Want an inside look inside my fab fall beauty event at Saks?

From the most amazing beauty experts from lines Sisley, La Praire, SK-II, Cle de Peau, Bobby Brown, Lancome, Clinique, & Tom Ford, to swag bags and small bites, this event covered it all!

Beauty starts with having a good skincare regimen, which many people don’t realize is so important.

Saks beauty specialists from La Praire & Sisley educated us on, “just right” products for our skin type.

For eyes, La Prairie’s Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare & eye cream is by far amazing, as well as Sisley’s Rose oil for hydration & calming, and their Hydra Global lotion is like putting 8 glasses of water on your face!

Hydrating your skin within is important, as well as using products that lock in moisture is critical for healthy looking skin.

Just as we cover our children in lotion daily, it is just as important to do the same for ourselves!

At my event we got to preview all of the array of palettes for this season!

Fall is full of neutral, plums, deep corals, reds for lips and nail color. For eyes plums, greens, deep hues of blue and metallics make eyes, “POP”.

Celebrity makeup artist Jason Beers of Sisley, gave me and all of the attendees, individual lessons in makeup application and colors.

A fab tip is that if your lip color is bright, then go for a more neutral look on your eyes. Then the reverse, if you have a more dramatic look on your eyes, then use a muted color on your lips. ~LOVE this, thanks Jason!

Saks beauty department is one of my, “Go To” stops, each season, and you too will be hooked on the array new colors & skincare!

Take it from a Mom Who loves looking younger, and staying on top of beauty trends!


Calling all Mommanista’s for a fun beauty event at Saks!

With the kiddies back to school, schedules, and after school activities under way, what better way to come together!

Saks and I partnered up for a fabulous beauty event this month. Bring friends and enjoy small nibbles, amazing give aways, as well as preview some spectacular products!

Hope to see you there, & please RSVP to the number on the invite!

Happy back to school ladies!


Want to know what is trending in makeup this summer at Saks 5th Avenue?


Last night I had the privilege of talking about what is trending in makeup this summer at Saks 5th Avenue, in The Short Hills Mall.

Women of all ages experienced a fun evening filled with nibbles & fun give aways from Saks 5th Avenue, a copy of VOGUE Bambini’s May/June issue, took a few photos with famous NYC photographer Wai Ng, & learned about the following summer trends…

I selected 4 color stories of metallics, nudes, pinks and corals from NARS, Chanel & Giorgio Armani with my some of my favorite makeup artists.

Many people complement my skin, and it with the help of La Mer’s skin care line I owe them partial credit! Their products work for all skin types, and it is important to hydrate your skin before applying makeup!

NARS~ Katie and I selected a few fun looks…

Pinks “Pink Passion”
LIPS Schiap Semi Matte Lipstick
EYES Bouthan Eyeshadow Duo
Farhom Eyeshadow
Carpates Eyeliner Stylo
FACE Gaiety Blush
NAILS Schiap Nail Vernis

Nudes & Metalics “Orgasm Collection”
LIPS PopLife Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
EYES Bali Eyeshadow
Via Vento Larger Than Life Liner
FACE Orgasm Bronzer Laguna
NAILS Orgasm Nail Vernis

CHANEL~ Steven and I selected a look to incorporate neutral and pink tones…

LIPS Beige Satin Lipliner
#57 Rouge Coco Mystic Lipstick
#427 Envole Gloss
EYES #537 Quadrille New Moon
Shimmer Shadow
Casis Eyeliner
Brun Natural Brow Pencil
Sublimage Eye Cream
FACE New Libiege Powder
Cheeks #01 & #02 Malice Blush
NAILS Tuti Fruiti, Marabella or Sweet

GIORGIO ARMANI~ Victor and I selected Metallics & Corals that pop!

LIPS Rougue D’Armani 510 #100
#301 #528 #529 #700 Glosses
EYES Eyes To Kill #9 Lid Color
#5 #6 #8 Eyeliners
Eyes To Kill #1 Mascara
FACE Fluid Master Primer
Maestro Fusion Foundation
Fluid Sheer #2 #3 #8 #10 #11

No matter what age, skin type, eye or hair color, have fun with these fun looks!

