Want to prevent diaper leakage for nap & bedtime?


Then pick up either Huggies or Pampers Overnight Diapers, & a package of Onesies!

Nap, car rides, long outings and bedtime can be tricky when it comes to diapers.

Whenever you are out for a long period of time, it is the perfect time to use this method.

I have found over the years that putting an overnight diaper and a onesie is the secret! It secures the diaper and keeps it from moving.

Clients of mine who have boys, especially love this because it prevents extreme wetness during the night. Some babies wake up because their diapers are wet, & this will help tremendously!

I recommend this from 4 months & up, or when your child is sleeping through the night.

Take it from a Mom who truly knows!

Want to do something one with nature with your children?


Then take them to a local bird sanctuary, or nature trail!

Every season we take our children to observe nature & those animals who inhibit that area.

We pack a few bottles of H20, a snack, hand wipes & bird food, then venture off for an amazing experience!

In our fast paced everyday lives, it is important to appreciate what lives amongst us.

From a variety of different sounds, to exquisite flowers & trees, taking a moment to take it all in with your children is priceless!

When a small bird lands on the palm of your hand, you can only for one moment feel like, “Snow White”, lol!

From infant to adult, taking a nature walk is a must, & a moment in which your children will forever remember… Just you, & the world around them!

Take it from a Mom Who loves to take time to teach her children to appreciate the little things in life!

Want to teach your children about planting?

Then head out to purchase seeds at your local nursery!

There is nothing more amazing to see then your child’s expression when something they planted sprouts!

Whether it be fruits, vegetables, or flowers, have your child choose a package to plant, then pick an area to plant.

Whether it be a window box, small pots, or outside, your children will truly enjoy planting with you.

Some options are kits for children that most nurseries carry, as well as Target, Lowes, HomeDepot, & Walmart.

You will also need planting gloves, (I use disposable ones in a small size, so there is never an issue loosing them.), a trowel, a watering can, & tags to mark what you planted. (I use Popsicle sticks as markers.)

Melissa & Doug have two adorable planting kits called the, “Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set”, for girls & the “Toddle Turtle Tote Set for boys. It comes with a bag, spray bottle, trowel, & small hand rake.

From toddlers to teens, include your children this Spring to enjoy watching something grow! ~Priceless family moments!

Take it from a Mom Who planted strawberries, tomatoes & tulips this week!

Great planting products for children!

I recently saw two products which I think are great for children.  The first are Eco Plants, which have a variety of things to grow like aloe, basil, cactus, and a venus fly trap).  Go to www.Dunecraft.com for find out more information.  (They are priced at $2.99)

The second is a, “Matchstick Garden” for beginner planters, too cute!  Go to www.Ahamodernliving.com to view them.

Children love to get their hands dirty, and watch as their plant grows.  They can make a planting journal to track weekly their findings and make a prediction for each week.  This can be done as early as two, all the way to adulthood, lol!  Great activity for the summer!



Great magnifier items for kids!

In Parenting Magazine, they had an advertisement for LCD digital microscope for your little explorers by “Celestron”!  My son who loves to discover and look for bugs, or great finds at the beach, will love this learning device, as will yours!

It has a built-in digital camera to take pictures or video of your child’s great discoveries, and finds!

Go to www.celestron.com for more information.

Another great gift we bought for him is a, “Geo Safari Sea Scope” which your child can look for things in the ocean, bay, or a lake.  Amazon had it priced much less than other sites fyi.

Since we are at the beach & bay during the summer, my children will love this great discovery tool, for it is an important part of child development to learn about the world we live in!