Want to stop nail bitting for girls & boys naturally?


Then head to www.chewbeads.com!

Nail bitting can cause many issues, infections to nail beds, illness, and is a habit that most parents want to put an end to!

There are many products on the market, & polishes which taste horrible! Why have your child ingest chemicals or have their fingers wrapped and feel embarrassed right?

Chewbeads are BPA, Phthalates, Lead, Metal & Cadmium FREE, & are dishwasher safe! ~LOVE this!

This fab company features necklaces and bracelets for girls & boys, as well as for moms, & teething rings for babies.

My Goddaughter who is seven, has been biting her nails for a while, and her mother was besides herself! I had students years ago who had the same issue, and therapeutic rings to chew helped, then I had the idea to give her a Chewbeads necklace!

The plan was to have her wear the necklace and when she felt like bitting her nails, she was to chew on the beads. I promised her that we would get fun nail art if she didn’t bite her nails. In just a few weeks her nails have grown & her nail bitting is a thing of the past!

As a reward, we are heading to my fave, Valley Nails in NYC for a fun leopard manicure!

Some other great ideas are to take pictures before and after, choose a unique reward, or have a small celebration!

Take it from a Mom Who is so proud of her Goddaughter’s success thanks to Chewbeads, & it is worth a try!

Want to make bath time fun minus the battle?


Then head to Amazon.com for a few must haves of mine!

Bath time can either be a breeze for some, or a battle for others. Making it fun or enticing is the trick I have found.

From fun bath toys, to natural tub tints/crayons, & bath bubbles, Amazon.com as well as many other retailers carry an amazing variety to choose from!

Party In The Tub is a tub light which will be popular this year. Its multicolored lights will make any tub fab! (Go to partyinthetub.com or Bed Bath & Beyond for this essential tub accent.)

A few of my fab bath time tips…

*Take your child to the store to pick out a few fun bath toys, bubble bath, character towels or Pj’s.

*Try to have a routine with bath time by making it the same time every night.

*Set up the bathroom the night before or the day of, as well as have toiletries & PJ’s ready to go. This makes life easier, as well as the routine run more smoothly!

*From toddler +, give your child a heads up when they will be taking a bath. A kid friendly timer can help to give a child who wants a few more minutes a reminder. When the timer goes off, its’s bath time, which can take the pressure off of yourself.

Bath time should be a fun and calming experience for all. By trying new tub toys, fun shampoos, tub tints, & a few of my other suggestions, it can make your children run to the tub, versus the other way!

Take it from a Mom Who loves tubby time herself, along with a few drops of essential lavender oil! Enjoy!

Want to get rid of dry lips, hands or skin this winter for your entire family?


Then head to your local market, or shop online for these fab ingredients!

*Choose either Organic Coconut, Olive, or Avocado oil
*1 box of Organic fine sugar & brown sugar
* 1 bottle of essential oil (lavender, peppermint, lemon or orange)
*1 box of epsom or coarse sea salt
*12 oz sealable glass containers or mason jars
*Small travel size jars (Found at any beauty supply store)

Natural scrubs are a fab way to get rid of dead skin, as well are safe to use on your children!

Whether it be a dry nose from a cold, chapped lips or dry skin, these natural scrubs do the trick!

Lip Scrub:
1.) In a small bowl combine 2 tsp. of brown or fine sugar.
2.) Next add 1 tbs. oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 1 drop of essential oils to flavor (lemon or peppermint), or none.
4.) Gently mix then add to small travel jars that are airtight.

Lip scrubs can be done over the sink or in the shower. Simply take a small dollop & smooth over lips in a circular motion. Rinse, pat lips dry, then top with lip balm to lock in the moisture!

My children love this, & it is safe to eat if ingested! It makes moisturizing easier minus the fight!

Face Scrub:
1.) In a mixing bowl add 1 cup of fine sugar.
2.) Next add 1/2 cup of the oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 3 drops of essential oils mix, & store in an airtight jar.

Using a fine sugar is less abrasive then coarse sugar when using on the face.

Body Scrub:
1.) In a mixing bowl add 2 cups of salt (epsom or sea salt).
2.) Next add 1 cup of the oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 5 drops of essential oils to the mixture, & fold.
4.) Place in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks!

*When using these scrubs take a small amount with a spoon, & rub in a circular motion. Rinse, then after drying your skin, apply either coconut oil, or any lotion to lock in the moisture.

I DO NOT recommend salt scrubs for children due to possible irritation! Therefore you can make a body scrub for them using brown sugar in place of the salt.

If this is not your thing to make, then check out one if my faves, Sara Happ’s lines of lip & body sugat scrubs, at www.sarahapp.com!

Happy scrubbing!

Take it from a Mom Who loves getting rid of dry skin in a sweet way!

Want amazing haircare products for your children that are natural & Organic?


Then you must check out, “Glop & Glam” products!

In one word… “Wow!”

Glop & Glam have truly covered all bases for fab products:

*They use natural & Organic ingredients.

*The have fabulous scents that kids love like bubblegum, banana, candy apple, watermelon, blueberry, cake batter, green apple, & creamsicle. ~Love them all!

*Have the perfect hold, shine, & are truly a, “must have” product!

