Want Organic homemade baby food delivered to your door?

If you live in NYC, or Minneapolis, then check out Petit Organics!

Each product is made with all Organic ingredients, is never frozen, or made with additives, fillers, or preservatives.

Petit Organics is currently located in two cities, but will be spreading out to different locations in the US, like Chicago next, so check out their easy to use website, www.petitorganics.com!

Michelle Marinis the founder & mother found it difficult when returning back to work to make baby food for her second child. She felt guilty that she couldn’t make the same meals, & came up with a great idea…

To have a business that delivers homemade, Organic baby food right to your doorstep! That was when, Petit Organics was born!

I tested her website in placing an order, as well as sampled all of her baby food, & was blown away!

From the click of a button at home, I was able to place an order to be delivered within 48 hours, set a delivery preference, & receive my order with ease!~Love this!

Being a Foodie & closet gourmet chef, I was amazed at the variety of flavors, textures, & quality of each product!

Baby food should taste good, for if you would eat it, then it should be served to your child I strongly feel!

What was so interesting to learn from Michelle, is that most prepackaged mixed baby foods are made with more fruit than vegetables, which was shocking to me.

Children can crave more sweet flavors than non, which can lead to some of them not liking a vegetable on its own which is scary!

Her ideology is to introduce each flavor on its own for ages 4-7 months as Purees, then mix them with other grains for her Stage 2 Blends.

Each order can be placed with a variety, or on individual flavors, comes in BPA-FREE & Phthalate Free, Recyclable container, along with a reusable icepack & cooler bag.

Petit Organics also sell these amazing reusable, “Yummi” squeeze pouches which can be reused, & are fab for on the go!

Her company is in the process of making toddler teething biscuits, & other fab items which are works, so sign up for updates at, www.petitorganics.com under the Newsletter icon.

With school beginning this week, & a sibling at home, or getting back to work, let Petit Organics make your life easier, just a click away!

Can’t wait to see which state they pop up next???

Take it from a Mom Who LOVED all of the flavors, mostly the Simply Peaches & the Broccoli Carrot Quinoa, which was delish!


Want to know about Big City Moms, “Biggest Baby Shower Ever”?


In one word, “Wow”!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Big City Moms, “The Biggest Baby Shower Ever” event in NYC.

From the moment I walked into the building the vibe was amazing!

From the greeters, to fun pampering hair & nail polish application, photo booth fun, informative lecturers, to nibbles & the most amazing section of vendors, this event is a MUST for new & seasoned parents!

Every year new and improved products, come out, & it is important to educate yourself.

This venue is perfect because you are able to ask questions to vendors directly, sample or test products, meet other parents, sit in on lectures, have a memorable evening, & leave with the most AMAZING swag bags & prizes ever!!!

I am a mother of a nine & five year old, & continue to learn about baby & children’s products too!

When I help consult expectant parents register, I have knowledge about each products, as well as can help them make the, “just right” selections for their lifestyle.

Check out photos, sponsors, & information on their website. www.babyshower.bigcitymoms.com, & their site @ www.bigcitymoms.com, enjoy!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait until their next event!

Want a natural way to curb morning sickness, or nausea?

Then pick up Premium saltine crackers, salted pretzels, ginger, honey, mint tea, gingersnap cookies, peppermint & crystallized ginger!

There is nothing worse than morning sickness & nausea!

Some doctors are quick to prescribe medication, but the natural remedies usually work even better!

Mint tea is a great way to help an upset stomach, as well as making ginger tea!

Simply peel and break off a piece of ginger and boil for ten minutes. Add honey or agave nectar to take away the strong taste.

It is amazing cold, but hot is soothing as well.

Saltine crackers & salted pretzels are another great way to help with nausea. Salt helps relieve this feeling, which is amazing!

Trader Joes sells the most delicious Crystalized Ginger in the nut and dried fruit aisle, along with Gingersnap cookies.

I use keep these items in my bag, along with peppermint oil to breathe in when I smelled something that triggered my nausea.

The items above are sold in most supermarkets, health food stores, & of course Trader Joe’s!

It is worth a try!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Want a great gift for an expectant family?


Then head to Target, or www.knockknockstuff.com, for a, “Take Out Menu” set!

Knock Knock makes the greatest products, & this is one of my faves!

It is a binder with tabbed folders to put all of your take out menus, & comes with a fun ordering notepad too.

For an expectant family, I would fill this with local menus, & give them a gift card to order dinner!

There is nothing better than NOT thinking about dinner the first few weeks your child comes into the world.

Flowers and balloons are beautiful, but this gift will be surely loved, & used instantly, lol.

This book retails for $20, and is a unique gift for anyone! Love this!

Take it from a Mom Who’s getting more organized in 2013!