Making, “Staycations” memorable ones!


With the hustle and bustle of work, school, acitivities, social events and the holidays, there is nothing better then a, “Staycation”!

Spending quality time at home with your family is priceless, as well as so memorable!

Wheather playing a classic board game, going through old family movies, leaving reality for a few days is so important!

Our children grow up right before our eyes, and taking the time to be together and share experiences is one that will be treasured!

Some fun ideas are…

*Watch family movies or look at old family photos

*Make a meal together

*Take a painting/pottery class

*Play a boardgame

*Do a science experiment

*Read a book together

*Make a treasure hunt around your house with a list

*Explore your town

*Learn something new

*Play charades

*Do a craft

*Write a, “Things that you dont know about me” essay, or 10 questions for family memebers to learn more about them

*Take a nature walk and take photos

*Have other families over for a Pot luck, movie or game night

*Make a Staycation photo album

The list is endless of what you can do, & I promise you that your family will forget about technology for a few days, & remember your TIME forever!

Take it from a Mom who enjoys every moment of our Staycations every year and you will too!



Want a fun show for your kids to perform this summer?


Then put on a talent show!

As a child my friends and I would put on shows in our backyard which were some of the fondest memories of summertime.

We were the original masterminds of, “America’s Got Talent”, lol! Who knew…

From singing to dancing, magic acts, comedians, hula hoops and more, your children and friends can have a blast!

Promoting creativity is a passion of mine as a parent in the world of electronics. Providing your children with fun activities where they can create is a life long lesson they will treasure!

Some fun ideas are for the kids to make posters, tickets, decorations, and programs for the show.

Items like a note book for planning the theme of the show, Ipad or CD player for music, Kids Bop CD’s, poster boards, tape, scissors, construction paper, markers & crayons for decorations.

Last weekend our children, my niece and nephew brought tears to our eyes with a dance show they performed for us.

It proved that creativity is alive unprovoked, and still apart of our family!

Take it from a Mom Who loves sharing fun things with you! Enjoy your show this summer!

Want to put the FUN, in your weekend with your children?


Then break out the board games, snacks & popcorn for, “Family Fun Night”, or head to Target!

There is nothing more our family enjoys more on our weekends, than movie & game night.

It is so important for children to play board games to learn strategy, work as a team, & have fun with their family.

Target, Walmart, and have great games for all ages, and why not invite another family to share the fun!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Monopoly & Scattergories!

Want a fun idea for the last week of summer?

Have a picnic for dinner!

One day I decided to cook dinner early, and we had dinner in a local park. I didn’t tell the children where we were going, & when we got there, they were so surprised!

I packed a blanket, water, dinner, plastic utensils, napkins, plastic plates, 1 white garbage bag, hand-wipes, cut up fruit, bug spray, & flashlights for the kids.

It was such a great evening, & even better when the Ice Cream truck came by!

For the working mom, as long as you have an address, order dinner from a local pizzeria, or restaurant you love that delivers!  Ask them to pack utensils, napkins & condiments & just pack a blanket. Note, most parks have picnic or chess tables to sit at too, which can turn into your own personal dinner table.

I have learned that it is the, “little” things in life that are what is most memorable.  Spending time with your child & doing something special, is priceless!

Enjoy your picnic!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows

Great weekend family night idea…movie night

For the past year, every Friday or Saturday night we have a family, “Movie Night”. We make popcorn, serve Pirate Booty, & the kids can pick a special treat as well.

All of the candy from the holidays or goodie bags I save in a Ziplock for a once a week special treat.

Our children look forward to this night every week, and they don’t want to lose it for bad behavior, or doing the wrong thing. We either order films through Netflix, On Demand on cable, or purchase a DVD.

Since our children are four and seven and a half, sometimes my husband watches an age appropriate movie with our son, and I watch a girly/princess movie with our daughter.

Having a special night like this a week, is a great way to make memories and spend quality time together.

Our lives can be crazy, but spending time together is PRICELESS, & your children will love you for it!