Want to know my best kept holiday gift secret?


Then start shopping now and hide the bags in a garment bag in your closet!

As soon as school begins, it is the perfect time to start your holiday shopping!

Now the shelves are stocked to the ceiling and the world is your oyster!

Before you know it December comes fast, then your choices are limited, and items are gone!

Sales are great, but sometimes by the time you wait, the lines as well as the gas and tolls, it pays to get them now.

Secondly I hide gifts in garment bags in our closets, so that surprises aren’t spoiled! ~LOVE this!

If you wrap as you purchase it is worth its weight in gold!

Enjoy my fab tip, and take it from a Mom who is starting holiday shopping this week!

Want to make the last day of school a memorable one?


Then head to your local dollar or party store!

The first and last day of school I love decorating the kitchen the night before for our children.

Using paper streamers and a table cloth in school colors is fun idea, as well as baloons, graduation paper goods, and window markers is a plus!

Crayola makes fabulous window markers that are great for mirrors and car windows too! They are easy to wipe clean and are fun to use!

Happy decorating, and making the last day of school just as memorable as the first!

Take it from a Mom Who loves celebrating moments like these, and you will too!

Want to have a fab Egg Hunt for the kiddies?


Then head to Party City, Dollar Tree, & Target!

Every year in our community I help head our annual Egg Hunt at a local park.

Parents volunteer to help decorate, set up and even take turns dressing up as the Easter Bunny!

What you will need:
Dollar Tree
*Paper streamers in a variety of colors (Pink, Purple, Light Green & Blue)
*Bunny paper footprints
*Plastic bowls
*Plastic spoons
*Inflatable bunnies
*Table cloths
*Paper goods
*Butterfly wings
*Prizes (coloring books, bubble wands, jump ropes, bug nets, yoyo’s, etc.)
*Plastic eggs
*Hand sanitizer/wipes

Party City
Bunny Costume
Sacks for relay race

*Pre filled eggs
*Cream cheese
*Prizes in dollar section
*Donut holes

Mini bagels and coffee boxes from bagel shop.

1.) Prior to the event have families fill a dozen or more eggs with wrapped candy or trinkets, or purchase pre filled eggs.

2.) Set up a folding table with a table cloth, bagels, donut holes, paper goods, condiments & beverages. This is perfect for people to self serve while waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

3.) Decorate trees in the park with butterflies and paper streamers, and drop eggs. Tape bunny feet cut outs as a foot path to Egg Hunt, & write messages in chalk.

4.) When all of the kids are there having a few nibbles, have the bunny get dressed. Next have the countdown then let the kids run through the tape!

5.) After 20 minutes start the games, and have a table of prizes set up.

*Sack race (You could use king pillow cases if you can’t get sacks).
*Three legged race
*Relay race using a carrot
*Egg on a spoon race (Use a pre filled egg)
*Feed the bunny a carrot race (Have the kids hold an inflatable bunny and run to the other side and they have to pick up a carrot

Making Spring fun for the community or for friends is priceless, & a tradition that your kids will adore!

Take it from a Mom Who has been hosting this event for nine years and counting!

Want a few great ideas for St. Patrick’s Day?


Then check out my Pinterest page, “momwhoknows” for my top pins!

I absolutely love finding fun ideas each year for our children, and Pinterest has it all!

From green milk, to adorable breakfast & lunch recipes, decorating and so much more, my pins will surely please your family this St. Patrick’s Day!

Take it from a Mom Who had a leprechaun visit tonight, leaving gold chocolate coins in empty cereal bowls for the morning!

Want to know my fave Valentine’s Day meals for kids?

Then head to Pinterest that is!


There is nothing better than seeing our children’s faces every holiday when they run down the steps.

I love decorating the kitchen with streamers and balloons to make it fun and memorable.

Pinterest is one if the most amazing sites which you can gather many ideas, & so much more!

My top faves for Valentines Day are:

*Heart shaped kabobs
*X & O pancakes
*Nutella pancakes
*Yogurt filled waffle cones
*Heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup
*Cream cheese ad jelly heart sandwiches
*Heart shaped cheese slices and sandwiches
*Apple hearts with peanut butter, granola and raisins
*Heart shaped pretzels
*Cream cheese hearts toast with sprinkles
*Cupid fruit arrows
*Heart shaped raspberry tarts
*Heart shaped pizza
*Heart ravioli
*Roasted heart potatoes
*Chocolate fondue

Check out my MomWhoKnows Pinterest page for these fab ideas!

Take it from a Mom Who is planning her menu today! Enjoy!