Want to teach your children how to plant from an apartment to a house?


Then head to your local nursery, or shop online!

Planting with your children as early as two is so rewarding!

Watching something grow from a seed to a small plant is so exciting for children! It teaches so many skills, and can be done in any environment!

First discuss with your child the choices that they can choose from and why.

For example, our son wanted to grow coconuts, and it is not possible where we live on the East Coast. We then had a discussion about climates, which brought on many interests of other countries.

Next plan out where you would like to plant like in the backyard, on a terrace, in flower pots, etc.

I absolutely love Melissa & Doug’s Gardening Tote Sets that come with a basic set of tools! They also sell larger shovels, watering cans, a hoe, and adorable sprinklers separately.

Some gardening ideas are to use flower boxes, wine crates, stack different size plastic or terra-cotta flower pots, use old rain boots for single plants, a wagon, a wooden plastic table, or a sand or water table.

Children can make markers with large popsicle sticks, then spray clear lacquer to prevent the lettering from washing away.

Stepping stones are fun to make in outdoor gardens, as well as birdhouses. Most craft stores sell both items, as well as Amazon.

A great website for Organic & Non GMO seeds and plants is, www.organicseedpeople.com which has it all!

Some of my favorite things to plant are strawberries, raspberries, grape tomatoes, peppers, basil, & mint.

This year we are going to plant bib lettuce & string beans to have an edible garden on our terrace!

Take your children to a local farm or farmers market to get some ideas, as well as have them a part of the process. Going to the nursery or ordering materials online, this project will be a memorable one! And who knows, your picky eater might eat something that they grew!

Take it from a Mom who loves teachable & special moments with her children, & so will you!