Want to know about a fashion stylist who is making a difference this Mother’s Day?


Then applaud with me, Nicole Young, stylist, TV Reporter, & Trend Forecaster for Pix 11 Morning News!

Hurricane Sandy affected so many areas, especially in Staten Island, New York.

Many foundations like the Stephen Siller Foundation, & Guyon Rescue, have helped so many families in need, & continue to do so today.

Even at the six month anniversary, supplies & donations are still needed!

For more information, visit their websites, www.tunneltotowersfoundation.org, & guyonrescue.org to give what you can!

Nicole Young has launched, “The New Memories Project”, which helps those who have damaged, priceless photographs, restore them completely!

She also has transformed a group of mothers on the, “At Your Style” bus for the past two weeks!

Giving these woman fabulous trendsetting looks, & the ultimate hair & makeup styling, Nicole did an amazing job!

I was fortunate to have brunch with some of the moms, & Nicole at Vero Wine Bar in NYC today, which was a day I will treasure!

From discussing their heartfelt stories of their losses, to my part in the importance of volunteering, Nicole made a memorable day a reality for this Mother’s Day!

Making mothers who lost it all, the feeling of having it all is a priceless gift, & thank you to Nicole Young, Pix 11, NY1, & At Your Style!

Check out her segment on Pix11 News tomorrow morning!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES women making a difference!

Want to feel good helping those in need this season?

Then volunteer wherever you can, donate items, & get your children involved!

Today my family spent the entire day in Staten Island, New York, at the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

I have been volunteering since Hurricane Sandy, & wanted my children to help those in need.

It is important for children to be apart of helping others, & my children were amazing today!

From bagging items, to giving out gifts, they saw firsthand what it means to give, & help those in need.

Tears ran down my face throughout the day of joy, & sadness, but I was overcome with happiness seeing smiles on children’s faces.

We can get caught up in our own lives, but know how appreciative people are for all that is donated.

For more information, go to www.tunneltotowersrun.org, & LIKE them on Facebook.

Take it from a Mom Who’s family CARES!


Want to send gift cards to those in need to rebuild their homes?

Then go to www.tunneltotowers.org!

I have been volunteering with my friend Lori for three days this week, & love this foundation!

From packing boxes, organizing items, talking to families, donating & collecting items from neighbors, to know that it is helping others is priceless!

What is needed are gift cards to Lowes, & Home Depot, because there ate so many homes that are destroyed! 🙁

Please go to their website directly for more information, & thank you for making a difference with me!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows & CARES!


Want to help those in need from Hurricane Sandy

Then either volunteer in Staten Island, at the Stephen Siller Distribution center, located at 2271 Hylan Blvd., or at their headquarters at 2631 Hylan Blvd.

Whatever you can do, send a donation, gift card, cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes, or volunteer your time, please help! I did, & so did my friend Lori!

Hearing the stories, & seeing people in need, just breaks my heart.

My jobs were to organize items, unpack boxes, and take orders for families who were in need.

Today things were collected for a mother who is due any day, who lost everything! I was to collect items that she will need, & I was in tears as I was packing items for her.

Not everyone has a friends place to go to, or can purchase items they need. So whatever people can do, they must at this time.

Take it from a Mom Who Cares!


Staten Island is an island in NEED, please help!

My hometown of Staten Island seems to have been the forgotten island at the time, which makes me sad!

Residents are in still in need of being rescued out of their homes, still as of today!

People are in need of supplies, water, food, medicine, clothing, flashlights, HOT food, baby supplies and so much more!

The Stephen Siller Foundation has a link that is giving ALL funds to those in need!

Just go to the link at, www.tunneltotowersrun.org, & click on the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

Please give whatever you can, because even though I still don’t have power, that is NOTHING compared to those who lost EVERYTHING!

Take it from a Mom Who cares!


Want to help those in need from Hurricane Sandy?

Please donate to the American Red Cross ASAP!

There are so many people in need of water, hot food, clothing, & shelter.

They are doing such a great job trying to get to areas as fast as they can, but they need as much funding as they can get.


We all need to do our part, weather it be cooking for neighbors, letting people shower in your home, giving away items, help anyway you can!

I say call your phone service provider to ask if they can send charging stations for neighborhoods in need.

Also call BJ’s SAMs Clubs, & Costo to send water, food & items for families in need.

This is bigger than ever imagined, and whatever you can do, just do it!

Please Pin this, tweet this & forward to as many people as you can!

We WILL get through this, TOGETHER!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!