*Children actually want you to wash or brush their hair, lol! ~ My fave!

From shampo & conditioner, to gel, conditioning spray, glitter hair gel, & pomade, they suit all your kids needs.

I have used a variety of children’s hair products, & have been easily disappointed until now. ~Thank you Glop & Glam!

For more information or to purchase, go to www.glopandglam.com!

Take it from a Mom Whose children don’t have a hair out if place lol!


Want a temporary alternative to piercing your child’s ears?


Then head to www.poppydrops.com, for an amazing selection of temporary tattoo earrings!

I love discovering fun items for children, & found these for a friend of mine whose daughter wanted her ears pierced.

Poppy Drop earrings are made with vegetable dyes, that are kid-safe, fun, easy to apply with an applicator, & buy you time to piercing your child’s ears!

They have a fab variety of styles to choose from, as well as sell nail & temporary tattoos for boys!

Also these earrings can be used on dolls, which can entice your child to using a temporary fix.

I love their motto, “No Piercing. No Pain. Just fun!”

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES squashing kids battles in a peaceful way!

Want a great way to keep dry from infant to adult this Summer?


Then purchase a box of Organic Rapunzle Cornstarch powder!

This week our area has been in the high 90’s, which can do a number on your skin.

From prickly heat, to sweat, or even a rash, dusting your body with cornstarch can relieve those symptoms naturally!

The other day I met a mother whose baby was in a diaper in his stroller. I gave her my tip of dusting under her son’s neck, underarms, diaper area, back of his neck & back to prevent a rash.

Cornstarch is unscented, inexpensive, as well as a natural way to stay cool!

I would purchase small travel bottles in the travel section in your market for the entire family to use! (Great for your diaper bag too!)

I found Rapunzle Corn Starch on Amazon for under $3, & all health food stores carry this product as well.

Enjoy this fab tip!

Take it from a Mom Who is keeping her family cool this summer!

Want an amazing SPF lip balm for kids to adults?


Then head to Target, your local pharmacy, or Amazon.com for EOS SPF 15 Lemon lip balm!

We tend to protect our skin & hair, but forget about our lips!

It is just as important to protect them too, & this product is a, “Must Have for Summer”!

I bought a set for our beach bag, & labeled them with a Sharpie each of our names!

They are Paraben, PABA, Phthalate, Petroleum, & Gluten free, as well as are made with natural flavor.

EOS Lemon lip balm is water resistant for up to 80 minutes which I love!

For more information go to, www.evolutionofsmooth.com!

Take it from a Mom Who is protecting her family from the sun! Enjoy!

Want to know the best toothbrush & toothpaste for kids ages 4+?


Then head to Amazon.com for Philips Sonicare toothbrush, & Tom’s oral care for kids!

Teaching your children to take care of their teeth is so important, especially at a young age.

Our dentist suggested to use a spin brush, & Sonicare for kids is truly amazing!

It comes with replacement heads in two sizes, one for ages 4-7, & 7-10, which is perfect, versus other brands.

Character spin brushes add up over the year, & this toothbrush on Amazon is priced at $50, versus $70 in most stores.

Between the speed of the bristles, as well as a built in timer, your kids with love this!

Along with a fab toothbrush, you also need amazing toothpaste…

Hands down, Toms of Maine makes great flavors like strawberry, orange, mango & mint.

With or without fluoride, this toothpaste doesn’t have dyes which I love, & kids enjoy their great tasting flavors!

Take it from a Mom Who’s kids are cavity free!

Want to know about Big City Moms, “Biggest Baby Shower Ever”?


In one word, “Wow”!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Big City Moms, “The Biggest Baby Shower Ever” event in NYC.

From the moment I walked into the building the vibe was amazing!

From the greeters, to fun pampering hair & nail polish application, photo booth fun, informative lecturers, to nibbles & the most amazing section of vendors, this event is a MUST for new & seasoned parents!

Every year new and improved products, come out, & it is important to educate yourself.

This venue is perfect because you are able to ask questions to vendors directly, sample or test products, meet other parents, sit in on lectures, have a memorable evening, & leave with the most AMAZING swag bags & prizes ever!!!

I am a mother of a nine & five year old, & continue to learn about baby & children’s products too!

When I help consult expectant parents register, I have knowledge about each products, as well as can help them make the, “just right” selections for their lifestyle.

Check out photos, sponsors, & information on their website. www.babyshower.bigcitymoms.com, & their site @ www.bigcitymoms.com, enjoy!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait until their next event!

Want amazing Organic products for body & home made with the BEST ingredients?


Then head to redflower in NYC, or shop online at www.redflower.com!

There is nothing better than luxury products for yourself, & redflower has it all!

From body to home, their Organic ingredients, minerals & essential oils make their products unique.

I absolutely LOVE their, “Care Package” icon on their website, which features fab gifts!

From New Parents, to Get Well, & Housewarming, there are so many other great groupings which take the hassle out of gift gifting! ~LOVE this!

Check out their Ingredient section as well, where you can be the chemist & view products that fit your personal needs.

Enjoy another great find!

Take it from a Mom Who is enjoying her redflower goodies tonight after bedtime!