Looking for more fab mobile device or electronic decorative accessories?


Then head to idecoz.com!

This company does it yet again!

From mirrors, to micro fiber reusable screen cleaner stickers, home button stickers, screen charms and so much more. Their larger stickers can be used on computers, lockers and walls, which will not damage surfaces I am told.

iDecoz products are reusable, and a great way to personalize electronics and have so many other uses.

Love them for party favors, or to give as gifts. ~Adore this company!

Take it from a Mom Who loves her rhinestone square mirror and bling for my iPhone, thanks iDecoz.

Want my, “Must Have” essentials this winter?


Then check out www.7amenfant.com!

From diaper bags, to fab stroller covers, accessories and more, this company has it all!

7amenfant is my fave for functionality, quality, durability, & products that scream fashionable!

Where diaper bags are not conventional, and could pass for a casual tote. ~LOVE this!

Stroller covers, baby carrier covers, hand warmers for stroller & scooters are hip and stylish too!

Say goodbye to infant snowsuits, for their line puts the W in warmth!

7amenfant features a variety of products for every lifestyle, comes in an abundance of colors, & is a must!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows fab products! Stay warm in style!

Want great recycle bags for your fruits & veggies that extend freshness?


Then head to Stop & Shop, or Amazon.com for recycle fruit & veggie bags!

Half of my shopping cart weekly in the market is filled with fruit & vegetables. Therefore, I wanted to find bags to both take & store them in.

There are so many different types of bags, & price ranges to choose from, so I picked three (All found on Amazon).

b.b Begonia 4 piece set @ $13
Flip & Tumble 5 piece set @ $8.50
Bring It 12 small piece set @ $10

Not only are our landfills filling up, plastic bags take a long time to decompose!

Ask your supermarket manager to order produce bags, & you will see how longer your produce lasts.

Happy storing in a better way!

Take it from a Mom Who bought a set today!

Want the coolest ice pop molds for your kids this summer?


Then head to Pottery Barn Kids, or shop online, @ www.potterybarnkids.com!

The other day while shopping in the store, I can upon these fab ice pop molds!

Ring pops for girls, & old school Rocket Pops for boys. (They are dishwasher safe, & BPA Free.)

Last year the Rocket Pops were a big hit in our home, & now the Ring Pops will surely be the new fave!

Simply add either a smoothie, fruit juice, or a fruit purée, freeze for a few hours, then enjoy!

I LOVE making homemade pops, which are super easy, as well as comforting to know that it doesn’t include ingredients that you can’t even pronounce!

Take it from a Mom Who made cranberry juice & strawberry smoothie ice pops today!

Want more of my fave’s for outdoor play?


Then head to Toy’s R’Us, Target, or Amazon.com for outdoor fun!

Over the past nine years I have bought many items for my children.

I MUST is a, “Children at Play” sign, or you could also use soccer cones too.

Who doesn’t like a tee for baseball? Whether you have one child or many, a tee stand is great for eye hand coordination, practice, or to just have fun!

Soccer nets are a great way for children to learn how to kick a ball at a target, as well as basketball hoops. They come in may different sizes, & are fun for all!

My faves are the grow with me basketball nets, because they can be used for toddlers & older siblings… all in one! Love this!

Ring toss games are fun for all ages, as well as kickballs, soccer balls & anything that bounces.

Who doesn’t like bubbles? My faves are buckets that don’t tip for toddlers, & bubble wands for older children.

Golf sets are great fun too! At the park, or in the backyard, children love to hit balls.

For older children, I love tether sets, which can be great for one or two children to play. They are fantastic to practice tennis skills, take to the beach or to the park.

Step on rockets are exciting for all! Boys especially, love anything that flies, so these are a must!

Speaking about flying… kites are a must for older children, because the little ones tend to get frustrated with them.

For younger siblings, I love foam play mats for those who are crawling. They are a must under outdoor play tables, on the sidewalk, or in the backyard.

This prevents injury I feel, but make sure they have traction, so your child doesn’t slip with wet feet. 😉

Happy scouting for outdoor fun!

Take it from a Mom Who loves the outdoors! Happy Spring!

Want jelwery that is chic for you, safe for your baby, & fun for your toddler?


Then check out, “Chew Beads”!

Omg, wow! This company has created fun jewlery for mother & child, & amazing teething rings which are absolutely fabulous!

Not only are they safe for babies & children, they are a must have!

Chew beads come in a variety of designs, colors, as well as bracelets for mother & child!

Made from 100% non-toxic silicone, they are BPA-free, are made without any harmful chemicals, in which their website is very specific about safety concerns.

They just came out with a new line of jewlery for kids, that is soft, great for children with sensory needs, & fun to wear!

To preview all their fab products, go to www.chewbeads.com!

Chew beads make a great baby shower gift, kids party favor, & more importantly, a fun accessory for mother & child!

Who says you can’t look stylish 24/7?

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Chew Beads!

Want to get a preview of fashions for your children for 2013?


Then follow me on Instagram, “momwhoknows”, to see all of my photos from the show.

Today I had the opportunity to preview the most amazing designers, fabulous products, & pick my fave’s from the show!

Tomorrow, I will post about each designer in depth, as well as let you know where & when these items will hit the stores in 2013!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES fashion! 😉

Want an indestructible iPhone case for you, or your children?


Then get yourself a KoolKase!

Today while walking 2 stories on an outdoor fire escape to Boot Camp, my phone slipped out of my hands!

My heart stopped, & when I picked it up from the street it was fine!

Trust me I would love to have a blinged-out case which looks pretty, but it is not possible, for my lifestyle. (Only on date nights.)

Check out their styles on Amazon.com, & it is definitely Mom tested, & approved! 😉

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES her KoolKase in hot pink, with sparkles!

Wanted water that is purified from tap to table?


Then check out, “Bobble’s Water Jug” @ Target!

Today I stumbled upon this great product that is perfect for home, school or at the office.

Bobble makes amazing products, that are BPA FREE, & this one will surely be a hit this summer!

It comes in a variety of colors, sells for $20, & has an insert (which needs to be replaced after a few uses), that purifies that water you pour in from the tap.

Check it out at Target, Amazon.com, or their website, www.waterbobble.com!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES H2O!