Want to help put an end to global human trafficking & slavery?


Then head to www.notforsalecampaign.org!

Last night I attended a fabulous event hosted by Amber Sabathia, Alexis Stoudemire & Elaina Watley called, “Ladies Night Out”!

From a red carpet experience, massages, hair & beauty bars, to fab nibbles by Chef Jim Maxwell, followed by a Sax 5th Avenue pop up shop, and vendors whose proceeds went to this amazing cause, it was truly a memorable evening!

Dancing the night away with a room full of women making a difference was so empowering!

Thank you Amber, Alexis & Elaina for bringing attention to this organization, and thank you for your generosity!

Please do what you can to help put an END to human trafficking & slavery, and support this fab cause!

Take it from a Mom Who loves making a difference in this world, & you can too!

Want to help a boy help put an end to cancer?


Then please either have your children attend or donate to www.cycleforsurvival.com Team E’s Biker Buddies!

Ethan Sandlofer lost his mother to cancer when he was two years old! At age seven, Ethan deiced to organize a, “Kids Only” team at his school to help put an end to cancer.

His goal is $50,000 which 100% of the funds will go to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center!

The event details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, February 22, 2014
Time: 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Location: Primary Prep Elementary School – 41 Tuers Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey

Requirements: Children must be between the ages of 5-14 years old, and at least 48 inches in height to participate.

There will be a DJ, Spin Instructor & fun activities planned for the entire family!

Take it from a Mom Who wants to spread the word about putting an end to cancer!

Want to shop for groceries in half the time?


Then head online to your local supermarket, market orĀ Amazon.com!

Whether you are a stay at home or working parent, food shopping can be quite a task.

With the juggling acts of parenthood, we sometimes need to find ways to make our lives easier!

Most local supermarkets & markets have either FREE, or a small service charge for food deliveries, & accept coupons as well! ~LOVE this!

Some families wouldn’t consider this option, but it could be great if you have a busy week at home, or on the job, or a child home sick, where shopping is the last thing on your list!

For first time deliveries, most facilities offer a discount for your first order, so check online for that information.

If you are traveling within or outside the US, there are great delivery options like Amazon.com, & diapers.com where you don’t have lug all of your toiletries, & most food items for your children.

*Make sure that you contact the hotel where you are staying, & have it arrive the week before you are going, to make sure you have all that you will need!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES finding new ways to make life as a mother a little bit easier!

Want a great way for your family to be organized?


Then head to Target to their dollar section, or shop online @ www.target.com!

With all the many things that I do, & the many hats I wear, list writing is imperative for my family!

If I don’t write it, then it sometimes doesn’t happen, which can be frustrating.

Writing a list is not only good for you, but for your children as well.

They can use lists like these, or Post-It’s, but teaching them this skill will stay with them forever!

The pads I found in Target are called, “Task Pads”, & are only $1 each!

Similar pads I found in Papyrus & Neiman Marcus were over $10! ~Fab find for less!

Happy planning!

Take it from a Mom Who is filling out her list for the week!