Want to take your children to see some great things?

Then take them to the city for a cultural day!

We are so fortunate to live in a country where we have so many wonderful places to see, & things to do with our children.

You would be surprised of how many families have never ventured into their own local city!

There are so many parks, theaters, museums, restaurants, historical landmarks that we fail to go to. Why? I don’t know…

It is important for children to have knowledge of where they live, as well as to explore and learn.

The Internet, or public library is a great way to research interests you may have, to plan a day out with your family.

An example of a cultural day I did with my children:

We took the ferry to New York City, & walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Afterwards we went to Jane’s Carosel on the Brooklyn side, had pizza at the famous pizzaria, Grimaldi’s, a hot chocolate at Jacque Torres chocolatier, ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory, then took the ferry back to Manhattan.

My children talk about that venture every time we pass the Brooklyn Bridge, and they will never forget that day, as will I!

Happy planning!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want three of my favorite places to go pumpkin & apple picking?

Go to either Alstede Farms, The Milk Pail, or Pumpkin Town!

My three favorite places to go apple or pumpkin picking are in New Jersey & Long Island, not far from where we live.

I always pack water, snacks, hand wipes for sticky fingers, layer clothing & bring rain boots, which is a must!

Whenever we go, I like to go when they open, or at 3:00, when the crowds die down.

Alstede Farms is located in Chester, New Jersey.

They have great orchards, pumpkin patches, hayrides, animal interactions, a corn maze, farm store, parties, class trips, and so much more!

Go to www.alstedefarms.com for directions, & more information.

My second authentic experience is at The Milk Pail, in Bridgehampton, New York.

Acres of land to run and pick your own pumpkin right from the vine, versus many farms that just drop pumpkin on the field!

Also their apple orchard is filled with large varieties to pick, and they also sell delicious apple cider, donuts, dried apples, have delicious popcorn & roasted corn on the cob… Delicious!

They too have a large corn maze, & fun activities for children too!

Go to their website, www.milk-pail.com/unpick.htm for directions, & information.

My third favorite is Hanks Pumpkin Town, in Watermill, New York.

It is one of the largest play areas for children in Long Island!

Pumpkin Town has education stations, train rides, a large corn maze, pedal carts, slides, pumpkin and apple picking, great snacks, & will be a day to treasure!

Go to www.hankspumpkintown.com for directions, & information.

No matter where you live, the experience of picking apples & pumpkins with your children is priceless!

It is a wonderful tradition to do each year, and you will make memories to treasure!

Happy picking!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want to do something memorable the last weekend of summer?

Go to the beach!

Pack chairs, towels, a blanket, snacks, beverages, extra sunscreen, lunch, a camera, your kids beach items, watercolor paints & paintbrushes to paint seashells, umbrella & have a family fun day!

Out of all the places we take our children, the most memorable places are the beaches we go to.

The beach is a place where children can discover nature and the world around them, as well as make some new friends for the day.

It is a time to RELAX, enjoy the salty air, and enjoy being together.

So pick a day this weekend to go to the beach, whether it be for a few hours, or for the entire day & enjoy!

Take a few pictures throughout the day, & capture priceless moments!


Take it from a Mom Who Knows


Two summer daytrip MUSTS!

If you haven’t been already, you must take your children to the, “Atlantis Aquarium” in Riverhead, Long Island. It is rated the top 10 aquariums from Parent Magazine, and is so worth the drive.

I suggest getting there when it opens, for there is so much to do indoors & out.

Check out their website at www.longislandaquarium.com, for it is absolutely AMAZING!

The second place is called, “Splish Splash” Water park, also in Long Island.

Go to www.splishsplashlongisland.com to check out the attractions & information.

Enjoy, almost three weeks to back to school! 🙂