Are you looking for a way to stop arguing with your child about chores, homework and more?

Then come up with a few reminders for your children!

As the morning, afternoon and evening routines can be challenging, I came up with a way to stop the insanity!

If your child can read then he/she can take care of their responsibilities and personal hygiene!  (It can be modified using pictures and words as well.)

Depending on your personal rituals you can hang up reminder signs for wherever they do their homework, in the bathroom, their bedroom, and even in the playroom!

Above are a few examples of an idea I worked with a family on and it helps!

Simply type up a list, print it and have it laminated at Staples or an office store.

Enjoy less nagging, screaming and watch your children learn to be more independent!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Want my fab tip for hats, gloves & scarfs that will make your morning a breeze?


Then pick up a fabric shoe organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Mornings can be crazy in our home heading out for school, as is in many households.

Whether your live in an apartment or home, getting winter accessories can be a challenge until now!

Simply hang this organizer behind the door of your choice, roll scarves, fold gloves then place in hats making sets! ~Best tip ever!

I did this for our family and it makes getting ready one step easier!

An important factor is that children can be more independent getting ready in the morning minus the battle!

Getting the kids involved as early as age two, sorting and matching which is a great task to work on.

Just leave coats, shoes & backpacks near the door to make your morning routine run more smoothly. ~Enjoy!

Take it from a Mom Who loves making things easier in the am!

Want to prevent diaper leakage for nap & bedtime?


Then pick up either Huggies or Pampers Overnight Diapers, & a package of Onesies!

Nap, car rides, long outings and bedtime can be tricky when it comes to diapers.

Whenever you are out for a long period of time, it is the perfect time to use this method.

I have found over the years that putting an overnight diaper and a onesie is the secret! It secures the diaper and keeps it from moving.

Clients of mine who have boys, especially love this because it prevents extreme wetness during the night. Some babies wake up because their diapers are wet, & this will help tremendously!

I recommend this from 4 months & up, or when your child is sleeping through the night.

Take it from a Mom who truly knows!

Want to make bath time fun minus the battle?


Then head to for a few must haves of mine!

Bath time can either be a breeze for some, or a battle for others. Making it fun or enticing is the trick I have found.

From fun bath toys, to natural tub tints/crayons, & bath bubbles, as well as many other retailers carry an amazing variety to choose from!

Party In The Tub is a tub light which will be popular this year. Its multicolored lights will make any tub fab! (Go to or Bed Bath & Beyond for this essential tub accent.)

A few of my fab bath time tips…

*Take your child to the store to pick out a few fun bath toys, bubble bath, character towels or Pj’s.

*Try to have a routine with bath time by making it the same time every night.

*Set up the bathroom the night before or the day of, as well as have toiletries & PJ’s ready to go. This makes life easier, as well as the routine run more smoothly!

*From toddler +, give your child a heads up when they will be taking a bath. A kid friendly timer can help to give a child who wants a few more minutes a reminder. When the timer goes off, its’s bath time, which can take the pressure off of yourself.

Bath time should be a fun and calming experience for all. By trying new tub toys, fun shampoos, tub tints, & a few of my other suggestions, it can make your children run to the tub, versus the other way!

Take it from a Mom Who loves tubby time herself, along with a few drops of essential lavender oil! Enjoy!

Want to stop the battles with your children about what to wear to school?


Then plan the night before!

Whether it be for school or on the weekends, the battles of clothing can be grueling sometimes… Ugggg!

I devised a plan that works, which makes getting dressed a breeze!

The night before I hang two to three outfits, so that my children can see the choices the night before.

This makes them aware of their choices, & makes the morning less of a battle! ~LOVE this!

Sometimes I leave a sweater, hoodie, or layer a tee shirt if the weather report changes, & let them know as well.

It is important for children to make choices, & this method definitely helps!

Take it from a Mom Who just finished laying out tomorrow’s wardrobe!

Want to be prepared to go out late with your children, or be ready for anything?

Then pack an old backpack or diaper bag with the items below!

I am one of those mothers who is always ready for anything!

