Looking for a natural way to ease cold, flu symptoms, or boost your family’s immune system?


Then pick up Organic ginger, lemons & honey!

There is nothing better than curing or easing symptoms naturally first!

As soon as the weather begins to get colder, our family makes a fabulous tea!

This tea has amazing healing properties! Ginger helps vomiting nausea, morning or motion sickness. Honey has antimicrobial properties that kill some bacteria, and lemons are a great source of Vitamin C & boosts your immune system.

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea Recipe:

1.) Boil a large pot if water, then pour into mugs.

2.) Slice a lemon in quarters (2 slices per cup). Using a strainer over each cup, squeeze 2 lemon slices, then discard.

3.) Next with a knife peel ginger, and place a 1″ chunk into each cup.

4.) Afterwards squeeze 1 heaping spoon of honey, mix and let cool until warm.

Enjoy this fab natural home remedy to stay healthy this winter!

Take it from a Mom who is drinking hers right now!

Want 3 fab ways to help prevent Breast or Cervical Cancer?


Then make an appointment for a Thin Pap, Mammogram & blood work!

Every September I make my annual appointment with my OBGYN when the kids go back to school.

I have found that by the last week in September I am settled with the kids routines, & then it is time for me!

We as women MUST make it a point to get annual testing which helps early detection, or possible health issues.

The Thin Pap is one of the most accurate tests for ovarian cancer, & is a MUST to request from your doctor!

Having your annual OBGYN appointment is another MUST, for your doctor takes urine specimens, does a breast exam, & checks your internal female organs.

It is a great time to discuss any female issues or changes in your body, because you know best what you are feeling.

I always request a vaginal sonogram to be extra cautious, & because of my family history.

Yearly blood work is another important factor in detecting any issues, as well as is important to monitor yearly.

I am big advocate for these 3 exams, because it CAN save a life, & we need to do it for ourselves!

Take it from a Mom Who is at her appointment now, & make it appoint to make yours too!


Want another great story about healthy choices for your children?

Then pick up, “Jolene Adventures Of A Junk Food Queen”, by Alexa Palmer & Catharine Kaufman!

This fifty five page book tells the story of a girl named Jolene, who has bad eating habits.

She meets a cast of characters like The Cavity Ranger, The Pizza Police, Phantom of the French fries & many more, to discover what junk food does to you.

Jolene goes on a wild adventure & learns about making healthy choices when she arrives at, “Goody Kingdom”.

She learns the importance of fruits, vegetables, nutritious snacks, & learned how to make smoothies too!

Treats & certain foods are okay once in a while, but not on an everyday basis she learns.

This story is a fabulous way to have family discussions about making good choices, & saving certain treats for the weekend!

The book ends with a few delicious recipes to make with your children which are delish! ~LOVE this!

In our home we have, “Movie Night” which I have discussed before, our children can pick small treats to go with their popcorn.

This teaches them that candy is NOT a snack, & to appreciate healthy choices!

Authors Alexa Palmer & Catherine L. Kaufman have self published this book which can be purchased on Amazon, so check it out!

Take it from a Mom Who has added this fab book to her collection!


Want to add plants to both purify the air in your home, as well as teach your children a lesson?


Then get a few house plants & trees!

There is nothing better then teaching your children how to care for something.

House plants & trees are a great way for children to learn many things.

Watching things grow, promoting oxygen & clean air in the home, & having a chore.

If your child has allergies, plants/trees are a great way to help clean the air in a natural way.

I love fern plants which are recommended by NASA, English ivy, mint, aloe (great for cuts), palm trees, bamboo, ficus trees, & the list goes on.

A great website I found that lists toxic & nontoxic plants/trees for children & pets is www.ladybug.uconn.edu, enjoy!

One tip, is that if you introduce a plant/tree into the house for a toddler or young child, make sure you keep your eyes open!

Never keep a small child unattended, because it could lead to a dirt fest, lol.

I like keeping plants/trees in areas like the kitchen, living room, or high on shelves.~Trust me on this!

Take it from a Mom Who has a home filled with allot of green!

Want an amazing resturant that is PURE, or a great way to eat?


Then head to Pure Food & Wine in NYC!