Women last night were in shock of the colors I selected for them which made their eyes, “Pop”, lips were more pronounced, and that they all were glowing using metallic highlighters minus the harmful rays from the SUN!

Looking natural is my focus, and I adore having fun with eye color for fabulous looks for evening, when the Mommy hat is removed, lol!

Enjoy my fab tips, and take it from a Mom Who adores Saks 5th Avenue’s Makeup Department, & you will too!

Want to get rid of dry lips, hands or skin this winter for your entire family?


Then head to your local market, or shop online for these fab ingredients!

*Choose either Organic Coconut, Olive, or Avocado oil
*1 box of Organic fine sugar & brown sugar
* 1 bottle of essential oil (lavender, peppermint, lemon or orange)
*1 box of epsom or coarse sea salt
*12 oz sealable glass containers or mason jars
*Small travel size jars (Found at any beauty supply store)

Natural scrubs are a fab way to get rid of dead skin, as well are safe to use on your children!

Whether it be a dry nose from a cold, chapped lips or dry skin, these natural scrubs do the trick!

Lip Scrub:
1.) In a small bowl combine 2 tsp. of brown or fine sugar.
2.) Next add 1 tbs. oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 1 drop of essential oils to flavor (lemon or peppermint), or none.
4.) Gently mix then add to small travel jars that are airtight.

Lip scrubs can be done over the sink or in the shower. Simply take a small dollop & smooth over lips in a circular motion. Rinse, pat lips dry, then top with lip balm to lock in the moisture!

My children love this, & it is safe to eat if ingested! It makes moisturizing easier minus the fight!

Face Scrub:
1.) In a mixing bowl add 1 cup of fine sugar.
2.) Next add 1/2 cup of the oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 3 drops of essential oils mix, & store in an airtight jar.

Using a fine sugar is less abrasive then coarse sugar when using on the face.

Body Scrub:
1.) In a mixing bowl add 2 cups of salt (epsom or sea salt).
2.) Next add 1 cup of the oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 5 drops of essential oils to the mixture, & fold.
4.) Place in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks!

*When using these scrubs take a small amount with a spoon, & rub in a circular motion. Rinse, then after drying your skin, apply either coconut oil, or any lotion to lock in the moisture.

I DO NOT recommend salt scrubs for children due to possible irritation! Therefore you can make a body scrub for them using brown sugar in place of the salt.

If this is not your thing to make, then check out one if my faves, Sara Happ’s lines of lip & body sugat scrubs, at www.sarahapp.com!

Happy scrubbing!

Take it from a Mom Who loves getting rid of dry skin in a sweet way!

Want fab lip color which will be the hot new trend for Spring?


Then head to your local department store!

Bright orange hues will be painted on the lips of most fashionistas this Spring!

Orange is a fab color that comes in various shades, so have a salesperson find that, “just right” shade for you!

My fave lines & colors are…

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Long Wearing Lip Color in color #96 Excentrique

Giorgio Armani Rouge D Armani Sheer Lipstick in color #300

MAC Signature Lipstick in colors Good To Go & Lady In Danger

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in color Timanfaya Mandarin Red

Take it from a Mom Who had a blast testing these fab finds for Spring!

Want to have the best makeover, & try before you buy?


Then head to the nearest Sephora store in your area!

There is nothing worse then purchasing makeup that is all wrong for your skin tone. Or how about having foundation that doesn’t match properly?

We have all been there, until now!

Yesterday I visited Sephora with one of my friends and had a lesson that was worth sharing!

They have two interactive machines, one for skincare & the other for foundation, with Pantone color technology.

Both systems take your information and find the just right products for you.~LOVE this!

Afterwards a skincare & makeup specialist work with you to provide information, as well as can make samples to take home & try.

What I like about this feature, is that you can see if the products are right for you without making an impulsive decision.

Sephora has a variety of amazing lines, as well as their own line of fab makeup.

From skincare, to makeup, nail polish, haircare, travel & body, this store has it all!

Check it out, and you too will be hooked!

Take from a Mom Who learned so much yesterday, and you will too!

Thank you Patricia, Miro & the staff at Sephora for a fab day!