Looking for a nut free 100 calorie snack for kids that is also educational?


Then head to dickandjanebakingco.com or Amazon.com!

In the world of allergies and trying to find healthy snacks it can be a difficult task.

Dick and Jane’s educational cookies which I have blogged about before, now have prepackaged cookie bags! ~LOVE these!

One fun idea is to scoop ice cream and freeze mini sandwiches for parties, or cream cheese and strawberry sandwiches for tea parties.

Happy snacking!

Take it from a Mom who loves finding fun snacks for kids!

Want a fab way to order healthy on the go snacks for your children?


Then head to www.greatkidssnacks.com!

There is nothing worse than purchasing an entire box of something for your children that they don’t like right?

Great Kids Snacks has made life easy for us! From single snacks in bulk, to my fave their monthly snack box, this site is a must!

Each month for $39.99, your box will include 30 individually wrapped healthy snacks, or just purchase a box for a month!

Follow Great Kids Snacks on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Take it from a Mom Who loves finding healthy alternatives for her family! Enjoy!


Want another great 100% Nut Free, Whole Grain snack for your children that is educational?


Then head to Whole Foods for Dick & Jane’s, educational cookies!

Having a nut allergy is very difficult, as well as for parents who have issues sending snacks without nuts to school.

Dick & Jane cookies are made in a 100% nut free facility, are made with Whole Grains, are low in sugar, & are delish!

They come in three choices, English/Spanish, US Presidents, & States! ~Love this!

Currently they sell these in Whole Foods, but check out their website for more information at, www.dickandjanebakingco.com!

Our children love that they can bring in a treat for those students who have a nut allergy, & so do I!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves finding great alternatives!


Want a delicious NON GMO fruit snack for your family?


Then check out, “barnana Chewy Banana Bites”!

On the hunt for healthy snacks, I came across this amazing product that is Organic, made with NON GMO ingredients, is Gluten free, packed with vitamins, potassium, & fiber! ~LOVE this!

“barnana bites” come in regular, or my kids fave, “Chewy Chocolate Banana Bites”!

For more information or to purchase online, go to www.barnana.com!

Take it from a Mom Who is ordering a case of the, “Chewy Chocolate Banana Bites” for a fab afternoon snack or for dessert!

Want an Organic snack that is gluten free, Non-GMO, is baked & delish?

Then you must check out, Good Boy Organics, “Organicasaurus Cheddar Cheese snacks!

Oven baked, low calorie, no saturated, trans fats, or sugar included, & just plain delicious!

I am always looking for snacks are are made with ingredients that I can read, as well as are great alternatives to other snacks.

We as parents choose to buy things for our children, & it is imperative to give them healthy choices!

Organicasaurus’ are a fab cheese doodle makeover made healthier, & a snack your children will love!

They are certified Gluten-Free, made with Organic & Non-GMO ingredients, perfect for play dates, or snack time.

Go to www.GoodBoyOrganics.com for more product or retail information.

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Non GMO products!


Want delicious organic food items for kids?


Then look for Plum Organics products!

From baby to kids, Plum Organics has it all!

Grab & go food items make traveling a breeze, as well as breakfast & snack time too.

I always keep snacks in my bag, car, or whenever we are out & about.

By having items with me at all times, it prevents unhealthy choices in stores, which makes outings stress free! ~LOVE this tip!

Plum Organics products are sold in most supermarkets, Whole Foods, BuyBuy Baby, Babies R’Us, Target, Amazon & many other stores.

What I love, is that most if their products combine fruits & veggies, which is great for those picky eaters!

Check out their website @ www.plumorganics.com to view all of their fab products, & nutritional index.

Take it from a Mom Who loves their Strawberry Vanilla Fruit Straws!

Want to know about Big City Moms, “Biggest Baby Shower Ever”?


In one word, “Wow”!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Big City Moms, “The Biggest Baby Shower Ever” event in NYC.

From the moment I walked into the building the vibe was amazing!

From the greeters, to fun pampering hair & nail polish application, photo booth fun, informative lecturers, to nibbles & the most amazing section of vendors, this event is a MUST for new & seasoned parents!

Every year new and improved products, come out, & it is important to educate yourself.

This venue is perfect because you are able to ask questions to vendors directly, sample or test products, meet other parents, sit in on lectures, have a memorable evening, & leave with the most AMAZING swag bags & prizes ever!!!

I am a mother of a nine & five year old, & continue to learn about baby & children’s products too!

When I help consult expectant parents register, I have knowledge about each products, as well as can help them make the, “just right” selections for their lifestyle.

Check out photos, sponsors, & information on their website. www.babyshower.bigcitymoms.com, & their site @ www.bigcitymoms.com, enjoy!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait until their next event!

Want to entice your children to eat more fruit?


Then invest in a melon baller!

There is nothing I like most then for my children to enjoy a variety of fruits!

A fun way for toddlers, & kids of all ages to entice them, is to make them in a ball size.

What child doesn’t like color right?

My fave fruits to use a melon baller with are seedless watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, & Macintosh apples.

You can also serve your child’s fave yogurt as a dip, or make fruit kabobs too!

Make a bowl of colorful fruit balls, & watch it go!

Take it from a Mom Who cut up cantaloupe for lunch today!

Want ice pops for your children minus additives, food coloring, unwanted sugar & ingredients you can’t pronounce?


Then pick up Joie Monster Push Pop molds!

There is nothing better than knowing what your children are eating.

Treats are fun once in a while, & why not make you own!

My children LOVE to cook with me, & as well as enjoy making ice pops.

In previous posts I have discussed this, & every time I find a product that I love, you are the next to know!

Joie Monster Push Pops can be found on Amazon.com for $7, for a set of 4!

I have two sets for when friends come over, which is a hit at play dates & sleepovers.

You can add any puréed fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, pears, etc. or any fruit your children like.)

Yogart smoothies are fun to add to push pops, along with shredded coconut, mini chocolate chips, honey wheat germ, or crumbled granola bars for crunch.

For those picky eaters, this is a great way to introduce new fruits, flavors for toddlers, or make snack time/dessert healthier!


Take it from a Mom Who loves strawberry yogurt coconut pops!

Want to know how to make popcorn in a healthier way?


Then head to Trader Joes, or your local supermarket!

There is nothing like homemade popcorn, & another snack that your family will love!

Microwave popcorn not only smells like plastic, it can omits toxins, which is harmful to your health.

Oprah, Shape Magazine, & many other websites have discussed the concerns of gasses being released from the plastic lining as well.

A better choice is either an air popper, or making it my favorite way… on the stove!

Our family recipe is 1/2 cup of Organic popcorn, 2 tbs. Organic canola oil or Organic coconut oil, & sea salt.

Heat a large pasta pot in medium heat, then add the oil, & kernels.

Next cover with a lid and shake lightly after the popcorn begins to pop.

When you don’t hear the kernels popping, remove from the heat, & add salt to taste.

This snack is full of fiber, is a healthy snack, & one your family will devour!

Happy popping!

Take it from a Mom Who is enjoying hers along with a movie!