Want Eco-Savvy teethers minus the chemicals?


Then check out lexypexy.com!

Omg! From wooden sunglasses, yachts, race cars, croissants, to chic handbags, these teethers are amazing!

Loving that they are Eco-friendly, made in the US, and made with Organic wood!

Today I gave a special little princess two to try and she loved them! They are great to keep in your diaper bag, and love them for a shower or baby gift addition for the savvy Momma to be!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows what babies like!

Looking for a stroller that will be an heirloom in the family?


Then you must check out the 2014 Inglesina Classica Pram!

With a preview from the opening show at the Sochi Olympics, I was truly impressed. From the classic handcrafted design of chrome
parts, to the bassinet, this Pram took my breath away!

The body is slender versus the original width, as well as the easy to fold & store system is perfect for storage. It comes in Marina (blue), Betulla (light grey & white), Pesca (pink & white), and Nappa (navy blue & white) colors, along with sturdy fabric.

The Inglesina Pram can be used from birth up to 36 months, and it is like a portable crib on the go! ~ LOVE this!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the importance of having your child nap in different places makes them more adaptable!

My favorite features are the 2 position backrest, perfect for nap time or for babies to enjoy their surroundings while sitting up. The signature Pram bouncing motion would put any baby to sleep, as well as calm them down, due to the natural motion as in utero.

The interior of the bassinet has a removable lining to block the sun, & is removable to detach for cleaning.

Also included is a detachable insulted diaper bag & changing pad, which is fab for city or suburban moms on the go!

The two must have accessories that are sold separately are the matching parasol umbrella, & plastic rain cover, perfect for storing underneath!

Having a Pram is not for all lifestyles, but those who have them, have them for future generations!

Take it from a Mom & younger brother were, “Pram worthy” in the 70’s, lol!

Glass or plastic bottles? Want to know my faves & fab advice?


There are so many opinions when it comes bottles.

As a mother of two I have learned from experience and research, that glass is best.

It is important to make sure that the bottles you select are lead, PVC, BPA, Phthalates, & Polycarbonate Free.

A few of my fave glass bottles are from Munchkin, Born Free, Evenflo & Lifefactory.

One of my words of advice, is to purchase a bottle warmer from Advent, which has a dial control. I love this feature because it makes heating breast milk or formula in a snap!

If you are home, keep enough water in the base and set the temperature to one. Heating a bottle will be easier, when your little one is hungry, versus on demand.

As I have done my research of glass and plastic, do your homework, for mother knows best!

Glass retains more heat, and some forms of plastic when heated can emit toxins which is scary!

Although glass bottles are heavier, there are so many choices out there, so find one that is just right. ~Love Lifefactory’s silicone sleeve to prevent breakage!

Take it from a Mom Who loves sharing her fab tips!

Want my, “Must Have” essentials this winter?


Then check out www.7amenfant.com!

From diaper bags, to fab stroller covers, accessories and more, this company has it all!

7amenfant is my fave for functionality, quality, durability, & products that scream fashionable!

Where diaper bags are not conventional, and could pass for a casual tote. ~LOVE this!

Stroller covers, baby carrier covers, hand warmers for stroller & scooters are hip and stylish too!

Say goodbye to infant snowsuits, for their line puts the W in warmth!

7amenfant features a variety of products for every lifestyle, comes in an abundance of colors, & is a must!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows fab products! Stay warm in style!

Want to nurse, feed your baby a bottle or do a diaper change with ease while shopping?

Then head to the nearest dressing room either at the mall, or while shopping in the city.

When our children were born, I use to go out with them all of the time, & found that there weren’t too many areas to feed or change them comfortably.

One day while shopping at Nordstrom, I was in the dressing room with my son who needed to be fed, & I came up with his technique.

I fed & changed his diaper with ease in a stress free way! No more sweating sitting on a chair, or nervous how I was going to find a comfortable spot to nurse him.

In my stroller I kept a ziplock with Chuck pads (found at medical supply stores), which are disposable pads to make the changing area sanitary, as well as diaper bags, & a travel size Lysol spray.

Walking around the city to find a spot can be tricky or cramped, so any store will do.

My faves… department stores, & children’s stores have larger dressing rooms FYI, while on the go!

Baby Gap, Gap, & Pottery Barn Kids have a bathroom in the store which most people don’t know about!

