Want a fun gift for girls for Valentine’s Day?


Then head to www.kandijewlery.com!

From fun candy looking jewlery, to my fave… conversation heart bracelet kit & bracelets, your little girl with go crazy!

From gummy bear looking earrings and bracelets, to swirly pop rings & Rainbow Loom charms, Kan Di Jewlery has so many fun pieces!

Costume jewlery is something that girls adore, and gifts like these are far better than candy!

Take it from a Mom Who made a bracelet herself! Enjoy!

Want to keep the kids busy while you get ready for the holidays?


Then set up your kitchen table with crafts, & set up a movie with popcorn!

There is nothing more I love then the craziness of the holidays, & created a method that helps!

During the year I purchase items on sale or save birthday gifts for the kids to have a craft & movie day while I play Iron Chef! Lol!

My faves are Playdoh sets, Legos, DYO Christmas or New Year’s props (Purchase a variety of cardboard colors & skewer sticks, with the sharp parts cut off, shipping tape, scissors, & markers.), paint by number sets, bracelets or DYO kits by Melissa & Doug, Alex puppet kits, & the crafts are endless!

In the living room set up sleeping bags and pillows on the floor or beach blankets, for an indoor picnic & movie!

Children like to keep busy, & this method works, & can give you more time to get ready for the festivities!

Take it from a Mom Who has today under controll!

Want an easy way to make gingerbread cookies?


Then head to your local IKEA!

I am the first to make homemade cookies, but found a fab shortcut amongst the craziness!

IKEA has the most amazing pre-made dough in their freezer section which is a must!

Store the roll in the freezer, then defrost overnight in the fridge.

On a cookie tray set up a few toppings like candy eyes (found at Michael’s), M & M’s, redhots, Twizzler pull away licorice, & white icing then set aside.

Next line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper and follow the baking instructions. Sprinkle flour on each work space for each child. Cut one roll in half per child & have them roll out the dough with a rolling pin.

Using a variety of cookie cutters, have the kids cut out as many shapes as they can. Then re-roll the scraps & repeat until they used it all, and bake as per the directions.

After the cookies cool, set up for decorating & let the fun begin!

Let the cookies dry for a few hours, then store in an airtight container.

Another fab tip is to wrap each cookie individually, store in a freezer ziplock & freeze for up to three months. Just take out an hour before you want to eat them, & enjoy!

Cooking with your children is priceless, & starting holiday traditions is a must! Whether you make homemade or use pre-made dough, the end result is endless smiles!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES the Christmas season! Happy baking!

Want a great gift for the kids who have it all, or if you are stumped for a gift?


Then purchase gift cards!

Sometimes gift giving can be difficult for some, so gift cards are a fabulous alternative!

What I like is that after the holidays there are big sales on clothing, and you are able to get more for your money! ~LOVE this!

Another fab idea is that when your children have off from school a gift card works wonders! I love to plan fun days for our children and let them take their gift cards on our outings.

What is great about this is that if they see something they want to buy, they could use it to make a purchase. This makes things special, and I have found that the kids look forward to receiving gift cards!

If you are looking for an amazing gift for a family, then a membership to a museum is a fab idea! Or how about a movie gift certificate with a resturant gift card? Who doesn’t love dinner and a movie?

If you feel that gift cards are impersonal, then get something small to open, and add a gift card with it.

Take it from a Mom Who is a pro at gift giving!

Want to know my fave big gifts for the holidays or birthdays?


Then head to Pottery Barn Kids or shop online at, www.potterybarnkids.com!

This store has it all, from play kitchens to chairs, beanbags, tables, playhouses, to teepees & more!

Instead of getting many small gifts for the holidays or birthdays, items like these may be more expensive, but last longer! ~LOVE this!

For example all of the items listed above are good for almost 5-10 years! Our daughter who just turned six, still plays in her kitchen which she received when she was a year old! The large bean bag our son still uses to read and he is almost 10!

During the holidays some of these big ticket items are on sale, so it is a perfect time to purchase them.

Why not do a theme! For girls the dress up table is fun, and just add costume jewlery, hair accessories, & dress up clothes for a fab gift!

For boys the play table with storage is perfect to fill with cars, legos or trains!

How about the kitchen filled with play food, cash register & a shopping cart?

Tents or teepees filled with a sleeping bag, or toys to use as a play area or fort. What is better than that for an apartment right?

The themes are endless, and another idea is to either have family members chip in or to get some items, or a gift card for a future purchase.

Gifts that promote creative thinking, using your imagination, or that are useful is the best gifts one can give!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows great gift ideas! Enjoy!

Want to make photo taking fun this holiday season?


Then photo booth props are a must!

Every year I love finding fun things for the holidays, and using props makes picture taking fun & easy!

I found fabulous ones at Target, Anthropology, Amazon.com & Etsy.com ranging from $18-$45. Additional feather boas, fabric hats and masks could be purchased at Party City or Oriental Trading Company online as well. Having a variety is key for fab photos!

Most children don’t like countless holiday photos, so why not add a few to make it fun! I will bet that they will sit or pose as will their parents, lol!

This holiday set up a prop station at your holiday or New Years gatherings and I guarantee it will be a memorable evening!

Take it from a Mom Who is all stocked up with props galore! Look out for my photos on Instagram this month! Enjoy!

Want a fab way to ship gifts to your home and keep it a surprise!


Then ship it with your name but the middle initial make it your kids first name initial!

Whenever I place on online or phone order I do this instead, to keep the kids from opening the boxes!

It can be hard sometimes to hide gifts for the holidays until now! When your children can identify their name on a box they instinctively want to rip it open, which could be a problem.

By using this tip it will make your life easier, so you may keep all the boxes closed until your wrap fest begins, lol!

For family gifts, you could ship those gifts with their entire name on the box but with your address, to make organization a snap!

Take it from a Mom Who has a pile already, & more to come!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with wonderful memories, love & laughter always!

We all have so many things to be thankful for. Enjoy your family & the memories that you make together, for it is those things that mean the most!

Take it from a Mom Who treasures her family & friends!