Looking for a few fun games for ages 7+ for, “Game Night”?


Then check out haywiregroup.com!

I love fun and educational games for our children, and the Haywire Group has so many to choose from! Winner of a variety of game awards, this company has it all!

From Number Ninjas, to Zombie Run, games then incorporate math skills are a plus in our house!

Making math exciting is the best approach for children, and what better way to do it then through games!

Another fun outdoor game is my fave, Body Doodles like charades, but much better!

Players have to choose a card and draw on their opponent… too funny!

Body Doodles is perfect for outdoor use, or a great game to get your child into the shower! The non-toxic markers are made in the US, and can be washed off with soap and water! ~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who loves making things fun!

Looking for a few fab travel games this summer?


Then head to www.blueorangegames.com!

I adore finding great games for travel, restaurants, car rides, etc for our children, ages 6 and 10!

Games that I can keep in my bag or car that are compact and lightweight are my faves!

The Blue Orange company have truly mastered games such as this!

My top picks are NADA, Spot It, Spot It Water Proof (perfect for a rainy day at the beach or poolside), Pixie Cubes, Tell Tale, Speedee Bee, and Flapz.

Games that promote thinking, fun and let our children interact together or with friends, I am a big promoter of in today’s world.

Take it from a Mom Who loves Blue Orange travel games, & you will too!