Enjoy feeding & changing in peace!

Take it from a Mom Who truly knows!!!


Want to know my fave diaper bag collection, & enter to win one?


Then check out, 7 A.M. Enfant’s collection!

Having two children I have bought & tried many products.

NOTHING is more important than to have a lightweight diaper or carryall bag!

There are many bags from designer, to fun, but 7 A.M. Enfant wins hands down!

Every bag is water resistant, lightweight, functional, has amazing storage, as well as lays comfortably on your shoulder. ~LOVE this!

My fave this Summer has been the Voyage Collection’s Barcelona bag!

Love, love, love how versatile this bag is!

From your shoulder, to attaching it to your stroller, this bag is amazing!

It is designed with deep pockets to hold bottles, diapers, snacks, & comes in a variety of fab colors!

Check out their website for product & retail information, at www.7amenfant.com!

Like today’s Instagram post #momwhoknows to win, & one lucky winner will be chosen on August 14th, to win the Hot Pink Barcelona bag!

Take it from a Mom Who loves 7 A.M. Enfant’s entire collection, & you will too!

Want a great way to keep dry from infant to adult this Summer?


Then purchase a box of Organic Rapunzle Cornstarch powder!

This week our area has been in the high 90’s, which can do a number on your skin.

From prickly heat, to sweat, or even a rash, dusting your body with cornstarch can relieve those symptoms naturally!

The other day I met a mother whose baby was in a diaper in his stroller. I gave her my tip of dusting under her son’s neck, underarms, diaper area, back of his neck & back to prevent a rash.

Cornstarch is unscented, inexpensive, as well as a natural way to stay cool!

I would purchase small travel bottles in the travel section in your market for the entire family to use! (Great for your diaper bag too!)

I found Rapunzle Corn Starch on Amazon for under $3, & all health food stores carry this product as well.

Enjoy this fab tip!

Take it from a Mom Who is keeping her family cool this summer!

Want to best teething item for infants?


Then pick up, Sophie The Giraffe & friends!

There is something about this teething item that babies just adore!

Whether it be the spots, adorable design, or easy to grasp feature, your child will LOVE this!

Made in France, & my fave, is that this product is 100% made out of natural Hevea sap!

The company, Vulli who produces these products, take pride in making sure that all the materials are environmentally safe for children! ~LOVE this!

Amazon.com sells great sets of Sophie, & most boutiques, as well as Buy Buy Baby, & Babies R’Us.


Take it from a Mom Who Knows what kids love!

Want to know about Big City Moms, “Biggest Baby Shower Ever”?


In one word, “Wow”!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Big City Moms, “The Biggest Baby Shower Ever” event in NYC.

From the moment I walked into the building the vibe was amazing!

From the greeters, to fun pampering hair & nail polish application, photo booth fun, informative lecturers, to nibbles & the most amazing section of vendors, this event is a MUST for new & seasoned parents!

Every year new and improved products, come out, & it is important to educate yourself.

This venue is perfect because you are able to ask questions to vendors directly, sample or test products, meet other parents, sit in on lectures, have a memorable evening, & leave with the most AMAZING swag bags & prizes ever!!!

I am a mother of a nine & five year old, & continue to learn about baby & children’s products too!

When I help consult expectant parents register, I have knowledge about each products, as well as can help them make the, “just right” selections for their lifestyle.

Check out photos, sponsors, & information on their website. www.babyshower.bigcitymoms.com, & their site @ www.bigcitymoms.com, enjoy!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait until their next event!

Want jelwery that is chic for you, safe for your baby, & fun for your toddler?


Then check out, “Chew Beads”!

Omg, wow! This company has created fun jewlery for mother & child, & amazing teething rings which are absolutely fabulous!

Not only are they safe for babies & children, they are a must have!

Chew beads come in a variety of designs, colors, as well as bracelets for mother & child!

Made from 100% non-toxic silicone, they are BPA-free, are made without any harmful chemicals, in which their website is very specific about safety concerns.

They just came out with a new line of jewlery for kids, that is soft, great for children with sensory needs, & fun to wear!

To preview all their fab products, go to www.chewbeads.com!

Chew beads make a great baby shower gift, kids party favor, & more importantly, a fun accessory for mother & child!

Who says you can’t look stylish 24/7?

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Chew Beads!