Want a great collection of books written by Tiki & Ronde Barber for your sports loving son?

I am always looking for stories that are inspirational, as well as have a good message for children.

If you want a collection of books that promote that message, then Tiki and Ronde Barber have written just the thing!

From picture books for ages 6 to 10, to chapter books for ages 8-12, your sons will be truly inspired!

Children look up to sports figures, and I like the fact that they get to know these twin brothers, who are much more that.

They were a team way before playing football, for that is what their mother instilled in them.

It is values like that which children should reflect upon, rather than a touchdown.

For being successful comes with hard work, perseverance, values, and goals.
All of which Tiki and Ronde Barber possess.

Go to Barns & Noble, or Amazon.com to purchase, or for more information.

Enjoy another great collection of books!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES to read!


Want to have fun with your, “Elf on a Shelf”?

Then be creative!

If you haven’t read the book to your children, “The Elf on the Shelf”, by Carol V. Aebersold & Chanda A. Bell, then you must get it!

What a creative way to spark the magic of Christmas!

From naming your elf, to the fun ways of changing each night the whereabouts of your elf, this truly is amazing!

It is also a fun way to get positive behavior and attitudes too, lol!

Have fun with your elf, because I truly am!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Great bookstore for kids!

As a prior teacher and mother I love books, as do my children!  A great way to entice them is to take them to the library first to get their Library Card (make sure you look online as to what identification you need to bring fyi :).)

In the trips to various book stores, a great one that I love is Scholastic  Store in NYC. Located  at 557 Broadway between Prince & Spring Streets (212) 343-6166, open daily at 11am.  They feature a plethora of books, learning materials, and much more!

I say make a half day out of it!  Get there when it opens, then walk around Soho and enjoy the shops, and the great restaurants/cafe’s for a quick-lunch.  Go to Zagat.com for restaurants in the area.



Want a book for your child to treasure, or one for a family member?

Go to your local Hallmark store, or in the stationary section in most supermarkets!

Our children love story time, so when my husband is away on business, they can still hear a story from Daddy!

I give these as gifts for family + friends, which is priceless!

They have a variety of stories to choose from, are easy to record, and are in a great price range too! Check it out!

Adorable bedtime books…

I recently purchased the book entitled, “Maybe I’ll Sleep in the Bathtub Tonight” written by Debbie Levy, and illustrated by Stephanie Buscema.

It is a collection of bedtime poems for children Grades 1-4, which are very whimsical, as well as cute!  As children get older, most bedtime genre stories are too young for them, but this is perfect for a child 6 and up.

Another favorite is, “The Napping House” written by Audrey Wood, and illustrated by Don Wood.

It is a repetitive story where everyone is sleeping, and soon they are awakened one by one, it is hilarious. I have read it to both my children at age 1, and continue to read it, LOVE IT!

(I find that my children want to go to bed as soon as I tell them a particular book we will be reading, hey whatever works right? LOL!)