Want an inside look inside my fab fall beauty event at Saks?

From the most amazing beauty experts from lines Sisley, La Praire, SK-II, Cle de Peau, Bobby Brown, Lancome, Clinique, & Tom Ford, to swag bags and small bites, this event covered it all!

Beauty starts with having a good skincare regimen, which many people don’t realize is so important.

Saks beauty specialists from La Praire & Sisley educated us on, “just right” products for our skin type.

For eyes, La Prairie’s Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare & eye cream is by far amazing, as well as Sisley’s Rose oil for hydration & calming, and their Hydra Global lotion is like putting 8 glasses of water on your face!

Hydrating your skin within is important, as well as using products that lock in moisture is critical for healthy looking skin.

Just as we cover our children in lotion daily, it is just as important to do the same for ourselves!

At my event we got to preview all of the array of palettes for this season!

Fall is full of neutral, plums, deep corals, reds for lips and nail color. For eyes plums, greens, deep hues of blue and metallics make eyes, “POP”.

Celebrity makeup artist Jason Beers of Sisley, gave me and all of the attendees, individual lessons in makeup application and colors.

A fab tip is that if your lip color is bright, then go for a more neutral look on your eyes. Then the reverse, if you have a more dramatic look on your eyes, then use a muted color on your lips. ~LOVE this, thanks Jason!

Saks beauty department is one of my, “Go To” stops, each season, and you too will be hooked on the array new colors & skincare!

Take it from a Mom Who loves looking younger, and staying on top of beauty trends!


Looking for a great experience at American Girl?


Then make a reservation with a Personal Shopper at the nearest American Girl Place store near you!

I am always looking for special experiences with our children, and this year takes the cake for our daughter!

Last month I booked both a reservation with a personal shopper and lunch for her birthday.

Many people don’t realize, but American Girl has an AMAZING service which is FREE, that includes complimentary coat check, gift wrapping, and the most knowledgable specialists ever!

As soon as you are greeted, your child is taken to which section they are interested in, and given information about the doll of their choice.

Afterwards he or she is taken back to the personal shopping room to go through their choices of wishes or purchases.

If you don’t see an item you are looking for, your personal shopper can look for it while you hang out in the lounge.

My favorite aspect of this experience was that they were NOT pushy and asked on us on the side what we were looking to do prior to shopping. ~LOVE this!

After your selection, head to the Hair Salon where your doll can get their hair styled like your child, or have their ears pierced within 15 minutes!

Lunch, tea or dinner is also a special treat at American Girl! When the doors open to the dining room, your hostess will offer your child a high chair for their doll. Don’t have a doll? Well American Girl has got you covered with a doll to borrow! ~Too cute!

From dolls to interactive stations, accessories, matching apparel, DVD’s, music and books, this store is a must!

Check out their website, www.americangirl.com prior to your visit, and enjoy my fab tips!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Want to do something fun with your kids 2+?


Then head to your local art gallery!

As an art lover, I can honestly say that it is because my brother and I were exposed to art at an early age!

From museums, to historical landmarks, our parents made it a point to show us the world through art!

From as early as age 2, taking your children to galleries is amazing, and has many, “teachable” moments.

From pointing out shapes, colors, people, objects, etc., and asking them their interpretation of a piece of art, it is priceless!

Yesterday our children and my niece and nephew went to a famous gallery in Soho, in NYC. We looked at an installation in which each child had so much to say what it meant to them.

My eyes filled with tears watching them stare figuring out and making their own interpretations of what they were seeing.

Whether it be a gallery, exhibit or museum, take your children to experience something they will treasure for life!

Take it from a Mom Who loves seeing things through the eyes of her children!

Where to go in the Hamptons this summer?

Check out the May/June issue of VOGUE Bambini for my article about the Hamptons!

There were so many fab places to choose from and some other favorites are Topping Rose House (adults only) in Bridgehampton, Dockside at the American Legion, Sen, & in Sag Harbor, Sunset Beach & SALT on Shelter Island, Navy Beach, Sole East & the Surf Lodge in Montauk, just to name a few…

Take it from a Mom who knows fab places to go! Happy Summer!


Want to promote a love of music for your children?


Then take them to a children’s show locally in your area!

To expose your children to music at a young age is so important I feel. Music promotes creativity, feelings, history, music appreciation and so much more!

Last weekend we went to see a children’s series orchestra show with our children. The kids were able to talk to some of the musicians from the show, as well as learn and play with a few instruments, which was a lesson in itself.

To see our children’s faces light up as soon as the conductor began the show was priceless! They did a Q & A after each piece, as well as discussed each composer which was amazing.~LOVE this!

It is worthwhile to look into purchasing a series of tickets for future shows in your area which tend to be less expensive. Especially in the winter where families look to do, “indoor” outings, this is perfect!

From infant to adult, music exposure is timeless, and it a fab way to spend time together as a family! Who knows… maybe you will inspire your child to want to take up an instrument! Whether it be a symphony, concert, play or watching a musician on the street, let music be a part of your child’s life!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait to see the next show with her kiddies next month!

Want to go out clubbing… but with your kids?


Then check out, www.babylovesdisco.com for the next event in your city!

Ten years ago I took our son at six months old to Webster Hall for the most amazing day with my fellow club going Mommanistas.

Baby Loves Disco originated in Philadelphia, then spread to New York City and beyond!

Kiddie music, no way! Baby Loves Disco only plays the hippest and most current tunes.

Each event runs once a month at different venues, and takes place during the day. Moms, babies, toddlers, kids and even dads hit the dance floor to get down.~LOVE this!

As parents we need to not completely loose ourselves when we become parents. It is important to go out with our friends and spouses.

Baby Loves Disco is a fab way to do both, so check out their website for dates & venues in your area.

Happy dancing!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES Baby Loves Disco & so will you!

Want a great way to introduce the theatre to your children ages 4+?


Then head to a children’s Off Broadway, Children’s Theatre or local college play with your family!

Today I attended a play with my daughters class at a local Children’s theatre, which was amazing!

My daughter sat through the entire show engaged & mesmerized, as was I watching her!

A mother asked me what age our children were when we took them to a play.

Age four is a great age to introduce plays, & Off Broadway is a fab start!

Broadway plays are not only longer, the material & dialogue might be too much for some children to comprehend.

With the cost of shows being quite expensive, supporting local children’s theatre is a perfect start!

Either during intermission, or at the end of the show, it is important to ask your child questions about the show. It promotes comprehension of the material, as well as let’s them express their feelings.

Before you know it, you too will have a critic on your hands, as do I, lol!

Take it from a Mom Who loves taking her children to fab local shows, & you will too!

Want to know where to get fruit & vegetables that have a longer shelf life?

Then head to the nearest Farmers Market in your area!

There is something to be said about local produce, especially that it tends to last longer than store bought. ~Love this!

One fab tip is to purchase extra berries and herbs, wash and air dry them completely, then freeze them!

Our children drink smoothies so much so, that it can get pricy. Buy buying in bulk when fruit is in season, it is less expensive, as well as preserves their amazing taste!

From pies to muffins & cookies, adding fruit is another way of adding something good into your family’s diet.

When it comes to veggies, making vegetable or other favorite soups in double batches & freezing them is key.

Happy shopping, & take your children to pick out their fave fruits & veggies!

Take it from a Mom Whose family loves local fruits & veggies!