411”, written by Denise Fields and Ari Brown MD 2009 Edition, which was my personal Bible when I had my son seven years ago, as well as the sequel, “Toddler 411” written by Denise Fields and Ari Brown¬†MD 2010 Edition. They answer every possible question, regarding illness, immunizations, are great guides and quick reads when you are left puzzled.

There were many nights when I needed help while waiting for the pediatrician to call back, and this book was right on! Or in the toddler edition to learn about teething, when to potty train, or how to handle tantrums, etc.

Parenting is an ongoing learning process, and books are a great way to guide us on how to handle everyday situations…