Want to prevent diaper leakage for nap & bedtime?


Then pick up either Huggies or Pampers Overnight Diapers, & a package of Onesies!

Nap, car rides, long outings and bedtime can be tricky when it comes to diapers.

Whenever you are out for a long period of time, it is the perfect time to use this method.

I have found over the years that putting an overnight diaper and a onesie is the secret! It secures the diaper and keeps it from moving.

Clients of mine who have boys, especially love this because it prevents extreme wetness during the night. Some babies wake up because their diapers are wet, & this will help tremendously!

I recommend this from 4 months & up, or when your child is sleeping through the night.

Take it from a Mom who truly knows!