If, “Let’s Make A Deal” were still on television, then I would be the existing champion, lol!

In our car for the past nine years, I keep my old diaper bag filled with the following items:

*Bath towels w/wash cloths
*California Baby travel toiletry set
*Happy Socks
*Overnight diapers/Pull Ups
*Toms Children’s toothpaste
*Dixie bathroom cups
*Travel size tooth brushes
*Fiji water
*Small blanket
*Change of clothes
*Ziplock bags to separate items

By having a bag in your car at all times, staying late at a friends house, or while out & about, you can be ready for anything!

The other night we took our children to the Yankee game, & showered the kids beforehand because it would be a late night.

On the way home, the kids changed into their pajamas & brushed their teeth, so we were able to carry them to bed.

Making our lives easier is a mantra in which I live by, & so can you!

Take it from a Mom Who has traveling down in the blink of an eye!


Want a great solution to nightmares or fear of monsters?


Then get a water bottle, lavender oil, & H2O!

Occasionally my children have either woken up from a nightmare, or have been afraid to fall asleep, which can be stressful.

I came up with “Monster Dream Spray” that gets rid of bad dreams, as well as keeps monsters away too!

Just fill a spray bottle with water & 10 drops of lavender oil, then label the bottle with each child’s name on it.

Place the spray on a night table, or keep it in the hallway closet, for easy access.

If your child is afraid to go to bed, just have them spray their room to prevent monsters from coming.

Let them know just as bug spray keeps bugs away from us, this spray keeps monsters far away too!

If your child wakes up upset from a bad dream, just spray their pillow and sheets to promote good dreams.

Lavender oil has therapeutic properties for relaxation, so what better way to calm a child down naturally!

Take it from a Mom Who has good dreams, & no monsters in her house!

Want to make going to the movies easier?


Then go to to purchase movie tickets!

There is nothing I love more than to make our family outings easier!

Today I knew it would rain, & purchased tickets for, “Monsters University” on Fandango.

Not only was their website so easy & quick to use, I added their App to my phone to place my order.

Prior to my purchase, I read the reviews, & watched the trailer with my children which was fab!

We were able to see all the theaters & movie times which made things easier in planning our day.

After my order was placed, an email was sent to me ASAP. All that was left to do was to swipe my credit card at the Kiosk at the theatre!

Easy, simple, & a breeze!

Take it from a Mom Who didn’t wait on line today! ~LOVE this, & you will too!

Want to add plants to both purify the air in your home, as well as teach your children a lesson?


Then get a few house plants & trees!

There is nothing better then teaching your children how to care for something.

House plants & trees are a great way for children to learn many things.

Watching things grow, promoting oxygen & clean air in the home, & having a chore.

If your child has allergies, plants/trees are a great way to help clean the air in a natural way.

I love fern plants which are recommended by NASA, English ivy, mint, aloe (great for cuts), palm trees, bamboo, ficus trees, & the list goes on.

A great website I found that lists toxic & nontoxic plants/trees for children & pets is, enjoy!

One tip, is that if you introduce a plant/tree into the house for a toddler or young child, make sure you keep your eyes open!

Never keep a small child unattended, because it could lead to a dirt fest, lol.

I like keeping plants/trees in areas like the kitchen, living room, or high on shelves.~Trust me on this!

Take it from a Mom Who has a home filled with allot of green!

Want to teach your children a great way to wait for something that they want?


Then take a picture with your phone, or make a wish at a fountain!

It is a natural instinct for a child to wish for something that they see while shopping.

I devised two plans that usually work for my children, & they love it!

When in the mall or shopping at a store, I first explain what we are planning on purchasing. (This gives them a heads up to prevent meltdowns.)

Next, if they see something that they want, they can either take a picture with my phone, or make a wish at a fountain.
(Make sure that you bring plenty of change with you, lol!)

Another option, is my fave, to create a, “Wish List” on!

This list can be used for birthdays, holidays, or for special occasions!

In the world of instant gratification, it is imperative that we teach our children that they can’t get everything they see!

It may be difficult to deal with, but it will pay off in the long run!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows about great tips!