Omg! What an amazing resturant I had the privilege to try yesterday!

Pure Food & Wine is located 54 Irving Plaza in NYC, is all raw & Organic!

I have been a Pescatarian for almost two years, & was so impressed with all the dishes I tried!

From the fab juice selections, to the guacamole, salads & desserts, I wanted to go back for dinner!

Fresh Organic fruits & vegetables are so important for our well being!

It does make a difference, for my blood work has improved significantly on my health journey!

Eating raw and fresh is natures natural prescription, which is worth giving it a try!

Go to www.purefoodandwine.com, & check out their takeout shop, One Lucky Duck @ www.oneluckyduck.com!

Whether it be in NYC or locally, add a few more fruits & veggies into your family’s diet!


Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Pure Food & Wine, & you will too!

Want to get your family drinking MORE water?


Then make a pitcher or carafe of fruit infused water!

Water is so important for our well being, so why don’t drink MORE of it?

During the Spring & Summer I tend to make fruit infused water for my family.

The kids love making it too, so we take a trip to the market so they can make their own creations.

When you involve your children, they are more likely to try new things!

Today I made cucumber & strawberry, and tomorrows request is watermelon, lol!

If you are using any melon or citrus fruits, peel off the skin to prevent a bitter taste. 😉

Simply wash & peel 1-2 cups of fruit, fill with water, stir, & enjoy!

If you are leaving this outside, just add ice or refrigerate.


Take it from a Mom Who is enjoying her strawberry & cucumber water with lunch!

Want to know the benefits of Organic milk?


Then do some research on the Internet about the benefits, or read below!

About ten years ago, my OBGYN was ahead of her time regarding hormone ingestion, & it’s aftermath.

Cows, goats & other animals are given hormones to mass produce large quantities of milk, which many people aren’t aware of.

It is important to learn of why Organic dairy is better than non-Orgainc.

*Organic cows are not treated with growth hormones, as conventional cows are.

*Organic milk has higher levels of omega-3, vitamins & antioxidants versus conventional milk.

*Organic cows that are grass-fed, are not exposed to polluted lots, or chemical fertilizers, as non organic cows are.

*Organic milk has a longer shelf life versus conventional milk.

I have read that children today are going through puberty earlier, due to hormones ingested by drinking & eating non-Organic dairy & meat, which is scary.

The price difference can turn a lot if people off, but there are ways around it.

Joining either Costco, BJ’s, or Sam’s club can help with the cost, as well as most supermarkets sell a variety of brands at different prices too.

My feeling is that Organic is the best choice for your family, & if you have to cut back on something, it is worth it!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows the benefits of Organic dairy!

Want a great tip to prevent the flu for your infant, or toddler?


Then place a plastic covering over your stroller in public places!

Since allergens & germs can be airborne, & in infants immunity levels are low, what not do this?

I have always used my plastic cover that came with my stroller in malls, or small spaces as a preventative measure.

Buy Buy Baby, Babies R’Us, Target, Amazon.com, & most baby boutiques carry universal covers, so bring your stroller to make sure it fits.

Hope this gives you peace of mind this flu season!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows all the tricks. 😉

Want to have more energy?


Then find an exercise program that works for you!

I have been on a journey to doing something for myself, & it is an amazing feeling!

Having a child or children can take a lot out of you, & it is important to do something for yourself!

Yes it can be hard, but find something that you like, & you will be hooked!

Whether it be a Boot Camp class, going to a gym, yoga, Zoomba, Local Barre, or a spinning class @ Soulcycle, find something that appeals to you.

Most facilities will let you try a class or a week for FREE, so inquire before you go.

If childcare is an issue, then pair up with a friend, & watch each others children.

Two inexpensive ways of exercising at home are to watch OnDemand shows, or simply walk outside, “which is FREE”, as my mother always says. Just dress appropriate and take a walk at a pace where you are out of breath.

We as mothers need to stay healthy for ourselves, as well as for our families.

It sets a good example for your children if, “Mommy & Daddy” work out to be healthy!

As my mother in law says, “Our children are reflections of us!”

Take it from a Mom Who is on the road to getting healthy @ 35 Minute BootCamps in Hoboken, New Jersey!