Want to keep your children busy while you are cooking dinner?


Then pick up a few Playdoh sets!

I am always trying to think of fun things for my children to do while cooking, & this is a must!

There are so many fun Playdoh sets, from cooking, to cars, princess’ & the list can go on! Depending on your child’s interests, the choices are amazing!

Clay is a great sensory tool for children, & one in which they will love!

Just give each child a cooking sheet to work on, to prevent Playdoh all over the place.

My nine year old son occasionally likes to play with Playdoh with his sister, which is nostalgic to see!

Thank me later, while you gain more time to cook dinner! (Just make sure that you open the containers, which can be difficult for little hands.)

Take it from a Mom Who loves the cooking Playdoh sets!

Want to know the meaning of what your kids are texting?


Then head to your local Hallmark store, or Amazon.com!

OMG, aka Oh My God!

In today’s world of technology, it has forced us to abbreviate words, where you can get stumped even in your child’s text message!

Or you haven’t a clue what all of the acronyms mean, right?

Well I found the BEST, cheat sheet pocket guide for all of you!

While in the Hallmark store, I stumbled upon this & had to share it with you all!

I bought one for myself, & a few for friends with Tweens.

It is entitled, “Texting Dictionary of Acronyms” by Randall C. Manning.

Get yours today, so you can understand the new lingo of the future.

NISM? (Need I say more?) Lol! (Laugh out Loud!)

Take it from a Mom Who has a one up on kids!

Want to walk around the mall or around town with your toddler in peace?


Then take your push car out from the garage, or invest in one!

I am a big believer in always being prepared on our outings, as well as making things fun for our children.

One summer we were going out shopping when I had an epiphany!

My daughter loved her push car, so I decided to fill it with snacks, small toy keys, a drink, & took her into town.

She had so much fun, and was able to stay in that longer than her stroller!

People & even children stopped me in the street, & LOVED this idea!

My fave push car by Step2, called the Whisper Ride Buggy. It comes in blue & pink, & sells for $60. Best gift ever!

Happy shopping!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows fun ways to go out & about!

Want fun ways to teach your children to tie their shoes?


Then head to Nordstrom Department store, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.com!

I love the idea of a shoelace course for children as an incentive to learn to tie their shoes at Nordstrom!

Also Melissa & Doug makes a wooden large shoe which I love as well, as books too!

When children are learning life lessons, books are a great way to reinforce whatever it is you are trying to teach your child.

Happy tying!

Take it from a Mom Who is heading to Nordstrom!

Want a great way to keep track of your child’s toys with small parts?


Then invest in a hot glue gun!

From my sons Legos, to my daughters Barbie dolls accessories, small toy parts drive me crazy!

I devised a great way to keep track of them all by hot gluing the parts together!

(This is NOT permanent, but an easy way to keep shoes, accessories or small parts in place.)

Give it a try, & you will thank me later! 😉

Take it from a Mom Who Knows where things are!

Want a great tip to prevent the flu for your infant, or toddler?


Then place a plastic covering over your stroller in public places!

Since allergens & germs can be airborne, & in infants immunity levels are low, what not do this?

I have always used my plastic cover that came with my stroller in malls, or small spaces as a preventative measure.

Buy Buy Baby, Babies R’Us, Target, Amazon.com, & most baby boutiques carry universal covers, so bring your stroller to make sure it fits.

Hope this gives you peace of mind this flu season!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows all the tricks. 😉

Want a great, “Time-Out” tool that works!


Then follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Collaboratively as a couple set rules for your family, & talk it over with your children.

*It is imperative that everyone is on the same page, (Like your spouse, family members, nanny’s or babysitters) because it reinforces the rules.

Step 2: Give you child/children a reminder of what they did. If they do it again, then something will be taken away, & that it will be their choice!

*By giving your child a reminder, it is helpful for them to reflect on their behavior. Also by putting the choice in their lap after a reminder, it can be helpful.

Step 3: Have an area in your home which the toy or item that I being taken away is far out if reach.

I have a collection on top of our refrigerator, or some other ideas is to keep the items in a clear plastic bin, or in a bag to be kept in your car or closet, & the list can go on!

Step 4: Explain to your child that they chose for the toy/item to be taken away, & that is was their choice!

Then place the toy/item in the designated area for a few hours, the entire day, or overnight.

Also they will get it back, but not at this time, & let them know when.

Step 5: By the end of the day, or the day in which you give the toy/item back, explain why it was taken away.

*We as parents need to teach our children right from wrong, as well a need to set boundaries, & implement family rules.

If everyone is on the same page, this method truly works, & so far it has for my family for almost nine years!

There are days we face as parents that can be challenging, but have faith, because you will be helping your child in the long run!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Want to know where your arts & crafts, or school supplies are?


Then get a box to organize them in!

I keep a box in the kitchen filled with pencils, crayons, markers, (all in snack-size Ziplocks), a glue stick, eraser, whiteout, a highlighter, & scissors.

This way their are NO distractions during homework, teaches your children to keep things in one place, & learn organizational skills.

I have been doing this since my children were toddlers, & they always know where things are.

Target, Office Depot, Staples, & Walmart sell these pencil boxes, or you can buy a plastic shoe box if u have allot of supples.

Take it from a Mom Who Knows where things are! 😉

Want a great suggestion of what to do with all of your children’s old toys?

Then donate gently used toys, to make room for the new ones.

During winter break, I have our children go through their toys.

Whatever they have not played with for a while, or have outgrown, we make a donation bag.

The list below are places you can donate throughout the US.

The Salvation Army: To donate household items, clothing, toys, furniture, please call 800-728-7825.

Vietnam Veterans Of America: Will pick up within 24 hours right at your door.

Women’s Crisis Centers/Shelters: Find a shelter throughout the US at, www.womenshelters.org

Donation Town: Nationwide Donation Pick Up will come right to your home. Just schedule an pickup online at,

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies, Inc: is a wonderful site that collects new, or gently used stuffed animals for children in crisis. www.stuffedanimalsforemergencies.org

Some local nursery schools, or day cares accept gently used or new toys as well. Just call ahead of time before you drop them off.

Another idea in which I blogged about once before, is to have a toy swap with friends.

Have a play date, and swap toys, books, DVD’s, etc.

It is such a great feeling to give those in need, & wonderful for your children to do too!

Happy sorting!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!


Want a great way for your children to write thank you notes?

Then get your children fun stationary!

Thank you notes seem to be something of the past, and unheard of these days.

It is important for children to be thankful when they receive a gift, and learn to express their gratitude.

I found fun stationary at Michael’s called, “Create Your Own Stationary/Postcards” by Project Zone.

What I like us that your children can personalize each card because they are blank.

Also I found a great site, www.invitingco.com, which has amazing stationary for kids, and adults too.

Whether it be the above, or a piece of construction paper, it is important for children to learn how to write a card.

Make it fun with colored markers, crayons and stickers, & let your kids be creative!

For those little ones who aren’t able to write, have them draw a picture, & tell you what to write.

Keep a long lost tradition alive, & teach your children how to write their first note.

Happy writing!

Take it from a Mom Who is thankful!