Want to know about two anti-bullying/teasing & stranger safety DVD’s?

Well I have just the two!

A friend of mine & I did a DVD swap this summer, and the following movies I thought were fantastic!

With teasing and issues with bullying, it is important for children to see how it effects children, as well as the consequences!

American Girl has a DVD entitled, “An American Girl Chrissa Stands Strong”, which I highly recommend!

I sat with my two children ages 4 1/2 & 8 1/2, and discussed issues throughout the film, as well as afterwards.

The second DVD is entitled, “safe Side Superchick in Stranger Safety” by John Walsh from, “America’s Most Wanted”, & Julie Clark, the creator of, “Baby Einstein”.

This show gives great safety tips for children, as well as scenarios that could possibly happen.

What is important, is that you sit with your children and discuss issues throughout each video.

Children are very visual learners, so by showing them tools of this nature, they will have a better understanding of this material.

Go to your local library, Amazon.com, or Netflicks to purchase, or rent these two films.

Be safe, & enjoy these two films on a family movie night!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!